Asteroid Herakles

Herakles is the revered hero of the ancient world. He was worshipped as the divine protector of humankind. He is the one who went through the twelve initiations and reached at the peaks of Olympus where he was wedded Hera’a daughter and reached apotheosis.

In your chart the Asteroid Herakles may show you where you are protected. I believe this asteroid is very important for those who are on a spiritual path.

Herakles is the son of Zeus, born of a mortal woman. Therefore Hera curses him and he has to go through his labours. This is the human condition. We are mortal beings with a spark of divinity inside us. Only through the hardships of life can we grow and become who we are meant to be. Herakles shows us the way. Jason shows us the wrong way…

Yet, Jason and Herakles meet at the Golden Fleece Island in the Black Sea. This island is still an archeological and touristic site in northern Turkey.

Herakles joins the Argonauts at the last minute and he leaves them at some point and then joins again… His “on and off” stance shows us the lack of Discipline in the whole venture of the Argonauts. Then, at the end it is the same lack of discipline and inconsistency which brings the tragic end to Jason’s story.

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