Asteroid Circe

“Presently they reached the gates of the goddess’s house, and as they stood there they could hear Circe within, singing most beautifully as she worked at her loom, making a web so fine, so soft, and of such dazzling colours as no one but a goddess could weave.”

Circe, who is seated on the throne. She reigns over the fates of men. Her divine song fills her house as she does her work. Wild animals and all forces of nature are at her command.

As I am writing this, the Asteroid Circe is conjunct Chiron, perhaps wanting us to be mentored in her ways. Her quite mysterious ways.

We find her seated on the throne in translation I have, the Turkish translation of the Odyssey made by Azra Erhat, perhaps the first translation of Homer made by a woman. I could not find any English translations where she is said to be seated on a throne but there must be. Waterhouse’s painting of Circe pictures her the right way, on the throne with a footstool, emphasizing her exalted divine status.

I also love the mirrior at the back. She does not turn you into something you are not. She shows you what and who you truly are. Mirriors only reflect back the truth about you. It can be a piglet, dove or any form… it is up to you, your nature. What did Odysseus see on her mirrior ?

Odysseus, the mortal aided by the gods – divine perception / Providentia – finds himself as a human in the hall of the Goddess. Only those who are led by the Gods can communicate with the Great Goddess and perhaps have a chance to know her even more deeply. Odysseus is our model man. It is up to us to tread his path or keep squeking as cute little piglets.

She is certainly “the Other” for patriarchy. She is Nature which the patriarchal mind wanted to tame and rule over for thousands of years. That is why the modern man has to go through what Odysseus went through… He is miserably dragged away from his Home.

In your own natal chart, the Asteroid Circe may show you where you come face to face with the Goddess. Will you listen to those who guide you or will you just rush into her house ?

Recently there was a fantastic story about Circe. Depicting her as a little goddess girl who falls in love with a sea-worn stranger can only be an entertaining thought for us.



April 2020

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