Virgo, The Sixth House: Laestrygonians

A water bearing Virgin appears to our men when they land at the welcoming harbour at the land of the Laestrygonians after sailing for six days on the wine dark sea.

The sign of Virgo who holds the weath is the virgin Earth who re-births the Sun into a new life. She-bear brings in the end of summer and prepares us for winter ahead. Here is where we sharpen our pencils, check our helath and well-being, keep working on farms and workshops: this is a time for making things function.

“…where the shepherd who is driving in his sheep and goats salutes him who is driving out his flock and this last answers the salute.”

Sixth House is the place of work. Night or day does not matter for the mutable sign of Virgo, she will always create the time to work. Virgo is the sign of production, work, analyzing and focus. Individuals who bear Virgo personalities are at their best when they are concentrated on their work. The virtue of their work lies in the fact that it mends the world.

Virgo is a healing sign. The laboring hours of Virgo makes and mends. She works on the farm, Earth, plants and animals. The perfection and abundance of Earth’s bounty is only possibble with the hard and honest labour. Virgo is always after perfection. She is searching for the perfect moment when the apple is wholly ripe and not an ounce rotten. The over-analyzing mind pulls the standards too high. This may lead to a life of service with an underlying motivation to heal the world.

Who do you serve ?

In the Sixth House we work for our values, ideals and the imminent neccesities of life. We keep re-arranging matter and time with technology and expertise so that the world functions better. We practice our knowledge productively and labour even during the unholy hours of the night.

How our very clever Odysseus practices his knowledge and expertise is a total failure in the realm of the Laestrygonians. He gets attacked by carnivorous ogres. Sixth House is the place where we find things that weaken us. This is not a place where we can impose our will or express our creative spirit. Even if you were a conqurer of Troy, destroyer of the Bronze Age Civilization, inventor of many tricks, plunder of many lands and a notorious slaver… you have no chance in here.

In a natal chart, the sign and planet placements in the Sixth House shows us how the native works and functions in the daily life. Taurus in the Sixth House may imply unwillingness when it comes to work. Saturn in the Sixth House may indicate the seriousness and importance of work and daily habits in the native’s life. It is said that Mars joys in the Sixth House where he can bestow us an unrelented urge to work, work, work.

Odysseus loses most of his men and all his ship save his own to the  Laestrygonians. There was no other way for him to save his life and continue the journey.

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