Asteroid Aeneas

Muse, tell me the things done by golden Aphrodite,

            the one from Cyprus, who arouses sweet desire for gods

            and who subdues the races of mortal humans,

            and birds as well, who fly in the sky, as well as all beasts

            —all those that grow on both dry land and the sea. 



Aeneas is Aphrodite’s son. He is of a mortal father, Anchises the Trojan and immortal mother, Aphrodite herself.

Aeneas escapes the fall of Troy and starts his own empire: Rome.

The asteroid Aeneas shows our ability to start over, to be born from the ashes of what once was and re-built something bigger and better on new ground.

Born of the Cypriot Goddess and raised by the nymphs of Mount Ida, Aeneas hardly belongs in the world of the mortal. Perhaps the divine essence in him saves him from the ashes of Troy and enables him to create his own.

Aeneas teaches us to follow our soul and connection with the divine no matter what happens in life.

A strong placement of asteroid Aeneas in a chart may indicate the capacity of re-starting, rebirthing and connection with the divine.




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