Mother and Daughter: The Moon

Two years ago I made natal chart readings to two sisters who both were over 50, with significant life experience. The elder sister had a problematic relationship with their mother and the younger sister still loved and lived very close to her. The elder sister defined her mother as a dictating person of rules who intervenes in her life. The younger sister defined her mother as a giver, a nourishing and kind woman who still supports her. How can two people percieve the same woman so differently ?

Psychology tells us that our perception colours the world for us. We come to this world with certain inner arrangements and they constitute the bed for our perception of the world. Life is what we percieve. Can astrology help us understand and formulate how a person percieves the world ?

I believe the answer is yes.

In astrology, the natal Moon shows us how we percieve our mother and care givers. It gives us hints about the condition of the mother when the child was very young. It shows our emotional needs and what gives us emotional security as well as our expectations from our mother or primary care giver. In a woman’s chart the Moon also shows how she mothers her children. Asteroid Ceres should also be taken into consideration for a deeper analyzes.

Studying the natal chart of the elder sister, who has a problematic relationship with her mother, I can see that she has a rather troubled moon located in a sign where she is not favored, besieged by Jupiter and Saturn, in the Eigth House: house of crisis and things we find out of reach. This summarizes her relationship with her mother. In the younger sister’s chart the Moon is located in Cancer, the sign where she brings in all her nourishing warmth and in the Second House, where we find our support. Does not this match with her definition of her mother ?

I do not mean that “the Moon is strong so that she has a good relationship”. This would be cause and effect thinking and I do not apply this method of thinking in Astrology. The chart only shows us what is. Planets or signs do not influence us nor do they define us. Our very being is the central element, the natal chart is only an image of it. And a very helpful image, indeed.

Let us have a view on the natal Moon through the signs. You do not need to rush in defining your natal Moon with its sign condition only. House, aspects and most importantly the ruler of the Moon sign also plays important roles in deliniating the Moon in a natal chart.

Moon in Aries: A natural excitement colours the firey soul. Self-sufficiency and individualiy are important for the Aries Moon. People born with Moon in Aries can take enormous risks and act wirh urge when their loved ones are in danger and in need. They are attracted to anything brand new. New beginnings, awakening, taking initiative and inducing ideas are essential for those born with the Moon in Aries. Your mother might be an independent, self-sufficient and impulsive woman. Rashness can be balanced with peace and calm.

Moon in Taurus: Moon is exalted in Taurus. In the lush fields of Taurus the Moon can grow, fill her cup steadily. Financial security is a primary priority for those born with the Moon in Taurus. The Moon, emotions which change with the tides, find solid ground in Taurus. This brings in a well ordered mind and a grounded sense of the world. You may not be quick to act and rarely you may find yourself acting with urge. You may find security and deep happiness in Nature. Your mother may be a calm woman. Your caregivers were always there to answer your needs when you were small.

Moon in Gemini: People born while the Moon was in the intellectual Gemini love reading, writing and exchanging ideas. Learning can be a nourishing and satisfying activity. Curiosity may be your primary urge in life. You can find a deep connection with people who bring in inspiring ideas. Your mother and caregivers might have encouraged your studies, brought you children’s books and always supported you for your education. Your social life can be a priority for your emotional well being and happiness. You may be a very good communicator and a wordsmith.

Moon in Cancer: Moon rules the sign of Cancer. People born while the Moon was voyaging through the warm waters of Cancer are protective of their loved ones. They have a deep urge to protect and nourish others and themselves. Their first response to world is love and caring. Emotions can be intense, a little mermaid lives inside anyone born with the Moon in Cancer. Your intuition and emotions can rule the life. You may percieve the world through your emotions. Your mother or caregivers might be loving, caring and nourishing.

Moon in Leo: The queen’s daughter is a princess. Creativity, joy and positivity are your primary responses the world. Those born with the Moon in Leo are here to spread the joy, dance and be on the stage. In turn, you need to recieve appreciation. You feel safest where your efforts are recognized, appreciated and honored. You need to feel that you are loved and honored. A word of “thank you” can mean a lot.

Honoring your femininity, your mothers and your family can be a part of your self care rituals. Honoring your creative talents can bestow you the peace and emotional satisfaction you need. Your mother might be a woman of influence, one who always has the best outfit and accesories. She might have an association with performing arts as well.

