Asteroid Vesta: Heart of the Flame

Why do we meditate ?

To calm the mind ?

To find peace ?

To purify the Mind ?

All of these can be true. Yet, what happens right after one purifies the mind, body and soul ?

Did you ever find “new life” or “new energy” after a period of depression or deep rest and relaxation ? Now we are going to talk about this new life, new energy, the long longed for force of Life.


In the ancient world each city state had the sacred flame burning at the very center of the city. We have to understand that the Hellenes and Romans built their cities according to their percieved cosmic order, hence everything was sacred. All the buildings and facilitiwa in city were constructed according to the order of the percieved Universe. At the very heart of the civilized life, at the center burnt the sacred fire of Hestia.

For ages, young women dedicated themselves to keeping the central flame alive. ıf the fire went out, the city would perish. Women attending this sacred duty had to be pure at heart: not doing this for material gain but with the pure Vestal urge which is embedded inside us all, a holy part of the human nature.

Thus Vesta, first among the Gods, kept the hearth alive at Olympus. Earthly life had to be a re-make of the mythological world and the flames had to be kept in vigil day and night.

Fire, the element of divine inspiration and creativity burns at the hearth of Olympus where the gods reside. Some say that Prometheus stole the fire from Vesta’s hearth.

We all go through times of depression. Sometimes we isolate ourselves from the world and go within, meeting monsters and angels in the infite realm of the soul. These times are our dark moon times when we find the deepest source. This is a process when we shed our old skin, leave behind relationships and habits, sacrifice our old selves. These times drag us into the purifying fire. Then we re-emerge from the cold dark earth and start our new life. Can you see this pattern in your life ? Asteroid Vesta shows how we go through the universal process of purification.

Getting rid of distractions, fears and nonesense chatter of the mind brings us closer to our Center. That is why the Asteroid Vesta is associated with our daily spiritual and self care practices. How do you meditate ? What brings you closer to your center where burns the sacred inner flame ?


Vesta perhaps is one of the most devotional figures and Asteroid Vesta is about spirituality. She shows us the path to dedication. Sign and house position of Vesta shows us what we dedicate ourselves to.

Asteroid Vesta in Signs and Houses

Aries / First House: Self dedication. Expressing your self, your persona may be the sacred work for you in this life. First House positions are always very strong one. It is said that we carry our first house planets on ourselves, they constitute our image.

Taurus / Second House: Vesta bestows psychic or meditative gifts in the Second House. This is the place that supports us in this life. Your daily self care and meditation practices may be your greatest support channels.

Gemini / Third House: In Hellenistic Astrology the Third House is named House of the Goddess. Planets which fall into this house can bestow mental gifts. Communication and spreading your message to those close to you may play a role in your spirituality. Teaching, learning or solely reading can become meditative activities with Vesta in Gemini or the Third House.

Cancer / Fourth House: Vesta situatied where she naturally belongs, at the Hearth and Home! Imagine a huge fireplace in the middle of your home. What would you cook on it ? What stories will you tell people gathered around it ? Vesta in the Fourth House is where she belongs, at the very roots of the chart. Home and family gatherings are emphasized here. Perhaps you are the mother figure who gathers all the tribe around her: at the very center.

Leo / Fifth House: Taking amoment and concentrating, staying with the inner flame and pracitcing patience works wonders in your creative activities. Staying at the center will support and guide you in your art and the way you create your life. In addition, dedication to children can also be a sacred duty with Vesta in Leo or the Fifth House.

Virgo / Sixth House: Dedication to work, wellness and self care is emphasized with Vesta in Virgo or the Sixth House. Perhaps you want a work which needs tending day and night. Work cannot be seperate from your life and values. You may see a sacred tone, meaning or a higher purpose in your daily work and activities.

Libra / Seventh House: Love like devotion. With Vesta in the house of marriage and partnerships you may find that your close relationships play a sacred role in your life. Perhaps through your encounters with “the other” you find more pathways to reach deep within yourself where the sacred flame burns forever.
Sharing, partnering and creating a sacred union may contribute a ground for your spirituality.

Scorpio / Eighth House: In the cold and dark realm of Hades, Vesta keeps her flames alive through transformation and inner work. In this place Vesta may mean great potentialities for healing. Centering at the very womb of Death and Rebirth, sacred flames burn at the very heart of Life itself. The native with such a placement may always find regeneration through her meditative, spiritual and self care practices. Solitude alone can work wonders.

Sagittarius / Ninth House: Inner exploration. When you shut out the outer world and find your peace in isolation, gates to your infinite inner world are opened. Staying at your very center can you start to explore endless realms. Creativity and spirituality go hand in hand and always seek expansion. Sharing your ideas and experiences with others in circles or sacred spaces can be a part of your spiritual practices.

Capricorn / Tenth House: Your career as a Vestal Virgin. Nurses, nuns, academicians and artists: any career which requires selfless dedication can be embodied by a native who was born with Vesta in the Tenth House or the sign of the Sea-goat. Your work may not be a mundane activity, just to pay the bills. Perhaps you are seeking a career which will be in lieu with your spirituality. A sacred career which serves your higher ethics and values in a well constructed system can be satisfying for you.

Aquarius / Eleventh House: Hearth for the community. Vesta in Aquarius of the Eleventh House may constitute a pillar, a center for the greater community, social groups and networks to gather around. You can connect with the Higher Mind during your daily meditative practices. Do not forget that Prometheus, the archetype of Aquarius, stole the fire from Vesta’s hearth. You can share your inner knowing, wisdom and ideas with those who gather around you. Your ideas will always be new and radical. In your Promethean role you may even bring about topics and information which the groups of people wish to avoid in their ignorance. You can help others to see beyond their limitations and discover their own patterns and trains of thought. You may serve humanity in its ever quest for enlightenment.

Pisces / Twelveth House: Sacred Spirituality. Vesta in Pisces or the Twelveth House holds the greatest opportunity for deep meditation and connection with the highter realms. Pisces is the sign in Eternity. In this place the ever dancing flames of Vesta connect you to the limitless Universe, all things beyond imagination. Isolation, prayer and all meditative activities may be ways to connect with your sacred center where you will find the deepest inspiration.




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