New Moon in Gemini: Prelude

Here comes the Gemini New Moon… Venus and Mercury have conjuncted and manifested the Hermaphrodite: Love, unification, leaving duality behind and emerging in oneness are the primary themes of this season. The Gate is open.

Hermaphrodite is one of the prominent symbols in Alchemy: both Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite. Left brain and right brain; analytical mind and emotions; mechanic and organic; day and night; dark and light; black and white… Hermaphrodite symbolizes unification of two polarities, wholeness and the perfect state. Conjunction of the retrograding Venus and Mercury in Gemini marks the openning of a luminous gate.

In the technical sense we see these: Mercury is the classical ruler of Gemini. The neutral Mercuy, who can see both sides, who can be present in multiple places and think in many ways, can express himsel fully in Gemini. He can speak his own mind, carry the messages, tidings and biddings of the Gods down to us mortals. Gemini is the sign of communication and communication always happens between two people, two souls and our hearts are always yearning for each other. This brings us to the Esoteric (Soul-Centered, referance Alan Oken) ruler of Gemini: Venus… Venus brings us together. She ties together two entities who seem to be different than each other. She binds two hands together in sacred marriage.  She makes the hearts turn to each other. She is the Great Goddess of Cyprus who rules the Ages.

At the same time Gemini is now our new “North”: North Node is in Gemini and it means that for the coming two and a half years we will be learning to come together, share with and love each other. We are no heading towards more meaningful human relationships, right human relationships and joining our hands in sacred service to our Mother Earth. This new moon is only a prelude to our new life, it is an initiation, an invitation to greeting each other under the guidance of Hermes and Aphrodite. We have just emerged out of the protective and posessive waters of Cancer and we are ready to open our hearts to each other and the World.

This New Moon is an Elixir of Youth. The sacred energy of this New Moon is healing all that the last two years have left upon us. The spring rain will clear away all the heaviness and pain of the last months and that which will be left will only be the wisdom of Capricorn, our inheritance. We have been through trying times and we learnt lessons to survive us for a lifetime. We learnt a lot from these collective experiences. At our weakest moment we grew stronger: we are certainly stronger unless we are dead yet! Now take look back, throughout the days from January. List and observe what you have endured, survived and met with patience. List your little successes and tiny triumphs. We did not advance greatly in the last a few months, we did not climb the peaks or fly over Oceans. Yet we did what we could under the limitations of our human condition. We dug tunnels under the dungeons we have been locked into. Now daylight is calling us. Butterflies are the symbol for Gemini, we are now all butterflies emerging from our cocoons and ascending towards the Light and our wings are wonderful!

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