Moon in Virgo: You are naturally very talented, logical and productive Moon is our natural urges and the natural urge in Virgo is to produce and fix the world. You may have an overthinking, overanalyzing and cricticizing mind but you will find solace, peace and calm when your hands are working. Daily routines, cleaning and cleansing your environment can soothe your mind and emotions. You may find emitonal secority when you are trained in healing arts and your cupboard is full of healing hers and essential oils. Be discerning when you are recieving crictism from other but especially yourself. Your mother might have been busy at work or be showing a worried nature. Working with your mind and grounding techniques will help you overcome the overactive mind and you will find how productive and abundant are the wheat fields of the Celestial Virgin.

Moon in Libra: Moon in the sign of Libra is telling us that you seek emotional balance. When your emotions are out of balance, so are you. Aesthetics also play an important role for your inner life. You can be ar your best when you are surrounded bu beauty, peace and good company. You are a natural peacemaker: your first response to conflict is to re-create peace. Equity is very important for you. In your relationships you may maintain a well balanced give and take formula. Your mother might have been a socially active woman who encouraged you to be social as well. She might have supported you in your relationships and taught you the subtle art of balancing all aspects of life.

Moon in Scorpio: Scorpio loves intensity. Those born with the Moon in Scorpio may have deep and intense emotional needs. Their intuition is very strong and an unfailing guide in their life. You may find yourself acting possesive and even obsessive towards your loved ones. Scorpio wants to know and share. People may share their secrets with you and trust that you will keep them. You may also have an instinctual talent to discover secrets or reach information that is meant to be hidden. Your instant reaction to life is to analyze deeply. You may feel other people’s emotions. You may have the skill of empathy which may be exhausting for you if it is not trained and directed well. At times you may find yourslef questioning your past and family dynamics. Once you are deeply and emotionally attached to someone, you may find it hard to let go. You must be very mindful of your emotions for they may have a tendency to linger for long and keep you at the same place.

Your mother and care-givers may be strong yet they might have to deal with challenging emotions. They taught you to survive during hard times.

Moon in Sagittarius: Born with the Moon in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, you have a natural warmth and positivity towards life. You may find that freedom and independance are your primary needs. You may find great and deeply seated happiness in discovering cultures, travelling and new experiences. Your basic instinct and first response to life is an urgency to explore: to move beyond your limits and gain experience.

Your mother may be a spontenous, independent woamn who loves to laugh. She might have encouraged you to learn new languages, attend higher education adn explore the world. She taught you to keep the faith.

Moon in Capricorn: Order and structure. Those of us born with the Moon in Capricorn deeply desire to be successful. It is our career and social standing which gives us the emotional safety and security we seek. Order, rules, systems and all that is well oeprated and deeply rooted give us comfort. We may be distant in our relationships. Moon is our emotions and Capricorn is the peak of the Mountain where it is cold and harsh. We may not be very emotional folks but logical and most importantly, realistic.

Moon in Capricorn tends to see what is missing and lacking rather than waht is wonderful andcomplete. Gratitude exercises can work wonders to balance this aspect of the Moon in Capricorn. We most be very mindful of our emotions, for Capricorn has a tendency to fall to pessimism. It stems from the urge to make everything better, the urge to make the most of limited resources. Moon in Capricorn is a natural fault seeker our primary response to the world is to see the faults and control them. This urgency gives the Sea-Goat a tremendous steadfastness and decisiveness. In time she finds herslef at the top of her Mountain.

Your mother might have had respobsibilities. perhaps she was career oriented. Nevertheless, she taught you how to make the most out of your resources and endure during hards times.

Moon in Aquarius: Aquarius is not an easy sign to understand. Those of us born withthe Moon in Aquarius may be a bit aloof when it comes to emotions and attachment. We bear a distanced, logical yet unchancingly humanitarian nature. We may have a non-attaching attitude towards life. We may find emotional security when we discover new ideas and share them with others. Moon in Aquarius thinks outside the box and then thinks about the box, perhaps feels that she needs to invent a new form of container! Our first response to life can be detachment. We operate from a objective and logical nature. Children with the Moon in Aquarius may find traditional toys quite unsatisfying and make their own toys. They have a unique nature.

Your mother might have been a friend to you. She might have had her own space and non-negotiable time and space for her own pursuits and independent activities and social life. Yet she taught you to constantly think, grow and re-invent your world. Mental work and enlightenment could be a path for you.

