Virgo, 21 August – 21 September

Virgo, the sixth sign of the Wheel of Zodiac, Wheel of Undestructable Life, is the mutual Earth sign. Virgo knows how to analyze, discern, distribute and fracture and then re-unite with greater harmony and beauty. When I come across wonderful flower arrangements or incredible craft, I tend to think that it must have been created by a Virgo.

Virgo is a mental sign. Thinking and sometimes overthinking can take a lot of their time, yet the true desire of the Virgo soul is to produce.

In many mythologies we come across the Virgin goddess who gives birth. This is the work of Virgo, acquiring divine inspiration from Leo, the Sun, working meticulously on it, sometimes getting too deep, spending all their night on a single detail  – which is neccessary – and grounding, creating the divine perfection in our Earthly realm. This is no easy work but it is only the Virgo born individuals who can excel and reach the peaks of perfection in their work.

Virgo knows how to seek and note the differences in quality. Rarely do they mix apples with pears. Their excellence in organizing and categorizing matter takes them to professions where they can work with biology, healing, medicine, and all forms of crafts. Sometimes they may be stuck in their mind but they must always remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and working with matter, producing, working in their own workshop, providing productions and services to others will be exceedingly satisfactory for them. Yet first they may want to sail through the sirens of Overthinking, Overanalyzing, Perfectionism and Self-Criticism.

Remember how Odysseus sails through the Sea of Sirens ? Goddess Circe advises him to have himself ties to the mast and cover his men’s ears with beeswax. Yet Odysseus’ own eyes and ears would remain open so that he could witness and observe. Why do we even go through the Sea of Sirens, Hades, Cyclopes or any other experience if we are not to observe and become concious of it ?

Mast of his ship is Odysseus’s purpose. He gets himself tied to his purpose, one specific goal, so that he does not get distracted. Yet he keeps observing his own distractions so that he can sail through them.

Virgo heals herself and others. She has an urge to fix and make everything function more smoothly and effectively.

Virgo is the sign with great creative potential because she works with matter. You can have a lot of inspiration but what is it unless you create a solid work out of it ? Unless you plan, structure and work on your visions, they will only be nice ideas lingering in your mind. If you do not produce and release your current visions, you may not move on to your next project quite soon. Virgo bears the sacred function of grounding divine inspiration, in other worlds: making dreams a reality.   

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