O Holy and Blesséd Lady

perpetual comfort of humankind

Who by Thy bounty and Grace nourishes the Whole World

Who bears a great compassion

as a loving mother would

for the troubles of the miserable

You are She

That is the natural Mother of All Things

the Mistress and Governess of all the Elements

First of the Gods Celestial

Light of the Goddesses

Cancer, 21 June – 21 July

Cancer is the first of the Water Signs. Water creates cohesion. Family, belonging, tribe, protection and nourishment and unconditional love are found in the realm of the Celestial Crab.

The strongest quality of Cancer is its ability to bring life where there is no life. Remember that in Egyptian myths, Goddess Isis wanders to world to find pieces of her beloved Osiris and brings them together to rebirth him. In Ancient Egypt the Golden Scarab was the symbol for the sign of Cancer. Scarab, or with a more modern name dung beetle, is a marvelous being. Thousands and thousands of dung bettles make dungballs and carry them to the dry and lifeless desert to leave their eggs inside and hide them under the sand. Obviously this is not the ethereal magic story you came here to read about your Zodiac sign. Yet there is a magical quality in it: Scarabs bring life: they make the dry desert green with the grass that grows from their holes in the sand. This is the very magic of Cancer: Life Giving.

Birthing, nourishment and protection are the keywords for Cancer. Cancer is the home and hearth. Where we feel protected, supported, loved and welcome. Cancerian people are natural givers because they know that the Universe has limitless resources.

Mothering is the act of the Cancerian personality. Mothering is not only biological mothering but it can be any act where we priotize those we take care of before us. Mothering makes people and things grow and flourish. It is like watering a plant so that it grows: bringing life to dry lands, like the Nile.

Mother’s Milk is another great symbolism for the sign of Cancer. While Hera and Athena wanders, they come across the baby Herakles. Hera suckles him but Herakles bites her nipple. So suddenly Hera pushes him away and milk pours out of her divine breast. Thus is created our Galaxy, Milky Way: γάλα means “milk” in Greek.

Those born under the sign of the Ever-Birth are life-bringers. They nourish and support whom they belong with. Their homes are their sanctuaries where they love gathering all their family and serving warm and hearty meals.

Protection. Imagine the little crab walking inside her had shell and feeling your every move. Even before you begin to reach for it, the wise crab will start to move away from your movement. Their soft and sensitive core is hidden and well-protected inside the shell. They know their vulnerabilities and want to protect and preserve themselves. That is why sometimes Cancerians seem to be heartless or overly rational individuals.

Those born under the Celestial Crab may identify themselves with whom they belong. Family, tribe and homeland are significant for them. They will fight for those they love and care about. They walk the extra mile for whom they belong with. They are the ones who are there when you need them. They will share your sorrows and all emotions, they will cry with you. They are excellent at caring, wrapping their loves ones in love and compassion.

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