Moon in Pisces: One thing those born with the Moon in Pisces need to be very aware of is their tendency to absorb other people’s emotions. High emphats as they are, they are deeply caring individuals with a hypersensitive feeling nature. Moon in Pisces is a two-sided sword. If keft on the auto-pilor, it may signal a tendency to get lost in dreams, to suffer disillusionment and the condition of the world. Pisces Moon tends to see how things feel and if not trained, can automatically percieve and pick up the painful feelings and scenes from the world. On the other side it bestows a limitless imagination, unhindered flow of inspiration and a spiritual nature which feeds from intuition.

Your mother might have sacrificed a lot for the family. Yet it is up to you to choose which Psicean traits to keep and which ones to transform.


Begüm Yazgı

March 2020

The Saturn Return

The World seems to change at the age of 29. The doors are shut at your face, the walls seem to close upon on you and your choices get fewer. It feels as if a draught has just touched upon you. Welcome to your Saturn Return.

Saturn Return technically means a certain period of time when Saturn returns to the place where he was at the very hour of your birth. Saturn is a slow planet and his cycle around the Sun takes 29 years. In example, someone who has Saturn at 5 degrees of Aquarius in her chart will experience their first Saturn return in 2021 when Saturn arrives at 5 degrees of Aquarius. We experience the second Saturn return 29 years later in a hopefully more mature age.

What does it mean for you ? Arrival of Saturn means that the first phase of your life is over. Saturn is the Lord of Time and he marks endings and beginnings. Yes, as you already know, every ending is a new beginning. If you are approaching your Saturn return (transiting Saturn is somehow close to your natal Saturn but not conjunct yet), you are now in a balsamic phase: perhaps a little depressed, closing up your life so far. Ages 28-29 are a big cleaning time. For some of us our friends circle change, some leave behind their careers and don’t know what to do next and some end their once-fairy-tale relationships that repeat their childhood patterns of abandonment, shame and self-betrayal.

Why do we go through such tribulances at 28 ? This is the time we face the reality of the world and heaviness of matter. One of those realities in life is our own power. Saturn return does not feel like it at first but this is the time when we find our own power and place in the world by going through Emptiness, Darkness, humiliation, patience and hard work.

At first, prior to your first Saturn return you get ripped off of your life. Everything you have so far buişt collapses, a big cleaning and clearing happens in your life. Sometimes people get depressed prior to their Saturn return so that they leave the world, turn inwards and re-emerge with newfound energy. The world and people may be cruel to you during your Saturn return. Many people you meet at this time may reflect the light of Saturn. Some may demand you to be more disiciplined, hardworking and productive. While some will teach and show you how to be better structured, methodological and professional. Grab these opportunities well, because what you learn and what you do during this time – even in small portions – will grow and flourish well into your next 29 years.

What I always tell my clients is: “do not settle”. Many go through hardship, rejection and lack during the Saturn return. This may end up in a lowered self esteem, a rather unsure attitude towards life. Some end up underemployed, and paid in crumbs. Life throws those quests at us to test our mettle and see what we are made of. This is specially true for the Saturn return.

How was my own Saturn return ? It was may years ago. I was the happiest woman at 27, travelling around Europe, tasting every cheesecake and marcipan dessert, studying, doing my internship, learning languages, going to every museum, opera and concert… Then, things did not go as planned. I found myself suffering a minor depression at home in Istanbul. I was hunting for jobs, still making plans to expand my world but no avail. Everthing stopped as if my life has come to an end but I was physically alive. I became depressed, lonely, mute and desperate. I became an excellent role player at Lord of the Rings Online. I did not know what to do next and the world seemed to be in a horrible chaos.

Saturn’s approaching steps change our perception and we beign to see the world as a dark and murky place. We are asked to make the most of very little things. We are asked to redefine boundaries, swipe away bullies, and sometimes deal with psycho-narscissistic corporate junkies. On the same token we get trained on time management, routines and mentored in creating structure and discipline in our lives. This rather painful time is when we get a new quest. Saturn bestows a new purpose upon us and then it is up to us to work steadily on this purpose and succeed or not. We get a short feedback 3,5 years later and a more Saturnine, solid outcome of our actions appear after 7 years.

Whatever happens during your Saturn return, take the hard path. No shortcuts, no sugarcoating. Be completely honest with yourself and be sure that you do not unsee a thing. You are made for these times. Let The Great Blacksmith, Maker of the World melt you in the infernal fires, beat you between his hammer and his anvil, bathe you in ice cold waters and reveal what you truly are through his divine art.



Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

This month’s full moon is going to happen in the sign of the Wheat Bearer. For my commentaries on this full moon, you can refer to my recent article: Full Moon in Virgo: Sacred Service

Below let us discuss how you will be effected by the wonderful full moon according to your rising signs:


Aries Rising: It is time to work. Cleanse your tools, vacuum your workshop and put forth the best effort in creating your life’s work. It is likely that you will not be disturbed much. With Sun and Neptune in your Twelveth House of spirituality, you are highly inspired. This inspiration can find its material expression in your capable hands as long as you allow it. Your working hands can channel your feelings and emotions to your work and find perfection in your craft. It is a good time to become a channel for the Divine.


Taurus Rising: This is a wondrous time for you. The full moon will be happening in your house of joy, creativity, love, romance, flirts and sex. Moreover, Venus the Goddess of Love and Queen of All Things Beautiful has just ingressed into your First House. It is a great time to blush your cheeks and go out into the world. All the good things are waiting for you.

Gemini Rising: Perhaps you are thinling about making changes in your home or living space. You may have a family meeting at this weekend or monsters from your past may be wiggling their tails. Anyway it is a time when you may wish to be resting at home, planning for your next career move. An astrologer’s advie would be to stay as realistic as possibble at this time. There will be days to flutter around with your glittering butterfly wings.


Cancer Rising: You may be mentally stimulated and you may find yourself taken over by wild fantasies of freedom. Reading, thinking and expanding your horizon may be the activities at this time for you. You may want to take a reading retreat away from the world. Your life has been very active and intense lately. Perhaps you may want to call your friends, neighbours and find comfort in close company.

Leo Rising: Money, money, money. Neither do I understand why this cruel world treats a queen with such tiny finances. It is unjust. Yet during this full moon we understand that our treasury is not filled with gold but our very deeds of sacred service. Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting the best of Leo: leading from the heart. Remember that all ancient kings were shepherds, practicing the service of keeping the livestock which was highly crucial for the survival of their people. An awakened Leo or Leo rising individual is as such, you lead us to the right place where we will find more life and a better future. This full moon is showing you how you utilize your resources (your self, your ability to lead and your generousity) in the service of the Divine.

Virgo Rising: This full moon is about you. Your life, your perspective, your relationship with the world is highlighted. Your body, self care practices and wellness are also brought to your concern at this full moon. Your relationship with the world is reflected to you from the mirrior of the moon. Now you can see your self and your life in a new light and see the bits and pieces you could not see before. You can heal your life with the energies of this full moon.

Libra Rising: This wonderful full moon is shedding her silvery light on your Chamber of Secrets, the Twelveth House. Your life is based on sharing and relationships. Taking care of others and the little details of life can sometimes remain hidden from your sight. Your life’s work is hidden in your little chest of wonders. During this full moon you are offered a chance to rediscover what you had forgotten in the attic.


Scorpio Rising:  Your social life, social network and future are highlighted by this full moon. Tehre might be confusion or temporary change in the direction of your dreams, hopes and wishes. It is best not to be quick to make solid decisions for Neotune, the planet of misguidance and illusions is playing an active role in the energies of this full moon.


Sagittarius Rising: Your career, which almost never happens, is at the fore now. The Sagittarius Ascendant only wants to break free. Thus she may find a stable career quite boring. Yet this urge to be independent usually drives them to non-existant careers, underemployement or careers of selfless service. During this full moon you are given a heavenly chance to drive your chariot away from pursuing earthly mondane careers. You can indulge in the service of your very soul and spirit. You can choose a new direction in your profession which serves your soul’s sacred purpose.


Capricorn Rising: This full moon brings you a mental relief. You have been going through a lot and it is perhaps time you enjoy a good fantasy movie or a good concert. Stimulating your imagination and relaxing your mind with endless creativity and inspiration is on the menu for you.


Aquarius Rising: Your finances are hgihlighted by this full moon. Shares assets, sharing and drawing the lines between “what is mine and what is thine” are the themes you may be dealing with at this time. You may want to be extra careful about your finances because Neptune, the planer of illusion and dellusion is joined with the Sun in your Second House, the house of money and all transferrable resources.


Pisces Rising: Your marriage, partnerships and everything about “the Other” are highlighted by this full moon. You mae come face to face with someone significant for you. You may want to call your best friend or a friend whom you feel to be partnering with and cry on their shoulder. Good and sincere company is with you and you can let your closest friend or partner take care of you during this time.



Full Moon in Virgo: Sacred Service

We are heading towards this year’s full moon in Virgo. Virgo, sign of the Celestial Virgin, is the place of sacred service. Here is where we gground the energies of our soul and work towards earthly productivity. Years of experience and hard work is needed to be able to express one’s soul on matter.

