Libra, The Seventh House: Kirke

“Presently they reached the gates of the goddess’s house, and as they stood there they could hear Circe within, singing most beautifully as she worked at her loom, making a web so fine, so soft, and of such dazzling colours as no one but a goddess could weave. On this Polites, whom I valued and trusted more than any other of my men, said, ‘There is some one inside working at a loom and singing most beautifully; the whole place resounds with it, let us call her and see whether she is woman or goddess.”

Contracts, oaths and all that binds us belongs to the Seventh House, the realm of Libra. Libra rules relationships and our conduct with “the Other”. Tender scales of Libra demand balance, equality and justice in co-existance. Day and night mingle in equilibrium as autumn enters.

Libra is where we come together with the other: our partner, best friend or an unprecitable evil sorceress whose help we desperately seek. A relationship or partnership is not possibble when the sides are not on equal ground. Thus Hermes the Guide of Souls intervenes and elevates Odysseus to a higher and very powerful place with the magical Moly and by teaching him how to make Kirke take the oath of the gods. That is how Odysseus was protected from the same fate as his men.

Who are we ?

The Seventh House is what we find before ourselves in this life. We are never alone in this life, even for our basic daily needs we need trade and we come together with other people to trade our goods and services. Libra rules all these processes. In the Seventh House we come together with the other and form marriages, close relationships, business partnerships, create unions. Open enemies, legal contracts and our best friends are all gathered in this place. How we define ourseles and our partners determine our relationships with each other. The other acts as a mirrior and our mask falls away. Ways of the Sorceress reveal our true self. The other reflects us our true nature: not who think we are but who we really are. Most of us are little piglets who believe themselves to be illustrious heroes.

On the island of Aeae, Odysseus has no power. He has no chance other than binding Kirke with an oath. The tricks of Hermes enables him to establish communication and build a relationship with the Sorceress. Once on equal relationship is established, Kikrke shows her divinely generous side and teaches Odysseus about his journey ahead. She transforms into an unrivalled guide to the Underworld and beyond. Seventh House hosts our close relationships who play a similar role.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Seventh House shows what type of personalities and close relatipnships the native tends to find in this life. Planets in the Seventh House are those we Project on our partners. Jupiter in the Seventh House may bestow generous and giving partners. Ruler of this house is also important. Sign and house placement of the Seventh House ruler is carefully studies by the astrologer. Traditionally Venus the Goddess of Love joys in the Seventh House where she can bless us with happy and beautiful relationships.

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