Libra, 23 September – 22 October

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Libra is the cardinal Air sign. Air signs are mental, communicative and always focused on humanity.

Libra, the Scales is the Seventh sign of the Zodiac. Sun enters Libra on 23 September, Autumn Equinox when the Day and Night are equal and Time is in perfect Balance. Thus Equality, Balance and Justice are priorities for Libra.

Those of us born under the Celestial Scales sometimes find ourselves walking on eggshells for all that we strive for is keeping the balance in our relationships. We know the secret that the Universe is a relationship: between planets and the Sun, between Day and Night, netween all the stars and galaxies of our infinite, ever-growing and ever-flowing Universe.

When two individual beings come together their union always hangs on a balance. There is always a set of unwritten rules, sometimes contracts or recipcoral agreements in all relationships.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the ruler of Libra for she brings us together. There is always a magic element in meetings, almost a secret power. As quoted above, meeting of two people is a lor like meeting of two different essences, almost alchemical. A relationship is always a third entity.

In “the other” we can only find lost nad forgotten parts of ourselves which will lead us to wholeness and a greater truth. Therefore more than often relationships act as a vehicle or catalyzer for our individuation process. Libra rules the process of coming together and more importantly maintaining the relationships and contracts. This is always a very delicate process but Librans are masters of this art. Indeed they are naturally capable of any art or craft that requires style, beauty, delicacy and aesthetics.

Librans keep harmony and balance in their life and relationships. That is how they survive the ups and downs of life yet once their balance is shaken off, it may take time and effort to re-establish it. They can see and consider both ends in a situation. They can change their perspective and see it from both sides. Scales are always looking for the perfect balance, therefore they measure very keenly, with a deep intention to bring justice and respect everyone’s rights.

Their refined manner makes them excellent at human conduct. Famous diplomats and spokespeople have strong Libra placements.

Libra knows how to balance out her relationships, just like a wise Venus Flytrap. The Lady Venus Flytrap attracts her victims to her traps and her precious pollinators to her flowers which she raises high up away away from the nasty traps. So that she will enjoy her meals while getting assistance in immortality by bees and butterflies.

Source: Wikipedia

Libra loves making comparisions and thinking in relative terms. They are always looking for the optimal solution. Yet comparision, when applied on one’s self or others, can be quite a non-regenerative habit.

Bearers of the Scales do not want to upset others or never they wish to start a conflict. Therefore sometimes they conciously – or unconciously – choose to stay silent when they need to be speaking. They may find themselves silently accepting situations or signing treaties of peace which may not be sustainable in the lon run. Developig an awareness around being more self-centered can help the Venian souls to navigate easier.

Design, decoration, beauty, architecture, fashion, photography, fine arts… Any are of profession where a inner sense of aesthetics is for the Libra born individuals. Bringing people together, uniting these who need to meet and making peace between broken hearts are natural duties of Libra. In some cases, many Librans are natural matchmakers!

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