Scorpio, 23 October – 22 November

Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac, Wheel of Indestructable Life. When we arrive at the depths of Scorpio, we pass through the Gates of the Underworld.

Union of the opposites in Libra brings us to the alchemical pot of transformation. In this place all emotions are deep and intense. Silence accompanies the footsteps of those who descend.

Transformation is the keyword to Scorpio, it is the eternal cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth. Scorpio is where form dissolves and matter is freed so that it can be utilized to create new forms when Spring comes. Compost to fruit is a very practical example for transformation yet, the most beautiful example for transformation is “catterpillar into butterfly”.

Thus those of us born under the Celestial Scorpion look at the world deeply. When we begin to study a subject we turn our penetrating gaze to it and use all the means to investigate it down to every detail. Therefore professions that need delicate research and a keen, skeptical mind are fit for the Scorpio born individuals.

Scorpio is a very emotional sign. Attachment can lead to obsession and sometimes Scorpio individuals may find it hard to let go of what needs to go. Yet when they are convinced that something or someone does not belong with them anymore, they can shut the door without a second thought and never look back. A Scorpio friend will stand by your side no matter what since they are not afraid of ups and downs of life. Should they decided to go, they may just vanish.

Scorpions survive in the hot and dry desert. Why would a water sign choose to live in the desert ?

Scorpions find water with their intuition. Their bodies are covered with sensors and they can feel water from afar. In the same token, Scorpio men and women can feel other people’s emotions. This may lead them to be empaths or they may want to avoid crowded places especially if their chart is Water Element dominant. Intuition is their super power.

Scorpio is the mystical, secretive and deep sign. Dreamwork, alchemy, symbolism and occult attract them. They find meaning in the secret things and they do keep secrets well.

Scorpio is a fixed sign. What is fixed is the reality of change in the realm of Scorpio. Scorpio’s life is a whirlpool of constant change and transformation. Yet they love things that remain, stand still and do not change. The small town which never changes, which is still the same town since when you were small is the paradise for a Scorpio. Scorpio, remaining in the middle of the whirlpool of transformation and deep stormy emotions, strives for emotional security. This dark and deep soul’s quest for love may involve heartbreaks, betrayal even dramatic scenes. Yet at the end of her painstaking transformation, Scorpio comes to understand that she achieves what she has been looking for only in her inner life, inner sources and her relationship with the Universe. This is how we leave Matter and take our first step in transandence. Now it is time to seek the Divine, for that we need the strong and agile feet of a horse and the intelligable, questioning mind of man: Sagittarius.

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