Asteroid Aeneas

Muse, tell me the things done by golden Aphrodite,

            the one from Cyprus, who arouses sweet desire for gods

            and who subdues the races of mortal humans,

            and birds as well, who fly in the sky, as well as all beasts

            —all those that grow on both dry land and the sea. 



Aeneas is Aphrodite’s son. He is of a mortal father, Anchises the Trojan and immortal mother, Aphrodite herself.

Aeneas escapes the fall of Troy and starts his own empire: Rome.

The asteroid Aeneas shows our ability to start over, to be born from the ashes of what once was and re-built something bigger and better on new ground.

Born of the Cypriot Goddess and raised by the nymphs of Mount Ida, Aeneas hardly belongs in the world of the mortal. Perhaps the divine essence in him saves him from the ashes of Troy and enables him to create his own.

Aeneas teaches us to follow our soul and connection with the divine no matter what happens in life.

A strong placement of asteroid Aeneas in a chart may indicate the capacity of re-starting, rebirthing and connection with the divine.




Hector and Achilles

Around here all of us have a heart for Hector. It is an unexplainable, non-rational, emotional bound. Some people relate with Achilles, I find their motivations hard to understand.

Yet the Heavens bear the asteroids named after the ageless heroes, Hector (624) and Achilles (588). They are two of the Jupiter Trojans.

Asteroids work on a subtle level. I find them significant when they are conjunct the axis or planets in a chart. Maximum orb is 2 degrees.

Actor Brad Pitt starred in the movie Troy as Achilles. Let us see if the Asteroid Achilles has any significant position in his natal chart:

Are you surprised ? Asteroid Achilles is on the Descendant with almost 1 degree of orb, squaring Uranus in the Tenth House of fame and reputation. I wonder how he relates with acting Achilles. Perhaps it came as a surprise to him.

Asteroid Hector is at 25 degrees of Gemini, rigtht opposite his Sun. When he wore the identity and name of Achilles by acting him, who could be his only enemy, situated 180 degrees to him ? Seventh House and oppositions are about enemies, “the other”, the one who completes us.

Asteroids Hector and Achilles do not drive far away from each other. In any chart they are likely to be not more than 30 degrees away. So it is usual to have them conjunct or in the same sign.

Let us see some other charts with military and politics history:

Winston Churchill has his Venus sieged by Hector and Achilles. In Sagittarius, Venus means involvements in far away places, yet in the Third House it may not be quite far away. Venus rules relations and diplomacy.

In the same manner, Charles De Gaulle has his Moon sieged by Hector and Achilles. Moon rules homeland and belongings:

Is there anyone else you think that we should check for Hector and Achilles ?

Please let me know,