The themes and astrological positions of this full moon have reminded me of the story of Pygmalion who fell in love with a statue he created.

Ovid tells us the tale. Pygmalion the Cypriot was a sculptor. He saw imperfection in mortals and decided that he was not interested in women. Yet one day he made such a beautiful statue, the perfect beauty, and he fell in love with it… He made sacrifices to Venus that this statue comes to life. His wish was granted. The statue was so perfectly beautiful that Venus decided to give it life.


When we turn away from the broken world and connect with our soul, miracles can happen. Our souls want to be expressed through matter. Matter should be utilized in the service of our divine essence. Thus can we break free of the cruel world and find our value and meaning in sacred service.

Sun joins Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, during this full moon. Our solar being, the creative urge is mingled with Higher Love,  our higher aspirations and spirituality. For those who could have left the worries and desires of matter (Pygmalion turning away from mortal women) and managed to dedicate themselves to selfless service to their soul, this is an auspicious full moon. For those of us still struggling through the currents of life and running through the unforgiving jungles of survival, it is a confusing time. Our active and concious side is put to sleep. If we are trying to “make things happen”, we might find ourselves being delayed. We are surrounded by the mists, lost in the vastness of Okeanos. Only with feeling can we now find our way back home. Listenning to the inner voice is always better than fighting with shadows. We are given a chance to sacrifice the ego, labels, identifications and conditionings in the sacred altar of Neptune and indulge ourselves in the sacred service to our souls.

At this full moon, Vesta, the asteroid akin to the archetype of the Priestess, is conjunct the fixed star Algol. Algol bestows greater spirituality. Our dedication and devotion can bring us to a higher conciousness and percieved space of deeper sanctity.

All planets except Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in Earth signs. We are seriously concerned with our material being, health, wellness, beauty and wealth. Yet, what are these things for ? What is matter without beauty and meaning ? We must never forget that “Everything in fantasy”, even money.

Full moons are always about fruitation. It is the harvest time. Under the silvery light of Selene, may we harvest the fruits of our sacred service to Earth and Spirit.




March 2020

Birth Chart Consultation

60 Minute Birth Chart Consult

Your personal astrology birth chart consult is a soulful exploration of who you are through the lens of astrology. Find out about your planets and astrological influences.

Astrology is the language of the Gods. While reading your personal astrology birth chart, we delve into the depths of your soul, personality, roots and future. In this reading you can find about your planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus…) and their astrological influences.

In this session I will introduce you to your own personal astrology chart. You will learn the influences in the sky at the moment of your birth. The skies of your birth hour gives us information about your life.

In your birth chart consult we will discuss your astrology in the following topics:

  • Your relationship with the world
  • Deep roots, past: family dynamics
  • Future: life’s direction
  • Career, work and talents, career opportunities
  • The Norns: Lunar Nodes, Past, Present and Future
  • Aphrodisias: Love and relationships, what does your relationships serve to ?
  • Eleusis: Wealth, abundance and regeneration.

In this session we will study your most important planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptun, Pluton) along with the asteroids that are important only to you.

Which gods, heroes and chracters are you drawn to ?

Each mythological figure is represented with an asteroid. The figure who is significant for the chart owner almost always shows itself in the chart. Prior to your session, give me a list of your “favorites” so that we can delve deeper into the chart and take your heroes with us!

After this session you will have a deeper understanding of who you are, your strengths, weaknesses and how the ever living gods dwell in your very own being.

Please contact for booking.



Hector and Achilles

Around here all of us have a heart for Hector. It is an unexplainable, non-rational, emotional bound. Some people relate with Achilles, I find their motivations hard to understand.

Yet the Heavens bear the asteroids named after the ageless heroes, Hector (624) and Achilles (588). They are two of the Jupiter Trojans.

Asteroids work on a subtle level. I find them significant when they are conjunct the axis or planets in a chart. Maximum orb is 2 degrees.

Actor Brad Pitt starred in the movie Troy as Achilles. Let us see if the Asteroid Achilles has any significant position in his natal chart:

Are you surprised ? Asteroid Achilles is on the Descendant with almost 1 degree of orb, squaring Uranus in the Tenth House of fame and reputation. I wonder how he relates with acting Achilles. Perhaps it came as a surprise to him.

Asteroid Hector is at 25 degrees of Gemini, rigtht opposite his Sun. When he wore the identity and name of Achilles by acting him, who could be his only enemy, situated 180 degrees to him ? Seventh House and oppositions are about enemies, “the other”, the one who completes us.

