Capricorn, The Tenth House: Skylla

“You will find the other rocks lie lower, but they are so close together that there is not more than a bowshot between them. A large fig tree in full leaf grows upon it, and under it lies the sucking whirlpool of Charybdis. Three times in the day does she vomit forth her waters, and three times she sucks them down again; see that you be not there when she is sucking, for if you are, Neptune himself could not save you; you must hug the Scylla side and drive ship by as fast as you can, for you had better lose six men than your whole crew.”

Capricorn is a demanding sign. Capricorn holds the rules and structures of the society. In order to be accepted and gain status, we have to sacrifice our comfort, laboring hours and time. Building up our career requires sacrifice. In time and with effort can we climb our mountain and reach the unforgiving peaks of Capricorn.

Tenth House is the place where we see the solid outcome of all our efforts. What we give to the society, what we add to the symphony of human civilization becomes our career and reputation. People know us by our contributions. There is little favour or luck in this place. Growth requires discipline and seemingly long periods of work and perseverance may yield only little outcome. Everything grows in time.

Capricorn is full of responsiblities. She carries the burdens, rules and restrictions. Yet she is unstoppable when she focuses on achievement. Capricorn allocates all resources for the sake of building up a functioning system encrowned with endurance. This system covers everyone and works for all, as long as others recognize and adhere to its founding principles.


What do we achieve?

The Tenth House is our career. All our efforts in life are culminated in here and return to the world as our lasting service. In this place we act out our social status and who we think we are.  Here is our title, our image in the society, our relationship with the society, place in the social system and how others know us to be: our reputation. How we act in the world according to our social status and what the society wants us to be.

At the cave of Skylla, Odysseus has no chance to negotiate or fight. None of his skills are of use in here. Odysseus takes responsibility and conciously chooses to take the path before the liar of Skylla. Otherwise he would get lost in the whirlpool of Charybdis. He does not have any choice but sacrifice his six men in order to be able to continue the journey.

Time, money, human labour, nature… any value available is the resource for the Capricornian individual to build what she is here to build and construct a functioning system.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Tenth House shows the native’s standing in the society. It show us how the efforts of the native will be percieved and recieved by the society. Benefic planets such as Jupiter and Venus are usually favorable when placed in the Tenth House. In a day chart Saturn in here may indicate a very serious career and a hard earned but lasting reputation. Tenth House ruled by Mercury may indicate careers in teaching and media.





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