When we come to the Ninth Sign of the Zodiac, the Indestructable Wheel of Life, we are already charged with the intensity of Scorpio. Our emotions are about to explode… We are in Sagittarius when the compressed and pressured emotions explode as fireworks in the infinite Heavens.

Sagittarius is the seeker. Dual nature of the Centaur means that Sagittarius has half of his existance in the Earthly realm, running after earthly pleasures and errants and half in the Heavens: gaining wisdom, experiencing spirituality, questioning life, talking philosophy and discovering the world.

Experience is what matters for Sagittarius. Divine inspiration guides the centaur. He may find himself in the most unlikely places in the most inappropriate time. Laughing in high decibels, dreaming without limits and carrying the badge of the big spender are common traits of us all with a Sagittarian nature.

Sagittarius stands between the mundane and the spiritual. Therefore Sagittarius usually finds herslef in careers of teaching or religious/spiritual service. Her ever-growing interest in travelling or world cultures makes her an expert in a foreign culture. Sagittarius falls in love with cultures, different ways of life and languages. Learning and teaching languages as well as spiritual practices can be fit for a Sagittarius individual.

Sagittarius knows how to enjoy life. His jovial nature follows wherever he goes. Sometimes those of us born of Sagittarian nature can be too optimistic and be forgetful of the neccesities of life. Meeting dealines or working for a goal can be quite the challenge for the Sagittarius individual for his sole purpose is to inspire, experience, show others the way, light the path and enjoy it all.

The secret power of your Sagittarian friend is her faith. Sagittarius can always see the big picture and see where things are going… Carrying the spark of hope and kindling her arrow with it, Sagittarius knows how to trust the Universe and keep the faith, even in the most trying of times.

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