Leo, 21 July – 21 August

Those of us born in the heat of summer, under the shining fur of the Celestial Feline, are natural born kings and queens. We lead by the heart.

What makes the Leonine individuals so attractive, loveable and relatable is the warm aura of love and wisdowm they carry as their very own crown. It suits them well.

Leo is the fixed Fire sign. Infinite inspiration, endless creativity and eternal joy are bestowed upon Leo. We are all attracted to the radiance of Leonine kings and queens because we instinctively know that their light will lead us to greater love, wisdom and a higher purpose.

Leo has a lot of love to share with her chosen elite. Not everyone may be eligible to enter the palace of the Queen of the Hearts but she will choose those around you quite wisely, or at least she should. Those who approach her with lame words of empty praise should be crossed from their invitation list.

What Leo seeks and identifies himself with is love. Love makes us vulnerable and we can only be courageous only when we are vulnerable. This is the test of Leo. Will the Queen face her vulnerabilities with courage despite her roaring fears, vanity, pride and prejudice ? Will the firey energy of leo ground itself in the toiling fields of Virgo and fertilize the Earth ?

During my corporate days, working at a global company, I had a wonderful collegue, he was genuine Leo. When he entered the office in the mornings – slightly late for Leo for the lion loves his sleep – we would all turn our heads momentarily and look at him! It was the solar energy which radiates from his person. Sometimes a friend would tease him with a joke and the office would bathe in laughter, bringing fun. Leo loves fun and emanates strong positive energy all around him. This man had the biggest, most compassionate and generous heart I have ever known. I have witnessed him helping perfect strangers without any expection. Leo is the one you can rely on.

For Leo, this world is a stage and her life is a performance. She will thrive under stage lights and while everyone is looking at her. Many actresses and people “on the stage” have significant Leo energy in their natal charts.

Fun loving, creative, playful and entertaining attitude of Leo can turn into an inclusive leader at the time of need. When leading the group is neccessary you will see your fun Leo friend turn into a natural leader. A Leo will give you hearthy portions of whatever you need and even you do not need. They will take care of you and you will feel safe, secure and accepted around them.

There is only one secret to the Lion’s Heart: Gratitude. Throughout the ages, our ancestors praised and revered the Sun, the ruler of Leo. Sun is our sole source of energy: heat and light. In many cultures offerings are made to the Sun to express recognition and gratitude for his generous Greatness.

The nature of Leo is not widely different. As the source of light and love in the community, Leo born people are givers and leadership is their service. In return for all their sinere efforts to make us feel loved, accepted and cared for, they expect a “thank you”. Honoring your Leo friends is the best thing you can do for them. Say thanks, express your love and gratitude openly. Show them how their efforts and caring has improved your life and remind them of the times they were the only ones there to drop you home, to bring you a meal and helped you. Do not forget to express your gratitude before the Sun sets.

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