Planets are the archetypal powers inherent in each and every individual. Each planet has its own way of expressing its energies and functionality. The way a planet expresses itself in one’s life transforms according to the evolution of perspective and conciousness.

All planets in our solar system have different positions, relations and attitudes in each and every other chart.

Sun and Moon are not planets per se, yet we do call them “planets” in astrological language.

There are three types of planets:

Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets and in a chart they symbolize the most significant energies in an individual’s life. They give us hints about a person’s behaviour, motivations, emotions, relationships, mental and survival mechanisms.

Social Planets: Jupiter and Saturn, as a duo also called diurnal planets, show how we interact with the world. They give hints about how we percieve the society and social structures. They are also career significators.

Generational Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluton are the generational planets. They were unknown to us until very recently. Generational planets are not traditionaly used in Hellenistic Astrology. However, any student of astrology can see their symbolism in the events and forms of manifestation in life. Generational planets move very slowly and they give us the background of a generation born in a certain time. Sometimes, transits of generational planets to natal personal planets can mark significant times of change in an individual’s life.

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