Planets are the archetypal powers inherent in each and every individual. Each planet has its own way of expressing its energies and functionality. The way a planet expresses itself in one’s life transforms according to the evolution of perspective and conciousness.

All planets in our solar system have different positions, relations and attitudes in each and every other chart.

Sun and Moon are not planets per se, yet we do call them “planets” in astrological language.

There are three types of planets:

Personal Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets and in a chart they symbolize the most significant energies in an individual’s life. They give us hints about a person’s behaviour, motivations, emotions, relationships, mental and survival mechanisms.

Social Planets: Jupiter and Saturn, as a duo also called diurnal planets, show how we interact with the world. They give hints about how we percieve the society and social structures. They are also career significators.

Generational Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluton are the generational planets. They were unknown to us until very recently. Generational planets are not traditionaly used in Hellenistic Astrology. However, any student of astrology can see their symbolism in the events and forms of manifestation in life. Generational planets move very slowly and they give us the background of a generation born in a certain time. Sometimes, transits of generational planets to natal personal planets can mark significant times of change in an individual’s life.

New Moon in Gemini: Prelude

Here comes the Gemini New Moon… Venus and Mercury have conjuncted and manifested the Hermaphrodite: Love, unification, leaving duality behind and emerging in oneness are the primary themes of this season. The Gate is open.

Hermaphrodite is one of the prominent symbols in Alchemy: both Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite. Left brain and right brain; analytical mind and emotions; mechanic and organic; day and night; dark and light; black and white… Hermaphrodite symbolizes unification of two polarities, wholeness and the perfect state. Conjunction of the retrograding Venus and Mercury in Gemini marks the openning of a luminous gate.

In the technical sense we see these: Mercury is the classical ruler of Gemini. The neutral Mercuy, who can see both sides, who can be present in multiple places and think in many ways, can express himsel fully in Gemini. He can speak his own mind, carry the messages, tidings and biddings of the Gods down to us mortals. Gemini is the sign of communication and communication always happens between two people, two souls and our hearts are always yearning for each other. This brings us to the Esoteric (Soul-Centered, referance Alan Oken) ruler of Gemini: Venus… Venus brings us together. She ties together two entities who seem to be different than each other. She binds two hands together in sacred marriage.  She makes the hearts turn to each other. She is the Great Goddess of Cyprus who rules the Ages.

At the same time Gemini is now our new “North”: North Node is in Gemini and it means that for the coming two and a half years we will be learning to come together, share with and love each other. We are no heading towards more meaningful human relationships, right human relationships and joining our hands in sacred service to our Mother Earth. This new moon is only a prelude to our new life, it is an initiation, an invitation to greeting each other under the guidance of Hermes and Aphrodite. We have just emerged out of the protective and posessive waters of Cancer and we are ready to open our hearts to each other and the World.

This New Moon is an Elixir of Youth. The sacred energy of this New Moon is healing all that the last two years have left upon us. The spring rain will clear away all the heaviness and pain of the last months and that which will be left will only be the wisdom of Capricorn, our inheritance. We have been through trying times and we learnt lessons to survive us for a lifetime. We learnt a lot from these collective experiences. At our weakest moment we grew stronger: we are certainly stronger unless we are dead yet! Now take look back, throughout the days from January. List and observe what you have endured, survived and met with patience. List your little successes and tiny triumphs. We did not advance greatly in the last a few months, we did not climb the peaks or fly over Oceans. Yet we did what we could under the limitations of our human condition. We dug tunnels under the dungeons we have been locked into. Now daylight is calling us. Butterflies are the symbol for Gemini, we are now all butterflies emerging from our cocoons and ascending towards the Light and our wings are wonderful!


As he rides in his chariot, he shines upon men and deathless gods, and piercingly he gazes with his eyes from his golden helmet. 
Bright rays beam dazzlingly from him, and his bright locks streaming from the temples of his head gracefully enclose his far-seen face: 
a rich, fine-spun garment glows upon his body and flutters in the wind: and stallions carry him. ;
Homeric Hymn to Helios

Sun is the center of our Solar System. He is the source of all life, energy: light and heat. He is our sole source of energy. He is born, he dies and is born again every morning, bringing light; expelling the shadows of the night.. Day and Night follow.

