Aquarius, 20 January – 19 February

Aquarius, the Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac, Wheel of Life Indestructable, is the fixed Air sign. Aquairus is associated with logic, enlightenment, Eureka! and futurism.

There was a time when humans dwelled in darkness. They could see only when the Gods wanted, only when the Sun shone or the Moon was full. Their vision and ability was therefore limited and great was their ignorance. Then Prometheus, the Fore-Seer, saw them. Prometheus always watched for equality and more life, better future and better opportunities for everyone. In his rebellious act, for he was a Titan and the rules of the Gods was not for him, he lit a torch from the sacred Hearth of Olympus and descended down to Earth. In the dark and cold night, when we were only afraid and waiting for the Sun, Prometheus brought us the Fire from which we invented Science, arts and our future. With the Fire stolen from the Gods now we had the conciousness to create our own world and choose our own Future. Rather, we invent our own Future and this is where Aquarius holds the key.

All our Aquarian friends are little Prometheans in their very own right. They show us what we cannot see without them. They look at us from the future, they open our eyes to what we do not want to see, they are the bearers of foresight. Their logic and analytical thinking makes us advance in life.

Aquarius can think what others cannot. His mind is always seeking for a new way, a new invention and a new solution.

Technology belongs to the realm of Aquarius. The Ancient Greek word techne, τέχνη , means craft. Knowledge and techne make us human. As humans we have the potential to accomplish great things but first we must have a vision. Without foresight and the neccesary knowledge and application, we cannot create our own world. Aquarius knows what lies before us, therefore plans and structures the future accordingly.

Taurus is stable, she only wants to preserve what she has. Leo is egoistical, for him only he and his matter. Scorpio is fixated on the past. Aquarius sees the future. Remember the symbol of the Waterbearer, a man pouring water from an amphora ? What Aquarius carries and pours on us is the waters of the cosmos, the Ever-Flow. He takes a handful of the Eternal Truth and offers it to us, just like Prometheus stealing a fire from the Gods and bringing it to humans. Aquarius stands high above the earthly realm (remember Aquarius is an Air sign) and channels the divine, cosmic information down to us.

Thus the ideas circling around the Aquarian individual’s mind may not always be easily understood by others. For he sees the future and he lives in the future, small thinkers may have a problem understanding him. Yet this does not tire the Aquarian. For him what matters is not his person or personal desires. What matters is the group, the people, his friends and the people around him. Sometimes we find that Aquarians forget themselves and forget making themselves a priority in the face their of group’s needs and desires.

In the shadow of the most enlightened sign lies Leo, the source of light. Leo is the individual while Aquarius wants to blend his ego in the group conciousness. Leo knows that he is the source of all love and light as Aquarius sometimes waits to be loved and appreciated by the group. Aquarius loves wandering the icy peaks while Leo sunbathes in the warm and dry savannah. These two qualities, the dance of Ice and Fire, make up the Leo – Aquarius axis; the eternal balance between now and future, ego and the group, creativity and logic.

We owe all our advancements, all our revolutions and all our sciencific and technological abilities to Aquarius. Without Prometheus’ sacrifice, we would still be lingerin in the dark, waiting for the Sun.

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