Cancer, The Fourth House: King Aeoli

“It is an island that floats upon the sea, iron bound with a wall that girds it. …All day long the atmosphere of the house is loaded with the savour of roasting meats till it groans again, yard and all; but by night they sleep on their well-made bedsteads, each with his own wife between the blankets. These were the people among whom we had now come.”

Welcome to the home and hearth, Fourth Sign, the caring and protecting sign of Cancer. Odysseus finally arrived at a place where he found warm blankets and deliciously cooked food. A happy resting place where is heartily welcome. He stays here for a month and he is entertained by the King himself.

Cancer is the protecting and nourishing Mother. This is the life giving principle of the Universe. The first of the Water Signs holds the symbolism of the life giving and nourishing waters of the Nile. No one is allowed to stay hungry or uncared for in the house of the Cancerian personality. Mother’s milk is one of the sacred manifestations of the Cancerian principle in human experience.

Whom do you belong with ?

The Fourth House is our past, our roots, where we come from and who we belong to. It is our homeland, the Earth that nourishes us and the tribe that protects us. In the Fourth House we see what lies in our past. Deeds of our ancestors, our biological karma lies in the depths of this house. Here are lies our roots that go deep into the past.

In the island of Aeoli, Odysseus finds a chance to tell his story. He is recognized with his identity and what he accomplished in the previous life. Here his persona is only a reciever. We do not take initiate upon the themes of this house, we just inherit them.

In a nativity the Fourth House can give clues about one’s past, ancestors and what qualities the native might have inherited from them. Jupiter in the Fourth House may mean elders who had excelled in philosophy. Venus in the Fourth House may point at artists in the family.

Fourth House also shows our dwelling, our home where we live and sleep. At the same time the Fourth House shows our innate psychology. No wonder many experts claim that our living environments reflect our inner situation. Planets in the Fourth House may give us hints about the native’s early life at home. Sometimes Mars in the Fourth House may incline an eventful childhood or a uneasy family environment. Saturn in the Fourth House may indicate an obligation to build oneself from scratch.

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