What is a Mercury Retrograde and How to Wield it

Mercury retrogrades perhaps are the most discussed topics in popular astrology. For all to know, no planet moves retrograde yet we, the innocent observers on Earth, only see them move backwards in the Heavens due to the exquisite mandalas their orbits weave  around the Earth.

Star of Hermes (Mercury) is the indicator of Mind and Thought. Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods and the Guide of Souls. Hermes, as the psychopomp he is, can travel from Olympus down into the world of humans and then down into the dark and cold Hades. Thus he carries messages between the Worlds.

Mercury goes retrograde twice or thrice in a year. It takes 24 days each time. When the Star of Hermes seems to be moving backwards, we say Hermes visits the Underworld, that is, Hades. It is time to find that which is forgotten. It is a time our mind moves inwards, we walk down into the depths of our Soul where we find our buried treasures.

Underworld, Inferno, Unconscious. Here in the dark lurks things forgotten, long lost and forgotten. This is a dungeon where we locked up our most unsuitable desires. Here are ghosts of the moments when our hearts broke. Here you hear the haunting howls: “we will not accept you unless you do this for us”. Your forgotten talents, your forgotten loves, your forgotten Self, Soul lies here.

During this 24 days, walk we into the Night to face our fears, to face what we have so long been hiding from our own sight. Now we can see in the dark.

It is a great time to work with our mind. It is a great time to uncover our conditionings. It is a time to make the Unconscious conscious. All the inner work, meditation, spontaneous writing and observing our mind and life can be more beneficial then usual. That is how we move forward in life, by cleansing our closet.

We get rid of that which no longer serves our Purpose so that we can re-grow better.



The Lament of the Soul 

“Turn to me with your whole heart
Do not spurn me
Because I am weak and black.
The depths have hidden my face.
Because I am held fast
In the mire of the deep
And my essence is not revealed
I cried out of the depths;
And from the abysses of the earth
Doth my voice speak to you.”

Aurora Consurgens, quoted by C.G. Jung ETH, Vol.VI





Begüm Asteria

November 2018


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