Astro Weekly: 13 April – 20 April

This weeks’s significant astro events are solar ingress into the fixed sign Taurus and Venus getting slower, preparing for her journey to the Underworld where she will search for the beloved Adonis.

We begin the week the age old theme: Power. Luna will touch Jupiter and Pluton while she will be gliding through the sign of Capricorn. Then she will conjoin Saturn in the frosty Aquarius. We will be facing the reality of ourselves and be reminded of who and what we really are. The Sun will square Pluto and start the transformation we need to go through to rebuild our new world from the ashes of a demolished civilization. Now we have all the power but we need to transform ourselves to be able to embody and wield the true power within.

Now let us go through the days of the week:

Hagia Sophia is my referance place for timing.

Monday: The Moon is in Capricorn on Monday. Today we may want to create lasting structures in our lives. We are building up new lifestyles, new routines and new work habits. If we build while the Moon is in Capricorn, be sure that we build to last. Capricorn days are for us to climb our own mountain and put all the afford to reach the peak. We can write our own rules while the Moon is in Capricorn and the Sun is in Aries. This is a very powerful combination.

Tuesday: Today is a day of discipline. Our deeds today are built on strong ground. Today we are experiencing Sun squaring Pluto. This can be quite an unsavory energy if we mean to use it in the exterior world or in our relationships. The best way yo use this energy may be to question what power and will mean for us. What did our culture teach us about power ? What are the images of power ? What does it mean ? What is will ? What is will to be ? What is will to power ? This eventually reminds us Nietzsche’s Will to Power.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, Moon enters Aquarius. Now we can focus on our future. Our deeds, words, thoughts and desires at the very moment create our future. You must have heard the saying, the easiest way to know the future is to create it. What future will you create for yourself and all humanity ? The Moon – Saturn conjunction brings the Past and Future together: we begin to build our future with the experience and wisdom from the past right here, right now. Today we also have the Sun squaring Jupiter. This allows us to question our mindset, belief system and limiting beliefs. Do my beliefs allow me to grow further in life or do they block my growth ? Today we look at our mind and question and let go of what no longer serves us.

Thursday: Today seems to be a joyful day. Luna is activating the Mars – Venus trine. Remember that Ares and Aphrodite are lovers who meet in secret. Today their love is in the Air, in Air Signs: Gemini and Aquarius. All kinds of actively loving and flirting communication can flow through the wireless waves today. It has been quite a busy week so far, today we let go of the seriousness and have some fun at last.

Friday: On Friday the Moon does not have significant relations, therefore we may assume that Thursday’s beautiful energy may go on on this Venus Day. Still we can work on communication, relationships and perhaps with an ability to observe things from a different perspective. Today Venus and Juno are in harmony. This may mean harmonious communication in commited relationships. Love letters may be crowding the skies today 🙂 Today we can also have a look back through the month. What have we achieved since the New Moon in Aries ? How did we wield the pure energy of Spring ? What flowered in our garden ? We are in a time of awakening.

Saturday: This weekend is when we rest. We have been through a lot this month and now the Moon is waning in Pisces. What else could we ask for other than a replenishing sleep and deep dreams ? Let yourself sink into the dream worlds and discover the worlds beyond. The Moon squares Venus in the evening. This is always a very creative aspect. You can let your mind wander and allow yourself to dream and write. Moon is in Pisces, the Moon wants to dream and Venus is in Gemini, Venus wants to communicate love with words. Perhaps it is a very good evening to re-read your favorite fantasy novel or write yours!

Sunday: On Sunday before noon the Moon conjuncts Neptune, adding aethereal spirituality to our day. This can go two ways, either we sink in Dionysian fantasy or we rise to Apollonian enlightenment. Neptune aspects are always wild and unpredictable as Poseidon. Yet with Moon and Neptune, we are very open to the energies of this misty planet of Higher Love and spirituality. Later today the Sun ingresses into Taurus and we are on new ground. From this moment on we will be grounding and rooting the volatile energies of Spring. More growth is on its way.



April 2020


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