Pisces, The Twelveth House: Ogygia

Hence I was carried along for nine days till on the tenth night the gods stranded me on the Ogygian island, where dwells the great and powerful goddess Calypso.

Pisces surrenders. She is the fish roaming the endless Thalassa. Yet Pisces has a double nature. Two fish are tied to each other: Day and Night, Dark and Light, Good and Evil. The opposites exist together in wholeness. Pisces holds the principle of duality as a mutable sign. Yet the Piscean duality is about surrendering to the Infinity of the Self or infinite wants and desires of the limited ego conciousness.

There are two parts in the Twelveth Place. First, Odysseus washes upon the shores of the island of the ancient titanesse Calypso. He has no choice but to surrender to her will. Divine Calypso is generous and kind. She loves Odysseus and keeps him well. She offers him the last temptaion: immortality. Yet even sweet immortality cannot turn Odysseus away from his only goal: Ithaca. He could choose the eternal life of bliss. Yet he chooses to go on his path even without any guarantee of success.

In this place Odysseus has no power. He only holds onto a tiny log as Poseidon drags him around as he wishes. He has no identity, no personal power, no name. The endless Oceans throws his fate into the hands of reigning Calypso. Odysseus can only surrender to his fate, until the Gods intervene and open a new path for him.

How do we surrender?

Twelveth House is where we are lost. Here is the Unknown, Unconcious. The individual has no power in the infinite Ocean. Directions do not apply in here. The waves of the Sea takes us into a sweet slumber where there is no boundary between now and Eternity. We cannot know what is in this place. Therefore Twelveth House holds what we have forgotten and what we forgot that we had forgotten them. Poseidon rules this place.

In Ogygia, Odysseus has no choice but to live in the mercy of the Goddess. On his journey to and from Ogygia, he is at the mercy of Poseidon. None of his crew is with him. No weapons, nothing he owns. His ship is long lost in the sea. He arrives at Ogygia holding onto a log and he leaves the island with a tiny raft. He has no personal power, no identity, only his will to reach Ithaca survives.

Twelveth House is the place of surrender. The whole journey teaches us to let go of the ego and limitations. In the last house we are free of ourselves, our own blocks and definitions. In this place there is no time and ending means beginning. Transcendance happens when w elet go of our identity and finally align with the Universe in Unity. Therefore Twelveth House is the hardest place to understand for the modern mind, for modernity is all about seperation as well as controlling nature and culture.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Twelveth House shows what the native is unconcious to. In example,  a Virgo rising chart may have difficulty in asserting her ego and expressing her spirit freely in the world. A Virgo rising chart is so keenly interested in taking care of others that she forgets to take on the stage and show off her radiance with the world. Traditionally Saturn joys in the Twelveth House. In this place Saturn can hide himself and control the native’s life from behind the curtain. Any planet situated in the Twelveth House may be operating in deeper and less visible ways in one’s life. Sun in the Twelveth House may indicate that the native may find great life energy and power in isolation and retreats.

Twelveth House is our window to Eternity. If we have done well and passed all the tests, let go of ego and hubris, Queen Arete may welcome us. I hope each and every one of us will succeed in this journey.


Aquarius, The Eleventh House: Charybdis

“I was borne along by the waves all night, and by sunrise had reacfied the rock of Scylla, and the whirlpool. She was then sucking down the salt sea water, but I was carried aloft toward the fig tree, which I caught hold of and clung on to like a bat. I could not plant my feet anywhere so as to stand securely, for the roots were a long way off and the boughs that overshadowed the whole pool were too high, too vast, and too far apart for me to reach them; so I hung patiently on, waiting till the pool should discharge my mast and raft again—and a very long while it seemed.”


The Water Bearer brings us higher conciousness. Water that flows from the Aquarian amphora is the flowing conciousness carrying information. It is the Ever-Flow, the very energy of the Universe: Okeanos.

Aquarius is a transcendant sign. Earthly realm, material gain or ego expression does not mean much for the Aquarian individual. His intention is to share his knowledge with Humanity so that we all may have a better future. Bathing in the waters of conciousness, we bathe in light, our unconcious and ignorant parts are enlightened and we are ready to create a better world with peace and equality. Our individual ego needs, wants and fears vanish in the new light of the day as we find our belonging in the whole of humanity. The Water Bearer opens the way to a brighter future.

