Asteroid Medea

Asteroid Medea (212)

Robert Graves discusses the similarities between Medea and Cerridwen. In my copy of the Odyssey, the translator Azra Erhat refers to Circe as the goddess. In the introduction of this translation, she discusses Circe as the Great Goddess Cybele. Surely there is more to Medea and Circe than the classical literature could assign to.

Medea, in her dark, mysterious form has always attracted me, perhaps because I am also partially from Colchis. Women in the eastern shores of the Black Sea are strong as if the hand of patriarchy never shook them. It might be the tall and emerald green mountains covered in mist, clear springs and rivers or the deep dark, stormy Black Sea. And the age old religious cults which carved their halls inside those mountains. Medea comes from this place.

Pasolini’s movie, with Maria Callas, is a very good source for beginning to understand her.
Medea, the granddaughter of the Sun, is a priestess of Hecate. Hecate is the Anatolian Sun Goddess. She does not recognize the Olympian hierarchy. She is held above and outside the Olympians. It is easy to track how her image has been and is still being corrupted. This summarizes the fall of humanity.
When I was younger, I loved Medea as the woman who takes her revenge from the patriarchy, this is her classical version. Yet further reading brought me very different information and points of view. It is impossible to share them in this article but for further reading we can refer to Karl Kerenyi and Robert Graves.

Why do we look at the asteroid Medea (212) ? The asteroids are subtle. Only the asteroids that are in close relation to a planet (strict orbds 2 degrees, not more!), point or lot should be taken into consideration. Asteroids on the axes are also significant. If the name means something to you, then the asteroid will show its face in your chart. If Medea is important for you, then she will be throwing her dark and deep Maria Callas gaze on you. 

Asteroid Medea is publicly visible in the chart of Maria Callas who acted Medea in opera and in film. Many remember her face, wonderful voice and Scorpio eyes when they hear the name Medea. In Callas’ chart, the asteroid Medea is in the middle of the Heavens; at the very peak of her social stance, repetition and career. That is what the MC is all about, what we are known with. For me, at least, she will always be Medea.

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