All planets and asteroids in our system circle around the Sun in their own rotations. Seasons come and go according to our position to the Sun. All human life depends on the relationship between Sun and Earth. Sunlight’s changing angles bring ih the season, climates and our moods.

Golden rays of the Sun illuminate our path of growth. Sun symbolizes the principle of individuation and self-expression: self-confidence, generousity and courage; courage to be born into the Night to drive the shadows away.

In a natal chart the Sun shows the native’s father and for women also their partner. Sun is the soul’s intention and power to express itself on Earth plane. Sun shows the purpose of life and the sign it occupies gives us clues about how we may realize our purpose and potential. Sign and house placements of the Sun along with his aspects to other planets are the most important features in a natal chart.

Sun is the active power in a natal chart, the masculine element that starts and empowers life. In your chart, the Sun sign provides us information about your intentions and the way you express yourself, creativity and willpower.

Asteroid Orpheus

οἱ δ' ἀπὸ νηὸς
ἤδη πείσματ' ἔμελλον ἐπ' ἠιόνεσσι βαλέσθαι,
εἰ μὴ ἄρ' Οἰάγροιο πάις Θρηίκιος Ὀρφεὺς
Βιστονίην ἐνὶ χερσὶν ἑαῖς φόρμιγγα τανύσσας
κραιπνὸν ἐυτροχάλοιο μέλος κανάχησεν ἀοιδῆς,
ὄφρ' ἄμυδις κλονέοντος ἐπιβρομέωνται ἀκουαὶ
κρεγμῷ: παρθενικὴν δ' ἐνοπὴν ἐβιήσατο φόρμιγξ.

Orpheus joins the Argonauts with the suggestion of Chiron. It is only his lyre which could allow Argos pass through the alluring sirensong. In the context of the Argonauts, Orpheus symbolizes the divine music that helps us keep focused on our path and not get distracted by outer influences.

Orpheus in himself is a great figure of the ancient world and also the Asteroid Orpheus should be taken into consideration more delicately.

Asteroid Orpheus can be studied in his relation to Chiron and Herakles. Also when opposing Neptune, Orpheus may help the native to pass through illusions and unreality.

In the charts of famous musicians and composers Orpheus is prominent either by conjunction or opposition to planets.

Asteroid Herakles

Herakles is the revered hero of the ancient world. He was worshipped as the divine protector of humankind. He is the one who went through the twelve initiations and reached at the peaks of Olympus where he was wedded Hera’a daughter and reached apotheosis.

In your chart the Asteroid Herakles may show you where you are protected. I believe this asteroid is very important for those who are on a spiritual path.

Herakles is the son of Zeus, born of a mortal woman. Therefore Hera curses him and he has to go through his labours. This is the human condition. We are mortal beings with a spark of divinity inside us. Only through the hardships of life can we grow and become who we are meant to be. Herakles shows us the way. Jason shows us the wrong way…

Yet, Jason and Herakles meet at the Golden Fleece Island in the Black Sea. This island is still an archeological and touristic site in northern Turkey.

Herakles joins the Argonauts at the last minute and he leaves them at some point and then joins again… His “on and off” stance shows us the lack of Discipline in the whole venture of the Argonauts. Then, at the end it is the same lack of discipline and inconsistency which brings the tragic end to Jason’s story.

Asteroid Jason

Jason is such a strange character. He is mentored by Chiron, therefore this asteroid should always be interpreted in relation to Chiron.

Jason does reach his goal of acquiring and bringing the Golden Fleece. For this he is named a hero: risking his life for the quest. Yet his story takes a tragic turn when he forgets that he had to make contract with the Goddess, his marriage with Medea. When he turns away from this divine contract and goes back to his society’s rules and customs, his conditioning, all that he achieved is destroyed.

There is a split in his character. His training with Chiron enables him to transcend the human condition, take the Journey, become a hero and even take a step towards apotheosis by marrying Medea. Yet when he comes back and blends in with his society, the rules and customs in his society make him “fall” and he finds himself in a situation of misery.

Perhaps the Asteroid Jason is here to remind us to watch over our conditioning, “first default” and stay in discipline, ever watchful of our thoughts and actions. There is a reason we are all being tutored by Chiron: to transcend the earthly life and social conditioning.

