Gemini, Third House: Cyclopes

Gemini, Third House: Cyclopes

Gemini the eloquent. What drives Gemini is curiosity. Our Mercurial side enables us to find solutions when we are trapped. It is hard to keep Geminin qualities and personalities stuck at one place or relationship for long. They will always find a way out. Movement, curiosity, urge to mix and spread information and communication are the root qualities of Gemini. Gemini has wings and loves to explore.

“Stay here, my brave fellows,’ said I, ‘all the rest of you, while I go with my ship and exploit these people myself: I want to see if they are uncivilized savages, or a hospitable and humane race.”

The Twins hold the dual nature of the human being: civilized and natural, rational and organic, thinking and feeling, intelligent and dull. Dual nature of Gemini manifests itself as the Cyclope and Odysseus. Cyclope  bearing only one eye, symbolize the one-sided, animalistic side of humans. In the Greek sense, man is a socio-political animal: civilized and bound by law inside the walls of the polis. Cyclopes are humanoids too, save being social or political.

Third House is the mental place of the chart, in here Metis comes into play: Odysseus’ thinking saves his and his men’s lives. Using intellect and witts, he creates solutions with word games. Running away is also quite a Geminin part of the game.

Third House is where we find our mental quality, ways of thinking and communication. Here is the house of the Mind. Here is where we explore our surroundings. Our everyday relations also fall into this place.

How do you think ?

Odysseus defeats the Cyclope with a word game. He makes a plan, builds a strategy with his unmatched ability to design solutions to seemingly dead-end problems.

“…when I saw that the wine had got into his head, I said to him as plausibly as I could: ‘Cyclops, you ask my name and I will tell it you; give me, therefore, the present you promised me; my name is No Man; this is what my father and mother and my friends have always called me.”

Here Odysseus plays the Trickster. Third House being the house of the Mind, I am sure you are familiar with mind games. Mental realm is elusive, perception and lack/abundance of information defines how we experience the world.

The Mind is where we write to story. Stories of the past define us, stories for the future lead us into action. Are we writing the story out of survival mechanisms or the creative heart center ?

“As for myself I kept on puzzling to think how I could best save my own life and those of my companions; I schemed and schemed, as one who knows that his life depends upon it, for the danger was very great. “

Planets in the Third House give insight about the ways of thinking of the native. Saturn in the Third House demands mental discipline. Mars in the Third House may signify a person who defeats with words. Traditionally Moon is at her joy in the Third House.

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