Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

– W. B. Yeats

Pisces, 21 January – 21 February

Pisces is the Twelveth Sign of the Zodiac, the Indestructable Wheel of Life. Here is when we leave behind all that locks us into the heaviness of Matter and lose our individuality in the infinity of Okeanos.

A mist covers the world and the hypnotic sound of lyra accompanies us as we enter the realm of the Fish. Symbol of Pisces is composed of two fish that are forever bound to each other, pulling each other to opposite directions thus keep circulating around the star that binds them.

Pisces is the window that opens to Infinity. The ego dissoloves, sacrifices itself and reaches Immortality. Yet, it can be a painful process to leave the limited and well-defined ego and reach the Self. Thus we find Piscean souls suffering time to time. They may choose escapism, their strong imagination will always beckon them to a dreamworld but only facing the reality and transcending it is the path of Salvation.

Thus those of us born under the ever-cycling Fish are prone to escapism. Our shelves are full of fantasy fiction, we have a special Tolkien shelf, our investments in RPG is legend. We do whatever is neccessary to escape the heaviness of daily life and sometimes our responsibilities are carried away by the current. Thus Pisceans are prone to find themselves being late to work, having their careers delayed or stuggling through other people’s “stuff” for reasons they cannot even identify.

Pisces is the formless, limitless energy that pours from the Universe. Pisceans or people with strong Pisces or Twelth House placements in their charts feel closer to the higher flow. This makes them mediums, seers and visionaries. Yet on the flipside, the urge to escape the reality of the world may bring about addictions such as gaming or social media addiction.

Music, art and nature have a deeper pull for the Piscean soul. Musicians, poets, painters and masters of all forms of art usually carry strong Pisceans elements in their natal charts. Imagination is their strongest asset. “Everything is fantasy” said Jung. In order to be able to create, first we must imagine. Everything created by humans was once imagined. Yet the gist lies in grounding our imaginations, dreams and vision. For that we need plans, timetables and some management. Those born of the Earth element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may assist to ground, work on and accomplish Piscean wonders.

Some Pisceans have excellent corporate careers for Pisces’ fluid ego can blend well with the larger body, the corporation. Thus leaving behind their own priorities and personal needs, Pisceans can become very effective servants, easily gliding through the rules and finding creative ways to accomplish their tasks.

Pisceans can be masters of illusion. When combined with art, they can create wonders. Sometimes it can be elusive to communicate with them for even they may be so disconnected from the reality that others may find it hard to define or understand them. Yet this “in between” and unidentifiable quality brings about an immense potential of creativity and divine love.

When all is carried away by the Ocean, when all our pride, prejudice, belongings, relationships, power, dreams and hopes are gone, there is only one reality that still stays: Love. It is only love that makes the Universe move, it is love that births new stars and fills us with wonder in the night. Love is the breath of Eternity.

Be drunk with love, for love is all that exists.


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