Asteroid Glaukos

"Now, they the Argonauts sailing the through sea of Marmara suddenly saw Glaukos , 
the sage spokesman of the sea-god Nereus, emerge from the salt-depths." 

Along with Jason and Herakles, Glaukos is another mortal who achieves immorality. He was only a fisherman but transformed into a sea-god and became the protector of fishermen. He is described as a merman.

Asteroid Glaukos can show an extraordinary interest in the sea or maritime and an affinity with divination as well. If he is conjunct Venus or the Seventh House ruler he may show a partner or lover who are related to the sea, fishing or sailing. He brings the touch of the merman wherever he shows himself.

Asteroid Medea

Asteroid Medea (212)

Robert Graves discusses the similarities between Medea and Cerridwen. In my copy of the Odyssey, the translator Azra Erhat refers to Circe as the goddess. In the introduction of this translation, she discusses Circe as the Great Goddess Cybele. Surely there is more to Medea and Circe than the classical literature could assign to.

Medea, in her dark, mysterious form has always attracted me, perhaps because I am also partially from Colchis. Women in the eastern shores of the Black Sea are strong as if the hand of patriarchy never shook them. It might be the tall and emerald green mountains covered in mist, clear springs and rivers or the deep dark, stormy Black Sea. And the age old religious cults which carved their halls inside those mountains. Medea comes from this place.

Pasolini’s movie, with Maria Callas, is a very good source for beginning to understand her.
Medea, the granddaughter of the Sun, is a priestess of Hecate. Hecate is the Anatolian Sun Goddess. She does not recognize the Olympian hierarchy. She is held above and outside the Olympians. It is easy to track how her image has been and is still being corrupted. This summarizes the fall of humanity.
When I was younger, I loved Medea as the woman who takes her revenge from the patriarchy, this is her classical version. Yet further reading brought me very different information and points of view. It is impossible to share them in this article but for further reading we can refer to Karl Kerenyi and Robert Graves.

Why do we look at the asteroid Medea (212) ? The asteroids are subtle. Only the asteroids that are in close relation to a planet (strict orbds 2 degrees, not more!), point or lot should be taken into consideration. Asteroids on the axes are also significant. If the name means something to you, then the asteroid will show its face in your chart. If Medea is important for you, then she will be throwing her dark and deep Maria Callas gaze on you. 

Asteroid Medea is publicly visible in the chart of Maria Callas who acted Medea in opera and in film. Many remember her face, wonderful voice and Scorpio eyes when they hear the name Medea. In Callas’ chart, the asteroid Medea is in the middle of the Heavens; at the very peak of her social stance, repetition and career. That is what the MC is all about, what we are known with. For me, at least, she will always be Medea.


Scorpio, 23 October – 22 November

Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac, Wheel of Indestructable Life. When we arrive at the depths of Scorpio, we pass through the Gates of the Underworld.

Union of the opposites in Libra brings us to the alchemical pot of transformation. In this place all emotions are deep and intense. Silence accompanies the footsteps of those who descend.

Transformation is the keyword to Scorpio, it is the eternal cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth. Scorpio is where form dissolves and matter is freed so that it can be utilized to create new forms when Spring comes. Compost to fruit is a very practical example for transformation yet, the most beautiful example for transformation is “catterpillar into butterfly”.

Thus those of us born under the Celestial Scorpion look at the world deeply. When we begin to study a subject we turn our penetrating gaze to it and use all the means to investigate it down to every detail. Therefore professions that need delicate research and a keen, skeptical mind are fit for the Scorpio born individuals.

Scorpio is a very emotional sign. Attachment can lead to obsession and sometimes Scorpio individuals may find it hard to let go of what needs to go. Yet when they are convinced that something or someone does not belong with them anymore, they can shut the door without a second thought and never look back. A Scorpio friend will stand by your side no matter what since they are not afraid of ups and downs of life. Should they decided to go, they may just vanish.

Scorpions survive in the hot and dry desert. Why would a water sign choose to live in the desert ?