Asteroids Hector and Achilles do not drive far away from each other. In any chart they are likely to be not more than 30 degrees away. So it is usual to have them conjunct or in the same sign.

Let us see some other charts with military and politics history:

Winston Churchill has his Venus sieged by Hector and Achilles. In Sagittarius, Venus means involvements in far away places, yet in the Third House it may not be quite far away. Venus rules relations and diplomacy.

In the same manner, Charles De Gaulle has his Moon sieged by Hector and Achilles. Moon rules homeland and belongings:

Is there anyone else you think that we should check for Hector and Achilles ?

Please let me know,


Lunar Nodes: Fate of Norns: Past, Present and Future

20. Thence come the maidens mighty in wisdom,

Three from the dwelling down ‘neath the tree;

Urth is one named, Verthandi the next,–

On the wood they scored-

and Skuld the third.

Laws they made there, and life allotted

To the sons of men, and set their fates.

– Völuspá

In Astrology, the Nodes of the Moon mark the Past, Present and Future. The theory is that the Soul is on a Journey. During this Journey, the soul travels from one place to another. We all come from somewhere and are heading towards somewhere. Time keeps flowing even as you are reading this. It never ceases.

Past, Present and Future


In many world mythologies we come across Fates: Three female figures who have such power that even Gods cannot bargain with them. In Plato’s cosmology we again come across them. Fates weave the thread of life, water the Tree of Life, they stand at the junctures, they are the purveyors of Life and what may befall on us mortals. In Norse mythology they are the Norns: Urd, Verdandi and Skuld: Past, Present and Future.

The Past

The Past is symbolized by the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail. . The South Node is where we unmake what we already have in order to be able to weave the Future (North Node). We are already quite adept and experienced in the sign/house themes where the South Node rests. South Node shows us what we have brought with us from the Past. In this life we do not create these things any longer even though we may feel a strong urge to do so.We no longer improve them but use them as background and material for creating the future.  We unmake the fabric in the South Node and release the wool so that we can use this wool in the Present in order to create the Future.

The Present

The sign in between the South Node and the North Node shows the Present. We find this sign by going 90 degrees counterclockwise from the South Node. We are coming from somewhere (South), we are here now and we are going towards somewhere (North). Present is the curicial place because this is what we are creating. We weave our life at the Present with the materials we release and gather from the South Node.

The sign and house of the Present shows us what we are currently doing in this life. What can be a greater gift ?

The present is where we can make concious choices. If there are any planets, asteroids or other significant celestial bodies in this place, they should also be taken into consideration.

The Future

North Node is where the soul is headed towards. Our actions eventually take us there. The Future is always young and new. We keep weaving, creating our future in the Present. North Node shows what we are making with the wool we had gathered from the South Node and are currently weaving in the Present. Therefore the Present is more important than the Past or the Future. We create in the Present thus Past and Future falll before us as “Fate”, that which we cannot alter.

Bending Planets

When a planet makes a sqaure to the Nodes, we call it  “on the bending” planet and it becomes particularly important in our journey of life.

Bending planets are either North bendig or South bending. The themes carried in with the bending planet can sometimes be very strongly seen in one’s life.

Lunar Nodes Report

As a consultant astrologer, I work with natal charts. The Lunar Nodes reading is a 5 pages report which focuses only on the Lunar Nodes in your chart.

  • Sign and House Placements
  • Journey from South to North
  • What is in the Present ?
  • Conjuncting Planets and Asteroids
  • Bending Planets

5 pages, heart and hand crafted report, originally written for you.

70 USD

Please contact me, let us talk a bit and let me know what you need if you feel drawn to this work.  



2020: Jupiter in Capricorn : Hall Up High

High on the throne he shines: his coursers fly
Between the extended earth and starry sky.
But when to Ida’s topmost height he came,
Fair nurse of a thousand fountains, and of savage game
Where over her pointed summits proudly raised,
His fane breathed scents, and his altar blazed:
There, from his radiant car, the sacred sire
Of gods and men released the steeds of fire:
Blue ambient mists the immortal steeds embraced;
High on the cloudy point his seat he placed;
Thence his broad eye the subject world surveys,
The town, and tents, and navigable seas.

From the Illiad, trans. A. Pope

Jupiter in Capricorn always reminds me of this scene in the Illiad. Zeus atop Mount Ida, watching the little humans strive. So far away from them, yet so near. Nothing escapes his gaze and his judgement is clear.

