Taurus, 21 April – 21 May

Sun travels through the sign of Taurus between 21 April and 21 May.

There are two concepts to summarize Taurus: Wealth and Beauty. Sons and daughters of the Celestial Bull do not run after wealth and beauty for they are the ones who carry these qualities in their very being.

Nature is the source of all Wealth and the creator of Beauty. Further we deviate from Nature, further we find oursleves struggling in a world of lack and dismay.

Taurus born individuals gather the abundance that sprouts from the fertile Earth. They have a natural inclination towards material world. In some extreme cases, their worldview can be overly materialistic. Sometimes they can even struggle to understand those who do not value material needs as much as they do.

Taurus identifies herself with what she has and what she values. Acquiring what she finds valuable may become a quest for life. Great patience and unwavering endurance will accompany them in their quest to create and gather wealth. They usually tend to opt in for the jobs and occupations promosing financial security and stability. For Taurus, getting very wealthy is secondary. First and foremost they will establish material and financial security before taking any steps further in life.

Making movements, taking actions and stepping out of the comfort zone can be quite displeasing for the slow and steady Taurus. We must understand that they love their routines, tasty habits, warm and soft environments. It may be quite a challenge to get the Bull out of his comfort zone.

If we should go deeper into the symbolism of Taurus, we find that bull and especially bullheads were symbols for humanity since very early times: as early as Neolithic period. Marija Gimbutas says that the bull head symbolized the womb and birth. Perhaps birthing into the Earthly realm, being incarnated and inhibiting a human body was symbolized with the bull. How fitting this is with the astrological symbolism of Taurus.

Taurus holds the principle of earthliness, solidness and waking up to the beauty and generous abundance of the Earth. Every year in Spring, we are given a chance to grow our roots deeper into Earth, ground the firey energy of the Sun and fill our life with a thousand flowers.

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