Aquarius is the sign of the Eleventh House. We come to the conciousness of onenness, community and humanity in the Eleventh House. Here is where we are whole, differences, borders and seperatedness dissolves.

How do we love ?

The Eleventh House is where we build our future. Here is where we find our larger community, network, social life and social gatherings.

Here is where we look to the future. Eleventh House is the house of dreams, hopes and wishes. We contemplate and create our future. Then we have to stop holding onto our hopes and leave them to the eternal flow of Okeanos and trust that they will find a piece of wood to hold on to. For a reason the ancients called this place as the “House of Good Spirit”. It is a fortunate place and needs to be. Stripped of all he has, Odysseus is now only a tiny hope, dragging in the cast and infinite Okeanos. He has lost everything save his hopes to reach home.


Charybdis, the whirlpool is the water bearer who pours the waters of Okeanos in and out. We are all in the flow of Charybdis: the information we get daily, through technology and wireless systems, we learn a lot and it all adds to our process of expanding our conciousness.

Sign placement of the Eleventh House tells us about the social networks of the native. A Venus ruled Eleventh House may indicate attendance to groups of women. Moon in the Eleventh House may mean that the native looks for friends and networks where she can find nourishment, acceptance and security. Valens writes that malefic planets are rather harmless in this place.

Capricorn, The Tenth House: Skylla

“You will find the other rocks lie lower, but they are so close together that there is not more than a bowshot between them. A large fig tree in full leaf grows upon it, and under it lies the sucking whirlpool of Charybdis. Three times in the day does she vomit forth her waters, and three times she sucks them down again; see that you be not there when she is sucking, for if you are, Neptune himself could not save you; you must hug the Scylla side and drive ship by as fast as you can, for you had better lose six men than your whole crew.”

Capricorn is a demanding sign. Capricorn holds the rules and structures of the society. In order to be accepted and gain status, we have to sacrifice our comfort, laboring hours and time. Building up our career requires sacrifice. In time and with effort can we climb our mountain and reach the unforgiving peaks of Capricorn.

Tenth House is the place where we see the solid outcome of all our efforts. What we give to the society, what we add to the symphony of human civilization becomes our career and reputation. People know us by our contributions. There is little favour or luck in this place. Growth requires discipline and seemingly long periods of work and perseverance may yield only little outcome. Everything grows in time.

Capricorn is full of responsiblities. She carries the burdens, rules and restrictions. Yet she is unstoppable when she focuses on achievement. Capricorn allocates all resources for the sake of building up a functioning system encrowned with endurance. This system covers everyone and works for all, as long as others recognize and adhere to its founding principles.


What do we achieve?

The Tenth House is our career. All our efforts in life are culminated in here and return to the world as our lasting service. In this place we act out our social status and who we think we are.  Here is our title, our image in the society, our relationship with the society, place in the social system and how others know us to be: our reputation. How we act in the world according to our social status and what the society wants us to be.

At the cave of Skylla, Odysseus has no chance to negotiate or fight. None of his skills are of use in here. Odysseus takes responsibility and conciously chooses to take the path before the liar of Skylla. Otherwise he would get lost in the whirlpool of Charybdis. He does not have any choice but sacrifice his six men in order to be able to continue the journey.

Time, money, human labour, nature… any value available is the resource for the Capricornian individual to build what she is here to build and construct a functioning system.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Tenth House shows the native’s standing in the society. It show us how the efforts of the native will be percieved and recieved by the society. Benefic planets such as Jupiter and Venus are usually favorable when placed in the Tenth House. In a day chart Saturn in here may indicate a very serious career and a hard earned but lasting reputation. Tenth House ruled by Mercury may indicate careers in teaching and media.





Sagittarius, The Ninth House: Sirens

“Therefore pass these Sirens by, and stop your men’s ears with wax that none of them may hear; but if you like you can listen yourself, for you may get the men to bind you as you stand upright on a cross-piece half way up the mast, and they must lash the rope’s ends to the mast itself, that you may have the pleasure of listening. If you beg and pray the men to unloose you, then they must bind you faster.”

Sagittarius is a generous sign. Half human, half beast, the Celestial Centaur distributes, shares and preaches information, ethics and philosophy. Yet in the dual nature of Sagittarius, we are still prone to ails and blessings of Earth in this place. Sagittarius is the philosopher still with an animalistic nature. Perhaps here is where we struggle to leave behind the survival mechanisms and direct our enegy, bow and arrow at the Center of the Universe: The Galactic Center.

