“You may not remember but someone in some future time, will.”

A fragment of a Sappho poem, 7th c. BCE

I am Begüm. I am a student of astrology and have been giving personal consultations for more than two years. You can access my articles under the Blog section.

I keep ancient wisdom.   I look at the stars as a reflection of our being and as signs of certain energies and synchronizations. I use the horoscope to tap into the energy of the hour of your birth. Hours hold their secrets.

I am born in Istanbul where myth and magic coincide and worlds collide. I spent years studying political science and humanities in Istanbul and Europe.  I also worked at corporate for a few years. Carl Jung’s work let me discover astrology and dreamwork as great tools for individuation. With my established academic background I am studying mythology, astrology and Jungian psychology simultaneously.


My work is based on the myths and teaching of my land, Anatolia, the name “Lydian” also originates from here. In Anatolia there are many archaeological sites and ancient temples to be discovered. My task is to learn from the ancient past and utilize this wisdom for us. Today we seem to be living in a time of technology and information, yet we are also striving for our own Souls and Higher Selves very strongly. Many are becoming conscious of the fact that modern life is not supporting our basic psychological needs. So we turn back to Nature and Soul, ancients knew the way.

On a more mundane level, I am an Istanbulite and Uppsala University alumna.

My sincere hope is that you find healing and light in these pages.