Gemini, 21 May – 21 June

Gemini, the Celestial Twins Castor and Pollux are the brothers of Helen of Troy. They are known as the protectors of sailors.

Symbolism of Gemini is composed of two individuals head to head, talking to each other, they are in endless communication. Gemini is the first social sign. The child is born in Aries, wears his clothes and acquires his toys in Taurus and begins to explore his environment in Gemini. Therefore Gemini is the sign of curiosity, communication, exploration and acquiring basic information.

Curiosity drives the Mercury ruled Geminin individual. Language, words and thoughts are their tools of the craft. Speaking, writing and all forms of transferring information and ideas belong to the realm of the Twins.

This is the place where we begin to think. The duality of Gemini is the duality of animal and thinking human: Our physical nature and civilized self. The ancients knew this as physis and nomos. Only the wise can marry the animal and the thinker in themselves and reach a new level of human experience.

Coming to the world with the anture fit for making the opposites connect, those born under the Celestial Twins are great communicators. They bring people together, they connect the dots. They write, publish and share information. They are masters of practical thinking which gives results here and now. They may now look too far into the future but they know what to do and what to say in this very instance. On the other hand their ever-growing cruosity will drive them towards you and you will also find it very easy to connect with your Geminine friends. They have the gift of socializing with everyone as well as serving as a hub to make other meet.

Those born under the light of the Celestial Twins are driven by curiosity. That is why they may not always find a lot of time to dwell on a single subject. There are myriads of information to cover, explore and taste. They look around with child-like eyes of wonder as the World beckons to them with a thousand flowers. They are to be attracted and this is what makes them attractive in return. Stars, leaves, flowers and raindrops talk to them and they reply. Soul of the Geminine human is in an unending dialogue with the Universe, always asking like a child, ever eager to learn.

I have seen many natal charts of dancers, a lot of them with Gemini rising. Authors, novelists and gret speakers are often of the Celestial Twins. They are natural born wordsmiths who never tire of talking, writing and speaking.

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