Tied to the mast

“get the men to bind you as you stand upright on a cross-piece half way up the mast”

Medium Coeli shows the destination of the life of the native. Where is this ship headed to? What lies ahead? Odysseus clearly knows his destination: home.

He does as Circe advises him. He gets himself tied tightly to the mast and yet lets himself hear the call of the Sirens. The mast is the Cross of Matter.

Odysseus does listen to the sirensong yet he does not act on it. He experiences the delightful calls of Distraction, Procrastination and all other things that would carry him away from his path, purpose and destination. Hearing, witnessing yet not responding, can he pass through the sirens.

What do we think ?

The Ninth House is our belief system. In this place we see the bigger picture, think and contemplate about life and its meaning. Here is our grand theories, outlook on life, philosophy and religion. In the Ninth House we explore the world and eventually boarden our horizon. Culture largely effects how we think. World cultures, distant travels, pilgrimages and all meaningful voyages are also found in this place.

Passing through the Sea of the Sirens is a great risk. It is easy to be allured by the sirensong. Odysseus keeps Circe’s advice. In this scene we again witness how determined he is to reach Ithaca. He conciously chooses to stay true to his destination and ties himself to it. Yet he does witness and listen to the sirens. He does not shun away from witnessing and experiencing. This is very Sagittarian.

It is easy to fall into procrastination even when we know where we are going. Even when the timetable is set, a sweet moment of distraction can take hold. This is when we are called by the sirens in daily life.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Ninth House shows the native’s philosophical pursuits. In the Eight House we transended the material world and now we are in a place of theories, ideas and beliefs.

A crowded Ninth House may indicate a personality who is rather carefree when it comes to keeping secrets. Ninth House is where we display, share and spill the information.

The mind can be full of distractions. Yet we have the ability tos tay focused while observing all the distractions of the mind. Again, Odysseus passes his test with the ability of the human mind. What is not real, what is just a thought, just a fear or fantasy will dissipate in the light of conciousness. Even sirensong vanishes away into the winds when the Mind observes without reacting. If Odysseus could pass through the Sirens, we also can stay true to ourselves and head towards our true purpose and destination. Tie yourself tighter.

Scorpio, The Eighth House: Hades

“…when the Sun went down and darkness was over all the earth, we got into the deep waters of the river Oceanus, where lie the land and city of the Cimmerians who live enshrouded in mist and darkness which the rays of the sun never pierce neither at his rising nor as he goes down again out of the heavens, but the poor wretches live in one long melancholy night.”

Death and rebirth. Scorpio holds the keys to the principles of transformation and regeneration. Here in this deep dark chambers are hidden the seeds of new life. Here is where we leave behind our old skin and re-emerge as one with the other.

Remember that the Second House was named the Gates of Hades. In the Second House we entered the material world. From Second to Eighth House we mastered the material reality of ife. Union with the Other (Seventh House) carried os into merging with the Other: Eigth House is a shared sacred space. So far we have been supported by the ever-generous bounty of Earth (Taurus). Scorpio is where we sacrifice our earthly wealth to the shrine of Transformation.

Scorpio is the sign of the Eighth House, house of transformation. Transformative gift of Scorpio lies in her ability to distill information. Rivers of the Underworld run deep. Scorpio investigates intensely and cracks open dark secrets so that transformation becomes possible with new light of conciousness. Either by intuition, solid scientific research or relentless tracking, Scorpio knows your secrets.

Intuition is a gift of Scorpio. Those born under the Celestial Snake can know and feel things before they happen. Eighth House is the house of mediumship and occult studies. Odysseus travels to this place in to consult the Theban prophet Teiresias. Here he meets his deceased mother and many other people of renown who had passed away. He has a chance to make them talk and learn from them the things he otherwise could not know. Here is what we do not know and probably are dying to know!

Elpenor, his man who had passed away in Aeae appears to him first and asks him to make a proper funeral for him. Eighth House is where we honour our contracts.

What do we have ?

Eighth House is our shared assets, things that belong to our relationships. Inheritance, things we automatically recieve from people in our lives and in our past and family are also found in here. This place is also other people’s energies. How we mingle with the other and what we share with the other is in the Eighth House.