Scorpions find water with their intuition. Their bodies are covered with sensors and they can feel water from afar. In the same token, Scorpio men and women can feel other people’s emotions. This may lead them to be empaths or they may want to avoid crowded places especially if their chart is Water Element dominant. Intuition is their super power.

Scorpio is the mystical, secretive and deep sign. Dreamwork, alchemy, symbolism and occult attract them. They find meaning in the secret things and they do keep secrets well.

Scorpio is a fixed sign. What is fixed is the reality of change in the realm of Scorpio. Scorpio’s life is a whirlpool of constant change and transformation. Yet they love things that remain, stand still and do not change. The small town which never changes, which is still the same town since when you were small is the paradise for a Scorpio. Scorpio, remaining in the middle of the whirlpool of transformation and deep stormy emotions, strives for emotional security. This dark and deep soul’s quest for love may involve heartbreaks, betrayal even dramatic scenes. Yet at the end of her painstaking transformation, Scorpio comes to understand that she achieves what she has been looking for only in her inner life, inner sources and her relationship with the Universe. This is how we leave Matter and take our first step in transandence. Now it is time to seek the Divine, for that we need the strong and agile feet of a horse and the intelligable, questioning mind of man: Sagittarius.


When we come to the Ninth Sign of the Zodiac, the Indestructable Wheel of Life, we are already charged with the intensity of Scorpio. Our emotions are about to explode… We are in Sagittarius when the compressed and pressured emotions explode as fireworks in the infinite Heavens.

Sagittarius is the seeker. Dual nature of the Centaur means that Sagittarius has half of his existance in the Earthly realm, running after earthly pleasures and errants and half in the Heavens: gaining wisdom, experiencing spirituality, questioning life, talking philosophy and discovering the world.

Experience is what matters for Sagittarius. Divine inspiration guides the centaur. He may find himself in the most unlikely places in the most inappropriate time. Laughing in high decibels, dreaming without limits and carrying the badge of the big spender are common traits of us all with a Sagittarian nature.

Sagittarius stands between the mundane and the spiritual. Therefore Sagittarius usually finds herslef in careers of teaching or religious/spiritual service. Her ever-growing interest in travelling or world cultures makes her an expert in a foreign culture. Sagittarius falls in love with cultures, different ways of life and languages. Learning and teaching languages as well as spiritual practices can be fit for a Sagittarius individual.

Sagittarius knows how to enjoy life. His jovial nature follows wherever he goes. Sometimes those of us born of Sagittarian nature can be too optimistic and be forgetful of the neccesities of life. Meeting dealines or working for a goal can be quite the challenge for the Sagittarius individual for his sole purpose is to inspire, experience, show others the way, light the path and enjoy it all.

The secret power of your Sagittarian friend is her faith. Sagittarius can always see the big picture and see where things are going… Carrying the spark of hope and kindling her arrow with it, Sagittarius knows how to trust the Universe and keep the faith, even in the most trying of times.

Cleopatra’s Astrologer – Part 1

What is Astrology and How Does it Work ?

We tend to think with cause and effect. We believe anything that is outside the cause and effect paradigm is supersitition, therefore nonesense. Yes, ninety percent of the “spiritual stuff” on the Internet is hocus pocus, a fantastic movie or at best superstition. This also bothers me as much as it bothers you. Today we have the nption that one needs to dim the rational mind, silence the skeptic and ignore the crictical thinker when one enters the blurred, mystified and incensed realm of Astrology.

I guess it is quite the contrary.

In our art we need the skeptic more than any other. We have to question, compare, observe, measure and make a lot of experiments. Still, Astrology does not mean to find solid facts but meaning, feeling and most importantly: Synchronicity.

“As Above, So Below”.

Astrology works on the assumption that our Earthly life is not seperate from the life on the wider Universe. To make things easier, let us first work on the hypothesis that our life is not seperate than the life on our Solar System only. Earth’s rotation around the Sun creates the four seasons. Moon’s rotation around the Earth creates tides of the Ocean. We can observe and measure these phenomena and thinking in terms of cause and effect absolutely explains the seasons and the tides because we can see the cause and we can observe the effects.

What does Venus’ rotation around the Sun, observed from Earth mean for us ? We cannot see any recorable effects on Venus on our physical world or human behaviour. We cannot record any difference in anything when Venus is the Morning Star or when Venus is the Evening Start. She seems to have no effect on us. Our current technology or capacity to observe nature does not see any effects of Venus’ rotation.

