Full Moon in Scorpio: Eternal Sleep

She bends from her window
To look down into women’s hearts
And her eyes search

For her beloved Endymion
In his eternal sleep
Under the caves
Near the sea.

When the Moon is full, our feelings and emotions are intense. We feel vulnerable or the oppressed emotions spring with rage, with an urgency to be expressed. Emotions are at their height and our will is laid before our eyes, manifested. Full Moon is when the energy reaches fullness.

Endymion was a shepherd in ancient Caria in Mount Latmos. On a night of full moon like this one, Thea Selene saw him sleep and watched him for a while. She fell in love with Endymion and descended on Earth in the form of a beautiful woman. She stayed the Night with him and left as the Rose Fingered Dawn reached from beyond the Mountains of Lydia.

Each time the Moon is full, she visited Endymion in his sleep, in his dream or in earthly body; this did not make any difference for the Gods and ancient peoples. Yet, Time, Chronos the Titan, is hardly ever gentle with us humans. As the years passed by, Endymion grew older, leaving his fresh and potent youth behind. This saddened the heart of the Goddess and she put her beloved into eternal sleep. This way she could still visit him and sleep by his side at every full moon without breaking the Cosmic Law, the Cycle of Life and Mortality, fate of us humans.

Perhaps tonight the Goddess will again descend on Earth through the silvershine, ride her Chariot through the rays of the Moonlight and find her Sleeping Endymion in his cave in Mount Latmos, enshadowed by vines of ever growing life.

Full Moon in Scorpio

We have arrived at this year’s full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of release, death and transformation. The Taurus-Scorpio axis holds the keys to the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Now we are at the peak of Springtime, all flowers and in bloom, trees are encrowned with young leaves, Life is blessing Earth in a thousand colours. Where there is Life, there is also Death. Full Moons bring in the polarity of the axis they happen in. Sun is in Taurus (Life), it is spring on Earth and the Moon is in Scorpio (Death). The Night wants us to remember that Spring will not last forever and we will have to face autumn, dark and cold someday: when the Sun is in Scorpio.

Now let us study the chart I cast for this Full Moon at for the coordinates of Istanbul:

You can see that Sun and the Moon are facing each other at 17 degrees of Scorpio. For those of us who have personal planets, social planets or axes around the 15-19 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), this may mark a major time. Full moons always bring in new awareness. Something must have come to fullness in the area of your life where the full moon touches. Becoming aware of it can help you and ease your journey.

During this full moon, Goddess Aphrodite takes a special emphasize. Venus is in phasis, preparing to station: stand still. Then she will begin to move retrograde, diving into the Unconcious: the Sleep of Ishtar. When a planet is slowed down, its energies are felt more deeply on Earth. We are in her season, the Taurus season, ruled by the Goddess. These days Love with capital L reigns over all. Ruler of Scorpio, Mars is also in alignment with Venus, trining her. Venus is in Gemini, so writing, journaling and writing love letters can catch the geist of the season. Keep writing! 🙂



May 2020

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