Capricorn, 22 December – 20 January

Capricorn is the cardinal Earth Sign. It is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, the Undestructable Wheel of Life.

Why is it not easy to follow a certain spiritual path ? Because it requires discipline. Capricorn is the master of discipline, time management and the cold and solid reality of the World.

Capricorn, the Sea-Goat can wander and gather resources from the depths of the Ocean and carry them up to the peaks of the Mountain. We need vigor and endurance to climb the Mountain of the Gods, and most importantly strong knees: Capricorn rules knees and joints.

When we arrive at the roots of the Mountain, we are on a quest to ascend. This requires using all of our sources wisely. We cannot spill around our water or food. The mountain path is harsh and unforgiving. We need to plan ahead, be meticulous, strategize and sometimes control the outcomes. The rocky slopes will not let us pass without testing our will and determination. Yet if Capricorn is with us, we can climb our mountain, reach the peaks and our life experience will become an offering the the World.

What is the sum of all our efforts, endavour and work ? It is our career, our reputation in the World. Conciously or unconciously we keep building our career. People know us with what we give to the society, with what we do for others. For Capricorn, what she gives to the society matters the most.Her reputation and title occupy a significant portion for her overall satisfaction in life.

Responsibilities may play a significant role for the Capricornian individual. She may tend to define herself with her responsilibities, drives, ambitions and successes in life. Her professional attitude certainly gives a sense of trust to others. She is self-reliant and you can also rely on her. Capricorn always knows what she is doing.

Sometimes the urge to control life may try and tire them. Keeping everything under control, making sure that all ends are met and all tasks are done perfectly may sometimes be too much for anyone especially when the going gets tough. During those times the Sea-Goat may need to remember her opposite sign: Cancer. Cancer loves to stay at home and rest, nurture and protect. Sometimes it is good to remember to rest, to stay under the blanket and nurture yourself with a warm soup.

When driven with ambition, the Capricornian individual can literally dig passes under mountains, take under big projects and create wonders on earth. Capricornian vigour, endurance and capacity for hard work is legend. On the other hand, when Capricorn is led by wisdom, she can manage others and allocate the resources offered by Earth in the most efficient and effective way. Thus can we reach abundance for everyone. Good management is golden when it allies with Justice of Libra. Only Capricorn knows how to make the best of what we have and lead us to a better grounded and organized way of life.

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