Asteroid Jason

Jason is such a strange character. He is mentored by Chiron, therefore this asteroid should always be interpreted in relation to Chiron.

Jason does reach his goal of acquiring and bringing the Golden Fleece. For this he is named a hero: risking his life for the quest. Yet his story takes a tragic turn when he forgets that he had to make contract with the Goddess, his marriage with Medea. When he turns away from this divine contract and goes back to his society’s rules and customs, his conditioning, all that he achieved is destroyed.

There is a split in his character. His training with Chiron enables him to transcend the human condition, take the Journey, become a hero and even take a step towards apotheosis by marrying Medea. Yet when he comes back and blends in with his society, the rules and customs in his society make him “fall” and he finds himself in a situation of misery.

Perhaps the Asteroid Jason is here to remind us to watch over our conditioning, “first default” and stay in discipline, ever watchful of our thoughts and actions. There is a reason we are all being tutored by Chiron: to transcend the earthly life and social conditioning.

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