Mother and Daughter: The Moon

Two years ago I made natal chart readings to two sisters who both were over 50, with significant life experience. The elder sister had a problematic relationship with their mother and the younger sister still loved and lived very close to her. The elder sister defined her mother as a dictating person of rules who intervenes in her life. The younger sister defined her mother as a giver, a nourishing and kind woman who still supports her. How can two people percieve the same woman so differently ?

Psychology tells us that our perception colours the world for us. We come to this world with certain inner arrangements and they constitute the bed for our perception of the world. Life is what we percieve. Can astrology help us understand and formulate how a person percieves the world ?

I believe the answer is yes.

In astrology, the natal Moon shows us how we percieve our mother and care givers. It gives us hints about the condition of the mother when the child was very young. It shows our emotional needs and what gives us emotional security as well as our expectations from our mother or primary care giver. In a woman’s chart the Moon also shows how she mothers her children. Asteroid Ceres should also be taken into consideration for a deeper analyzes.

Studying the natal chart of the elder sister, who has a problematic relationship with her mother, I can see that she has a rather troubled moon located in a sign where she is not favored, besieged by Jupiter and Saturn, in the Eigth House: house of crisis and things we find out of reach. This summarizes her relationship with her mother. In the younger sister’s chart the Moon is located in Cancer, the sign where she brings in all her nourishing warmth and in the Second House, where we find our support. Does not this match with her definition of her mother ?

I do not mean that “the Moon is strong so that she has a good relationship”. This would be cause and effect thinking and I do not apply this method of thinking in Astrology. The chart only shows us what is. Planets or signs do not influence us nor do they define us. Our very being is the central element, the natal chart is only an image of it. And a very helpful image, indeed.

Let us have a view on the natal Moon through the signs. You do not need to rush in defining your natal Moon with its sign condition only. House, aspects and most importantly the ruler of the Moon sign also plays important roles in deliniating the Moon in a natal chart.

Moon in Aries: A natural excitement colours the firey soul. Self-sufficiency and individualiy are important for the Aries Moon. People born with Moon in Aries can take enormous risks and act wirh urge when their loved ones are in danger and in need. They are attracted to anything brand new. New beginnings, awakening, taking initiative and inducing ideas are essential for those born with the Moon in Aries. Your mother might be an independent, self-sufficient and impulsive woman. Rashness can be balanced with peace and calm.

Moon in Taurus: Moon is exalted in Taurus. In the lush fields of Taurus the Moon can grow, fill her cup steadily. Financial security is a primary priority for those born with the Moon in Taurus. The Moon, emotions which change with the tides, find solid ground in Taurus. This brings in a well ordered mind and a grounded sense of the world. You may not be quick to act and rarely you may find yourself acting with urge. You may find security and deep happiness in Nature. Your mother may be a calm woman. Your caregivers were always there to answer your needs when you were small.

Moon in Gemini: People born while the Moon was in the intellectual Gemini love reading, writing and exchanging ideas. Learning can be a nourishing and satisfying activity. Curiosity may be your primary urge in life. You can find a deep connection with people who bring in inspiring ideas. Your mother and caregivers might have encouraged your studies, brought you children’s books and always supported you for your education. Your social life can be a priority for your emotional well being and happiness. You may be a very good communicator and a wordsmith.

Moon in Cancer: Moon rules the sign of Cancer. People born while the Moon was voyaging through the warm waters of Cancer are protective of their loved ones. They have a deep urge to protect and nourish others and themselves. Their first response to world is love and caring. Emotions can be intense, a little mermaid lives inside anyone born with the Moon in Cancer. Your intuition and emotions can rule the life. You may percieve the world through your emotions. Your mother or caregivers might be loving, caring and nourishing.

Moon in Leo: The queen’s daughter is a princess. Creativity, joy and positivity are your primary responses the world. Those born with the Moon in Leo are here to spread the joy, dance and be on the stage. In turn, you need to recieve appreciation. You feel safest where your efforts are recognized, appreciated and honored. You need to feel that you are loved and honored. A word of “thank you” can mean a lot.

Honoring your femininity, your mothers and your family can be a part of your self care rituals. Honoring your creative talents can bestow you the peace and emotional satisfaction you need. Your mother might be a woman of influence, one who always has the best outfit and accesories. She might have an association with performing arts as well.

Moon in Virgo: You are naturally very talented, logical and productive Moon is our natural urges and the natural urge in Virgo is to produce and fix the world. You may have an overthinking, overanalyzing and cricticizing mind but you will find solace, peace and calm when your hands are working. Daily routines, cleaning and cleansing your environment can soothe your mind and emotions. You may find emitonal secority when you are trained in healing arts and your cupboard is full of healing hers and essential oils. Be discerning when you are recieving crictism from other but especially yourself. Your mother might have been busy at work or be showing a worried nature. Working with your mind and grounding techniques will help you overcome the overactive mind and you will find how productive and abundant are the wheat fields of the Celestial Virgin.

