Pisces, The Twelveth House: Ogygia

Hence I was carried along for nine days till on the tenth night the gods stranded me on the Ogygian island, where dwells the great and powerful goddess Calypso.

Pisces surrenders. She is the fish roaming the endless Thalassa. Yet Pisces has a double nature. Two fish are tied to each other: Day and Night, Dark and Light, Good and Evil. The opposites exist together in wholeness. Pisces holds the principle of duality as a mutable sign. Yet the Piscean duality is about surrendering to the Infinity of the Self or infinite wants and desires of the limited ego conciousness.

There are two parts in the Twelveth Place. First, Odysseus washes upon the shores of the island of the ancient titanesse Calypso. He has no choice but to surrender to her will. Divine Calypso is generous and kind. She loves Odysseus and keeps him well. She offers him the last temptaion: immortality. Yet even sweet immortality cannot turn Odysseus away from his only goal: Ithaca. He could choose the eternal life of bliss. Yet he chooses to go on his path even without any guarantee of success.

In this place Odysseus has no power. He only holds onto a tiny log as Poseidon drags him around as he wishes. He has no identity, no personal power, no name. The endless Oceans throws his fate into the hands of reigning Calypso. Odysseus can only surrender to his fate, until the Gods intervene and open a new path for him.

How do we surrender?

Twelveth House is where we are lost. Here is the Unknown, Unconcious. The individual has no power in the infinite Ocean. Directions do not apply in here. The waves of the Sea takes us into a sweet slumber where there is no boundary between now and Eternity. We cannot know what is in this place. Therefore Twelveth House holds what we have forgotten and what we forgot that we had forgotten them. Poseidon rules this place.

In Ogygia, Odysseus has no choice but to live in the mercy of the Goddess. On his journey to and from Ogygia, he is at the mercy of Poseidon. None of his crew is with him. No weapons, nothing he owns. His ship is long lost in the sea. He arrives at Ogygia holding onto a log and he leaves the island with a tiny raft. He has no personal power, no identity, only his will to reach Ithaca survives.

Twelveth House is the place of surrender. The whole journey teaches us to let go of the ego and limitations. In the last house we are free of ourselves, our own blocks and definitions. In this place there is no time and ending means beginning. Transcendance happens when w elet go of our identity and finally align with the Universe in Unity. Therefore Twelveth House is the hardest place to understand for the modern mind, for modernity is all about seperation as well as controlling nature and culture.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Twelveth House shows what the native is unconcious to. In example,  a Virgo rising chart may have difficulty in asserting her ego and expressing her spirit freely in the world. A Virgo rising chart is so keenly interested in taking care of others that she forgets to take on the stage and show off her radiance with the world. Traditionally Saturn joys in the Twelveth House. In this place Saturn can hide himself and control the native’s life from behind the curtain. Any planet situated in the Twelveth House may be operating in deeper and less visible ways in one’s life. Sun in the Twelveth House may indicate that the native may find great life energy and power in isolation and retreats.

Twelveth House is our window to Eternity. If we have done well and passed all the tests, let go of ego and hubris, Queen Arete may welcome us. I hope each and every one of us will succeed in this journey.


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