Fenestra Aeternitatis

Fenestra Aeternitatis means Window To Eternity. We can all access our own window to Eternity where we find deeper meaning, more creativity and a vivid life. This 12 week programme is designed to bring your Light to you; to establish a set of skills that enable you to connect with yourself on a deeper level and to create a more profound, fulfilling life.

This programme is currently only available for my friends or returning clients.

Fenestra Aeternitatis is designed as an incubation time for you to discover and understand more about yourself. During this time you might find the secret windows hidden in yourself. We will travel with Venus and accompany her Journey when she will be stationing retrograde and coming back. This autumn is a very good time for inner work and inner exploration to find new energy and symbols.

During this Journey we will be wielding astrology and dreamwork.


WEEK 1: Introduction to Astrology and Your Natal Chart Reading: A deep and detailed reading of your natal chart with pre-natal eclipses and certain asteroids.

WEEK 2: Introduction to Dreamwork. What is dreamwork ? Why the facilitator can never intervene between the dream and the dreamer ? How to approach dreams and understand universal symbols.

WEEK 3: Lagina: Moonwork. Understanding the natal Moon in your chart, how the Moon changes, Phases of the Moon, Cycle of Life, Ancestral Memory and how to weave through it.

WEEK 4: Dreamwork practice, dream analysis.

WEEK 5: Aphrodisias: Your Venus Sign and understanding the current Venus transits to your Natal Chart.

WEEK 6: Dreamwork practice: A one to one conversation where I only ask you questions and never tell you what means what.

WEEK 7: Mythwalking.

WEEK 8: Dreamwork practice, dream analysis.

WEEK 9: Your Progressed Chart and Solar Returns. An astrology session with a deeper look into your inner growth and the year ahead.

WEEK 10: Archetypal Dreamwork: Delving into the deepths of the dream symbols and how they relate to universal symbolism as counted in Greek mythology.

WEEK 11: Practice What You Preach: Taking Action. You will be finding, creating and inventing new ways of praxis and existence.

WEEK 12: Dreamwork follow-up and wrap up. A final meeting where we exchange our experience, a session shaped by your questions. Plus a scheme for further creativity and integration of the spiritual elements into your life and persona.



All sessions are private and live, made via Skype etc.

Apply if you are:

  • Ready for a transpersonal experience,
  • Looking for a new You,
  • Willing to live a more profound, authentic and spiritual life,
  • Willing to discover more about yourself,
  • Seeking personal empowerment.


Love and Blessings,

Begüm Asteria

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