Asteroid Medusa

In astrology the head of Medusa is already the fixed star Algol . Algol brings in “rage of the woman” in Traditional Astrology. Traditional Astrology is written down by patriarchal minds for which “rage of the woman” was something to be scared of, crying wildly from the depths of the Unconcious.

In classical myth, Medusa is a demon whose gaze will turn you into stone and there is quite a bounty on her snake ridden head. Is this really so ?

When we begin to study Medusa, we find a fantastical rape and punishment story. Poseidon rapes her and Athena punishes her. Yes, still in this world there are women getting punished and persecuted by the society for getting raped. Yet as we walk down the thread of Medusa, we find ourselves in a deeper and rather urgent reality. Her story will take us to Minos.

As I am writing these, Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is approaching the Asteroid Medusa, bringing us her message.

The legend of Perseus beheading Medusa means, specifically, that “the Hellenes overran the goddess’s chief shrines” and “stripped her priestesses of their Gorgon masks”, the latter being apotropaic faces worn to frighten away the profane.

That is to say, there occurred in the early thirteenth century B.C. an actual historic rupture, a sort of sociological trauma, which has been registered in this myth, much as what Freud terms the latent content of a neurosis is registered in the manifest content of a dream: Registered yet hidden, registered in the unconscious yet unknown or misconstrued by the conscious mind.
      — J. Campbell (1968)

When we leave the Myceans behind and enter the Gates of Minos we find ourselves in a different world and a place where we feel that we belong.

In Minos, we find Goddess Athana, the Goddess of the Palace, the one who watches over and protects. She has snakes in her arms. That is the origin of Medusa. The deities of former civilizations are usually turned into demons by the incoming civilization. The incoming civilization can also make them their own just like the funny image of Athena, the girl with a warrior helm: still the snakes and the gorgon being carried in her imagery. Asteroids Medusa and Pallas are deeply linked for they boh come from the same root.

At the Temple of Apollon in Dydima, located at a hilltop, the visitors would behold the face of Medusa as they climbed up the hill. Gaze of Medusa will keep evil away.

In your chart, position of the Asteroid Medusa may show you your hidden power. What did you forget about yourself ? Where have you been suppressed, silenced with violence ? What is here for you to regain ?

Today we know that she is no demon. She is the demonized power in a woman. She is what this world wants to forget. She is objectified when Perseus wants to gain glory by annihilating. Could he ?

You can refer to Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George for more information. I suggest you read this book if you are interested in this subject.



April 2020


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