Asteroid Orpheus

οἱ δ' ἀπὸ νηὸς
ἤδη πείσματ' ἔμελλον ἐπ' ἠιόνεσσι βαλέσθαι,
εἰ μὴ ἄρ' Οἰάγροιο πάις Θρηίκιος Ὀρφεὺς
Βιστονίην ἐνὶ χερσὶν ἑαῖς φόρμιγγα τανύσσας
κραιπνὸν ἐυτροχάλοιο μέλος κανάχησεν ἀοιδῆς,
ὄφρ' ἄμυδις κλονέοντος ἐπιβρομέωνται ἀκουαὶ
κρεγμῷ: παρθενικὴν δ' ἐνοπὴν ἐβιήσατο φόρμιγξ.

Orpheus joins the Argonauts with the suggestion of Chiron. It is only his lyre which could allow Argos pass through the alluring sirensong. In the context of the Argonauts, Orpheus symbolizes the divine music that helps us keep focused on our path and not get distracted by outer influences.

Orpheus in himself is a great figure of the ancient world and also the Asteroid Orpheus should be taken into consideration more delicately.

Asteroid Orpheus can be studied in his relation to Chiron and Herakles. Also when opposing Neptune, Orpheus may help the native to pass through illusions and unreality.

In the charts of famous musicians and composers Orpheus is prominent either by conjunction or opposition to planets.

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