Aphrodisias: Your Venus Sign

All that seems dark and scary is demons begging to be transformed into lovers.

Aphrodisias is the name of an ancient city in Lydia. The people of Aphrodisias revered Goddess Aphrodite.  In Aphrodisias, she was a Great Goddess, Goddess of Love and All.

We all come to this world with Venus on our birth chart. No matter your life story, She was – and always will be – up in the Heavens during the hour of your Birth.

As a Venus in Sagittarius, I serve the divine, roaming through different peoples and cultures. Letting the world know about Aphrodite has become a life mission for me.

We live in a world where women are conditioned to feel unworthy and unloved. If we turn to the light of Venus, we can dispel these illusions. I hold the mirror of Aphrodite for you to help you dissolve your illusions around worth and value, beauty, love and relationships.


You are curious about your natal Venus,

You want to discover more about yourself,

You want to create more value and worth in this world,

You want to take a new step towards self-love,

You want to know yourself better in terms of values, love and relating,

You are here to connect with the Venus energies within you…

So, welcome.

Aphrodisias is a 5 pages, Venus focused reading of your natal chart.

You can order by contacting me via Lydiansoulwork@gmail.com