Here the skeptic steps in and asks: “Why di the Akkadian Kings waited until Venus was the Morning Star to begin their warfare ? Why did they prayed the the Morning Star Venus before they began their battles ?

There are two possible answers to this:

  1. We percieve this behaviour as some magical act of ancient peoples who transferred magical powers to certain objects or symbols because they were in an earlier and less developed phase of civilization.
  2. They knew better than us. So we need to study the human psyche, human history, mythology and try to understand them.

Astrology starts when we agree that Ancient Mesopotamians knew better. This was a part of their science, their relationship with and understanding of nature. For us it is quite impossibble to think like Cleopatra’s Astrologer, yet we can try.

Our modern science is based on finding solid facts about Nature. Water boilds at 100 Celcius. Only by knowing and collecting information can we control her. We have developed methods of observation, experiment and measurement to collect such information. Yet, in order to be able to understand Astrology we need to step ourside of the cause and effect paradigm. This does not mean negating or ignoring science or scientific thinking. This is only taking a step further. Growth is always essential.

Full Moon in Scorpio: Eternal Sleep

She bends from her window
To look down into women’s hearts
And her eyes search

For her beloved Endymion
In his eternal sleep
Under the caves
Near the sea.

When the Moon is full, our feelings and emotions are intense. We feel vulnerable or the oppressed emotions spring with rage, with an urgency to be expressed. Emotions are at their height and our will is laid before our eyes, manifested. Full Moon is when the energy reaches fullness.

Endymion was a shepherd in ancient Caria in Mount Latmos. On a night of full moon like this one, Thea Selene saw him sleep and watched him for a while. She fell in love with Endymion and descended on Earth in the form of a beautiful woman. She stayed the Night with him and left as the Rose Fingered Dawn reached from beyond the Mountains of Lydia.

Each time the Moon is full, she visited Endymion in his sleep, in his dream or in earthly body; this did not make any difference for the Gods and ancient peoples. Yet, Time, Chronos the Titan, is hardly ever gentle with us humans. As the years passed by, Endymion grew older, leaving his fresh and potent youth behind. This saddened the heart of the Goddess and she put her beloved into eternal sleep. This way she could still visit him and sleep by his side at every full moon without breaking the Cosmic Law, the Cycle of Life and Mortality, fate of us humans.

Perhaps tonight the Goddess will again descend on Earth through the silvershine, ride her Chariot through the rays of the Moonlight and find her Sleeping Endymion in his cave in Mount Latmos, enshadowed by vines of ever growing life.

Full Moon in Scorpio

We have arrived at this year’s full moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of release, death and transformation. The Taurus-Scorpio axis holds the keys to the cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.

Now we are at the peak of Springtime, all flowers and in bloom, trees are encrowned with young leaves, Life is blessing Earth in a thousand colours. Where there is Life, there is also Death. Full Moons bring in the polarity of the axis they happen in. Sun is in Taurus (Life), it is spring on Earth and the Moon is in Scorpio (Death). The Night wants us to remember that Spring will not last forever and we will have to face autumn, dark and cold someday: when the Sun is in Scorpio.

Now let us study the chart I cast for this Full Moon at for the coordinates of Istanbul:

You can see that Sun and the Moon are facing each other at 17 degrees of Scorpio. For those of us who have personal planets, social planets or axes around the 15-19 degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), this may mark a major time. Full moons always bring in new awareness. Something must have come to fullness in the area of your life where the full moon touches. Becoming aware of it can help you and ease your journey.

During this full moon, Goddess Aphrodite takes a special emphasize. Venus is in phasis, preparing to station: stand still. Then she will begin to move retrograde, diving into the Unconcious: the Sleep of Ishtar. When a planet is slowed down, its energies are felt more deeply on Earth. We are in her season, the Taurus season, ruled by the Goddess. These days Love with capital L reigns over all. Ruler of Scorpio, Mars is also in alignment with Venus, trining her. Venus is in Gemini, so writing, journaling and writing love letters can catch the geist of the season. Keep writing! 🙂



May 2020