Jupiter, the spouse of Juno, King of Gods, the Wanderer glides through each sign of the Zodiac for about a year. All through 2019, we have been experiencing his journey through the jovile sign of Sagittarius. Yet the party is about to end and who will clean the house ? Capricorn, of course. The world felt extra comfortable this year, we were wearing large and comfortable clothes and we had many opportunities for growth despite the heaviness of Saturn and Pluton in Capricorn. Jupiter is always about growth and getting bigger. We had a year of expansion. Look behind and see the gifts of the last year, it is a good day to cherish them.

Ptolemy informs us that Jupiter’s temperament is warm and moist. This is a friendly temperament, thus Jupiter is a benefic planet. King of Gods is wise, he grants glory and wisdom upon whom he wishes. Thus in Astrology, Star of Zeus signifies Fortune, favours, opportunities, prizes, success and awards we get after long time of toil and turmoil. Yet sometimes Jupiter can signify false hopes, great expectations or exaggration. Despite his reputation with positive sides of life, we often find Jupiter also involved in hard and heartbreaking situations. Some ancient astrologers do not favour Sun-Jupiter conjunctions.

Jupiter can be a significator of growth and activitiy, thus production. Jupiter makes things grow, remember the stories when Zeus could manage a myriad of ways to get the maidens pregnant with more life ?

Jupiter is a social planet, hence his diurnal quality. Jupiter is there when we are out there, socializing and making our path in life. He has little to do with our personal lives. Star of Zeus is a significator of social recognition, popularity and philosophy in life: how we relate to the society and how the society behaves us: how we are rewarded by the society.

On 3 December, Jupiter steps into the realm of Capricornus.

So, what is Capricorn ?

Capricorn is the Tenth Place of the Zodiac. This is where we make ourselves visible to the World. The cold and judging gaze of the society falls upon us. Capricorn knows how to effectively allocate the resources. Here is where we gather up and materialize all our efforts, passion, relationships, labour, intellect: all our experiences of this life. We put forth all the gathered experience in a systematic and consistent way: that is how we build our career. The society happens to know us by our titles, relations and social status. It does not concern itself with our highest fantasies, dreams and aspirations but the titles we carry and what we can give to the society, hence our career. Capricorn is where we build our reputation and it takes a very long time. Remember Captain Shake Spear’s quote in Stardust: “Reputations, you know – a lifetime to build, seconds to destroy.”

When the King of Gods arrives at the unforgiving peaks of Capricorn, he is ready to enter his own mountainside. He will not – of course – bow to the norms and rules of others. A song of greatness follows him through the winds, he rules over the world and fates of men with his Eagle’s view.

Things get serious.

2020 will be a serious year. No Neptunian fantasy lights, little fairy dust, no dreamshow. 2020 is our reality check time and this is exactly what we need. We have been “off” far too long. In Capricorn, Jupiter is not a jovial giver, a generous, warm hearted benefector, an open handed gift-giver. He demands. He lives up high at the peaks and demands from us. We have to be hardworking and realistic this year. Our responsibilities, responsibilities for Earth, society and each other can come to the fore. Things get serious. It is better to be prepared. The Jupiter-Neptune square has kicked our spirituality to the top top top level in 2019. In 2020 we will arrive at a more materialistic place. On the other hand, Uranus in Taurus demands us to understand that the only riches come from the Earth. Gates of true Wealth are about to be opened. This broken system of world economy is about to collapse. And a new time of Wealth will be born out of the belly of Time. Trust in the process 😉

Blessings to One and All


November 2019


Full Moon in Taurus

We have arrived at the Taurean Full Moon of the year. Full moons in the sign of the Celestial Bull are strong for they bring the powers of Life, Death and Rebirth into our consciousness.

Full moons are the time of completion and revealing. Night-veil of Selene is completeley lifeted and her Truth lights up the Sky. What was concieved at the alchemical moment of the new moon comes to consciousness at the moment of the fullness of the moon. The unseen, new meaning and manifestation of Time reveals itself in all its embracing, silvery, life giving glory.

