Venus in Taurus: 5 March – 4 April

Today the Goddess steps into the lush gardens of Taurus. In the realm of Taurus riches, beauty, fragrant flowers and dripping honey accompany Golden Aphrodite, the lover of smiles. We have a whole month of more love, more productivity, more taste, colours, fragrances and sensual joy in every aspect of this earthly life that has been bestowed on us all.

Taurus is an Earth sign. With Venus in Taurus, we have a very good chance of making peace with our bodies. We are invited to re-create our relationship with Earth, Matter and Mother.

During this month, until April 4, it is best to be close to nature. We are lucky now is spring time in the Northern Hemisphere: Venus will highlight all the beauty of this spring. Self-care practices may take a greater place in our daily lives. It is time to indulge in shameless self-love practices. Venus in Taurus wants you to pamper yourself, sock your body in aroma baths, open that precious bottle of massage oil and treat yourself. Venus wants the best of every earthly pleasure and treasure in the sign of the Celestial Bull.





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