Aries, 21 March – 21 April

Primus inter pares. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: Wheel of Life Indestructable.

All trees bud and flowers bloom at March 21 when Sun enters Aries. Mother Earth is awakened from her long slumber and she rises in all her glory, adorned with a thousand flowers. This is our moment of awakening.

Those of us born under the shining horn of the Celestial Ram are here to blow the horn and fill the skies with their wake up call. Individuals who are born between 21 March and 21 April are natural born athletes and warriors. They are here to cry out their individuality and uniqueness to the world. Aries is the first phase of life, early childhood: every child is a princess of her individual world.

Aries is the phase of life when the child recognizes that she is a seperate entity. She is the center of attention, love and all praise. She is the newborn force of nature, ready to replace the old and decaying ones. Therefore she needs to fight her way out of the world that surrounds her and express her uniqueness.

If you have an Aries friend, he will always be initiating you to the next chapter of your life. They love bringing in the new ideas and spreading them like seeds so that they can take root, sprout and flourish into the future. Thus the people born under the sign of the Celestial Ram are thinkers. They start the revolutions, they sound the horn and most importantly they shoot the first arrow.

Aries individuals are action oriented. They act without hesitation or a second thought. Patience can be a challenge for them. When they feel stuck they will destroy the walls around them like a fresh sproutling making its way from the darkness of the Earth to the light and heat of the Sun. Children of the Eternal Flame will always start the race, run the marathon and light the torches at the peaks of Olympus, Mountain of the Gods.

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