12 Month Astrology Forecast

In order to proceed to this level, Birth Chart Consult must be completed.

What is coming for you ? How will you prepare for your future ?

The predictive 12 month ahead forecast is all about current and upcoming planetary influences.

We all live in cycles and our cycles are within cycles: just like the cycles of the Moon inside the Wheel of the Year. Astrology helps us understand where you stand in the Universe and where you are in the cycles of your own life.

In this session I use the Hellenistic predictive techniques (Profections, Progressions, Solar Return and Zodiacal Releasing) to help us understand what to expect in the coming 6 months.

12 Month Astrology Forecast Session gives you guidance on the timing of the events in your life using the prediction techniques.

When you know what is coming, then you can prepare for it. This is what this session is all about. Our goal is to equip you with information so that you can raise your conciousness around the coming planetary influences and wield their chemistry for the highest good. You are the Alchemist.

Please contact for booking: Ninemusesacademy@gmail.com

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