Taurus is all about the birthing Earth: life giving and nourishing Earth Mother in all her beauty expressed in colourful flowers, perfumes, tastes and birdsong. Scorpio is when we end one phase to perpetuate life: change and transformation; Death if you like. As the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus come to face each other, we hang in a moment between Life and Death. Both Sun and Moon are our life givers, lights. Today we are recieving the light of the Sun through the dakr and cold waters of Scorpio and the nourishing light of the Moon through the birthing and grounding garden of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, we also call it the Second Place. In Hellenistic Astrology the Second Place is named the Gate of Hades. This is where we enter the chtonic realm, where the Spirit (Fire-Aries) slow down into matter. On the contrary, The Eighth Place (Scorpio) is where matter dissoved into energy. Matter is set free and energy flows. In order to understan this, I offer an example: Think about spring, this is the season of Taurus (21 April -21 May). Everything in nature grows during spring. New life expands. Trees absorb the elements and build up their branches. Light of the Sun enters the earthly realm and makes it grow.

In November, Scorpio (21 Oct-21 Nov), we begin to burn those branches to recieve warmth and light from them. Energy of the Sun was collected, stored in the trees during spring and summer, now we set it free in the absence of the Sun. Scorpio is the time when matter is destroyed and the energy is set free. This example encapsulates the Taurus-Scorpio axis, where we are experincing the full moon today.

You can always find materialistic Taureans who will colledt the good things and pile up their treasury only to be spend and destroyed by a Scorpio. Your Scorpio friends may always be on the look out for ways of transformation, therefore be ready to spend and utilize their resources instead of collecting.

We can contemplate on how the process of growth/unmaking works in our lives. Is it balanced or needs to be balanced ? The full moon helps us to see these aspects of life. The retrograding Mercury and aspecting Pluto are also adding to the powers of this moment of fullness and fruitation. Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, weaves his way between the Divine Twins of Leto. While Pluton, who stands at the beginnings and endings, is beholding this moment from his icy throne on the gnawing peaks of Capricorn.



Aphrodisias: Your Venus Sign

Love and Self-Worth Based Astrology Consultation

Aphrodisias is the name of an ancient city in Lydia. The people of Aphrodisias revered Goddess Aphrodite. In Aphrodisias, she was the Great Goddess, Goddess of Love and All. We all come to this world with Venus on our astrology chart. No matter your life story, She was – and always will be – up in the Heavens during the hour of your Birth.

Birth of Aphrodite Relief from the Ancient City of Aphrodisias

I am born while Venus was in Sagittarius. I serve the divine, roaming through different peoples and cultures. Letting the world know about Aphrodite has become a life mission for me. We live in a world where women are conditioned to feel unworthy and unloved. If we turn to the light of Venus, we can dispel these illusions. I hold the mirror of Aphrodite for you to help you dissolve your illusions around worth, value, beauty, love and relationships.

Aphrodisias is the name I gave for the astrology reading that is focused on Venus and subjects the Goddess of Love rules. Self-worth, love, relationships and the ways of relating with the world. I will be studying your whole chart but read it with the lens of Venus. If you are actively working on self love and relationships, this reading can help you see yourself clearer.

This reading is for you if:

❖ You are curious about your astrology chart, You want to discover more about yourself,

❖ You want to create more value and worth in this world, You want to take a new step towards self-love,

❖ You want to know yourself better in terms of values, love and relating,

❖ You are here to connect with the Venus energies within you…

Aphrodisias is a 10 pages, all hand and heart crafted Venus focused reading of your natal chart and an optional 1 hour live session. Current price is 100 USD.

You can order by contacting me directly or via




What are we going through, how are we getting through ?

An astrological insight.

As the peoples of the world, we have been going through various sets of events that kept testing our faith. When our faith failed, we acted out of fear; fear of poverty, strife or any sort of fear that hold relevancy to our reality. When our faith prove strong we do not act with fear but from our Self, some call it “higher self”.

At the end of 2020, there will be a major shift. Until then, we will be going through our tests of faith. How we are sailing through the current tolil and turmoil will determine where we will be at the beginning of the new cycle.

External events may not always be our own choices but how we respond to them is always our choice. How we percieve an event plays a crucial part in determining our response. What rules our perception ? Through what lens do we see the world and give meaning to it ? It is possibble that we percieve the world through our constructed values and belief system. Values are taught to us by the society, rarely do we carry the values that are natural to us and perhaps finding our own values, determining what to value, making our own choices when it comes to worth and value is the power politics between the society and the individual. I have great news. The Promethean fires are now burning in the vault where we keep our values and valuables. It is time to radically change our value systems. What do you value ? Write this down on a piece of paper and see your answer change in seven years. The coming years will see materialism fail and human potential valued like never before. Today this sounds unrealistic and even dreamy, but the voyage of Uranus through the fertile gardens of Taurus promises this.