Full Moon in Virgo: Sacred Service

We are heading towards this year’s full moon in Virgo. Virgo, sign of the Celestial Virgin, is the place of sacred service. Here is where we gground the energies of our soul and work towards earthly productivity. Years of experience and hard work is needed to be able to express one’s soul on matter.

The themes and astrological positions of this full moon have reminded me of the story of Pygmalion who fell in love with a statue he created.

Ovid tells us the tale. Pygmalion the Cypriot was a sculptor. He saw imperfection in mortals and decided that he was not interested in women. Yet one day he made such a beautiful statue, the perfect beauty, and he fell in love with it… He made sacrifices to Venus that this statue comes to life. His wish was granted. The statue was so perfectly beautiful that Venus decided to give it life.


When we turn away from the broken world and connect with our soul, miracles can happen. Our souls want to be expressed through matter. Matter should be utilized in the service of our divine essence. Thus can we break free of the cruel world and find our value and meaning in sacred service.

Sun joins Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, during this full moon. Our solar being, the creative urge is mingled with Higher Love,  our higher aspirations and spirituality. For those who could have left the worries and desires of matter (Pygmalion turning away from mortal women) and managed to dedicate themselves to selfless service to their soul, this is an auspicious full moon. For those of us still struggling through the currents of life and running through the unforgiving jungles of survival, it is a confusing time. Our active and concious side is put to sleep. If we are trying to “make things happen”, we might find ourselves being delayed. We are surrounded by the mists, lost in the vastness of Okeanos. Only with feeling can we now find our way back home. Listenning to the inner voice is always better than fighting with shadows. We are given a chance to sacrifice the ego, labels, identifications and conditionings in the sacred altar of Neptune and indulge ourselves in the sacred service to our souls.

At this full moon, Vesta, the asteroid akin to the archetype of the Priestess, is conjunct the fixed star Algol. Algol bestows greater spirituality. Our dedication and devotion can bring us to a higher conciousness and percieved space of deeper sanctity.

All planets except Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in Earth signs. We are seriously concerned with our material being, health, wellness, beauty and wealth. Yet, what are these things for ? What is matter without beauty and meaning ? We must never forget that “Everything in fantasy”, even money.

Full moons are always about fruitation. It is the harvest time. Under the silvery light of Selene, may we harvest the fruits of our sacred service to Earth and Spirit.




March 2020

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