Moon in Libra: Moon in the sign of Libra is telling us that you seek emotional balance. When your emotions are out of balance, so are you. Aesthetics also play an important role for your inner life. You can be ar your best when you are surrounded bu beauty, peace and good company. You are a natural peacemaker: your first response to conflict is to re-create peace. Equity is very important for you. In your relationships you may maintain a well balanced give and take formula. Your mother might have been a socially active woman who encouraged you to be social as well. She might have supported you in your relationships and taught you the subtle art of balancing all aspects of life.

Moon in Scorpio: Scorpio loves intensity. Those born with the Moon in Scorpio may have deep and intense emotional needs. Their intuition is very strong and an unfailing guide in their life. You may find yourself acting possesive and even obsessive towards your loved ones. Scorpio wants to know and share. People may share their secrets with you and trust that you will keep them. You may also have an instinctual talent to discover secrets or reach information that is meant to be hidden. Your instant reaction to life is to analyze deeply. You may feel other people’s emotions. You may have the skill of empathy which may be exhausting for you if it is not trained and directed well. At times you may find yourslef questioning your past and family dynamics. Once you are deeply and emotionally attached to someone, you may find it hard to let go. You must be very mindful of your emotions for they may have a tendency to linger for long and keep you at the same place.

Your mother and care-givers may be strong yet they might have to deal with challenging emotions. They taught you to survive during hard times.

Moon in Sagittarius: Born with the Moon in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, you have a natural warmth and positivity towards life. You may find that freedom and independance are your primary needs. You may find great and deeply seated happiness in discovering cultures, travelling and new experiences. Your basic instinct and first response to life is an urgency to explore: to move beyond your limits and gain experience.

Your mother may be a spontenous, independent woamn who loves to laugh. She might have encouraged you to learn new languages, attend higher education adn explore the world. She taught you to keep the faith.

Moon in Capricorn: Order and structure. Those of us born with the Moon in Capricorn deeply desire to be successful. It is our career and social standing which gives us the emotional safety and security we seek. Order, rules, systems and all that is well oeprated and deeply rooted give us comfort. We may be distant in our relationships. Moon is our emotions and Capricorn is the peak of the Mountain where it is cold and harsh. We may not be very emotional folks but logical and most importantly, realistic.

Moon in Capricorn tends to see what is missing and lacking rather than waht is wonderful andcomplete. Gratitude exercises can work wonders to balance this aspect of the Moon in Capricorn. We most be very mindful of our emotions, for Capricorn has a tendency to fall to pessimism. It stems from the urge to make everything better, the urge to make the most of limited resources. Moon in Capricorn is a natural fault seeker our primary response to the world is to see the faults and control them. This urgency gives the Sea-Goat a tremendous steadfastness and decisiveness. In time she finds herslef at the top of her Mountain.

Your mother might have had respobsibilities. perhaps she was career oriented. Nevertheless, she taught you how to make the most out of your resources and endure during hards times.

Moon in Aquarius: Aquarius is not an easy sign to understand. Those of us born withthe Moon in Aquarius may be a bit aloof when it comes to emotions and attachment. We bear a distanced, logical yet unchancingly humanitarian nature. We may have a non-attaching attitude towards life. We may find emotional security when we discover new ideas and share them with others. Moon in Aquarius thinks outside the box and then thinks about the box, perhaps feels that she needs to invent a new form of container! Our first response to life can be detachment. We operate from a objective and logical nature. Children with the Moon in Aquarius may find traditional toys quite unsatisfying and make their own toys. They have a unique nature.

Your mother might have been a friend to you. She might have had her own space and non-negotiable time and space for her own pursuits and independent activities and social life. Yet she taught you to constantly think, grow and re-invent your world. Mental work and enlightenment could be a path for you.

Moon in Pisces: One thing those born with the Moon in Pisces need to be very aware of is their tendency to absorb other people’s emotions. High emphats as they are, they are deeply caring individuals with a hypersensitive feeling nature. Moon in Pisces is a two-sided sword. If keft on the auto-pilor, it may signal a tendency to get lost in dreams, to suffer disillusionment and the condition of the world. Pisces Moon tends to see how things feel and if not trained, can automatically percieve and pick up the painful feelings and scenes from the world. On the other side it bestows a limitless imagination, unhindered flow of inspiration and a spiritual nature which feeds from intuition.

Your mother might have sacrificed a lot for the family. Yet it is up to you to choose which Psicean traits to keep and which ones to transform.


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March 2020

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