Cleopatra’s Astrologer – Part 1

What is Astrology and How Does it Work ?

We tend to think with cause and effect. We believe anything that is outside the cause and effect paradigm is supersitition, therefore nonesense. Yes, ninety percent of the “spiritual stuff” on the Internet is hocus pocus, a fantastic movie or at best superstition. This also bothers me as much as it bothers you. Today we have the nption that one needs to dim the rational mind, silence the skeptic and ignore the crictical thinker when one enters the blurred, mystified and incensed realm of Astrology.

I guess it is quite the contrary.

In our art we need the skeptic more than any other. We have to question, compare, observe, measure and make a lot of experiments. Still, Astrology does not mean to find solid facts but meaning, feeling and most importantly: Synchronicity.

“As Above, So Below”.

Astrology works on the assumption that our Earthly life is not seperate from the life on the wider Universe. To make things easier, let us first work on the hypothesis that our life is not seperate than the life on our Solar System only. Earth’s rotation around the Sun creates the four seasons. Moon’s rotation around the Earth creates tides of the Ocean. We can observe and measure these phenomena and thinking in terms of cause and effect absolutely explains the seasons and the tides because we can see the cause and we can observe the effects.

What does Venus’ rotation around the Sun, observed from Earth mean for us ? We cannot see any recorable effects on Venus on our physical world or human behaviour. We cannot record any difference in anything when Venus is the Morning Star or when Venus is the Evening Start. She seems to have no effect on us. Our current technology or capacity to observe nature does not see any effects of Venus’ rotation.

Here the skeptic steps in and asks: “Why di the Akkadian Kings waited until Venus was the Morning Star to begin their warfare ? Why did they prayed the the Morning Star Venus before they began their battles ?

There are two possible answers to this:

  1. We percieve this behaviour as some magical act of ancient peoples who transferred magical powers to certain objects or symbols because they were in an earlier and less developed phase of civilization.
  2. They knew better than us. So we need to study the human psyche, human history, mythology and try to understand them.

Astrology starts when we agree that Ancient Mesopotamians knew better. This was a part of their science, their relationship with and understanding of nature. For us it is quite impossibble to think like Cleopatra’s Astrologer, yet we can try.

Our modern science is based on finding solid facts about Nature. Water boilds at 100 Celcius. Only by knowing and collecting information can we control her. We have developed methods of observation, experiment and measurement to collect such information. Yet, in order to be able to understand Astrology we need to step ourside of the cause and effect paradigm. This does not mean negating or ignoring science or scientific thinking. This is only taking a step further. Growth is always essential.

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