Eighth House is where we cannot reach. Energies of this place are beyond control. Ascendant, the world of living, cannot be reached from this place. In this Nether Regions we find the dead: those whom we cannot communicate with. Energies in the Eighth House are often those we need to work on to integrate into our lives and personality. Gifts of the Other can help us reach those otherwise unreachable parts inside us. Arriving at this new place will lead to new perspectives, new perception of our reality and transformation of conciousness consequently.

In an natal chart, the sign placement of the EighthHouse shows us what the native avoids in her established relationship with the world. In example in a Sagittarius rising chart, Cancer falls into the Eighth House. Classical, text-book Sagittarius rising profile persona is after freedom, exploration and adventure in quite a spontaneous manner. Cancerian themes of family and belonging, taking responbility of the family may drive the Sagittarian persona into crisis. Yet individuation requires wholeness and themes and energies of the Eigth House will always carry us further in our personal growth. Healing, becoming whole, is to be found in the chambers of Scorpio.

Libra, The Seventh House: Kirke

“Presently they reached the gates of the goddess’s house, and as they stood there they could hear Circe within, singing most beautifully as she worked at her loom, making a web so fine, so soft, and of such dazzling colours as no one but a goddess could weave. On this Polites, whom I valued and trusted more than any other of my men, said, ‘There is some one inside working at a loom and singing most beautifully; the whole place resounds with it, let us call her and see whether she is woman or goddess.”

Contracts, oaths and all that binds us belongs to the Seventh House, the realm of Libra. Libra rules relationships and our conduct with “the Other”. Tender scales of Libra demand balance, equality and justice in co-existance. Day and night mingle in equilibrium as autumn enters.

Libra is where we come together with the other: our partner, best friend or an unprecitable evil sorceress whose help we desperately seek. A relationship or partnership is not possibble when the sides are not on equal ground. Thus Hermes the Guide of Souls intervenes and elevates Odysseus to a higher and very powerful place with the magical Moly and by teaching him how to make Kirke take the oath of the gods. That is how Odysseus was protected from the same fate as his men.

Who are we ?

The Seventh House is what we find before ourselves in this life. We are never alone in this life, even for our basic daily needs we need trade and we come together with other people to trade our goods and services. Libra rules all these processes. In the Seventh House we come together with the other and form marriages, close relationships, business partnerships, create unions. Open enemies, legal contracts and our best friends are all gathered in this place. How we define ourseles and our partners determine our relationships with each other. The other acts as a mirrior and our mask falls away. Ways of the Sorceress reveal our true self. The other reflects us our true nature: not who think we are but who we really are. Most of us are little piglets who believe themselves to be illustrious heroes.

On the island of Aeae, Odysseus has no power. He has no chance other than binding Kirke with an oath. The tricks of Hermes enables him to establish communication and build a relationship with the Sorceress. Once on equal relationship is established, Kikrke shows her divinely generous side and teaches Odysseus about his journey ahead. She transforms into an unrivalled guide to the Underworld and beyond. Seventh House hosts our close relationships who play a similar role.

In a natal chart, the sign placement of the Seventh House shows what type of personalities and close relatipnships the native tends to find in this life. Planets in the Seventh House are those we Project on our partners. Jupiter in the Seventh House may bestow generous and giving partners. Ruler of this house is also important. Sign and house placement of the Seventh House ruler is carefully studies by the astrologer. Traditionally Venus the Goddess of Love joys in the Seventh House where she can bless us with happy and beautiful relationships.

Virgo, The Sixth House: Laestrygonians

A water bearing Virgin appears to our men when they land at the welcoming harbour at the land of the Laestrygonians after sailing for six days on the wine dark sea.

The sign of Virgo who holds the weath is the virgin Earth who re-births the Sun into a new life. She-bear brings in the end of summer and prepares us for winter ahead. Here is where we sharpen our pencils, check our helath and well-being, keep working on farms and workshops: this is a time for making things function.

“…where the shepherd who is driving in his sheep and goats salutes him who is driving out his flock and this last answers the salute.”

Sixth House is the place of work. Night or day does not matter for the mutable sign of Virgo, she will always create the time to work. Virgo is the sign of production, work, analyzing and focus. Individuals who bear Virgo personalities are at their best when they are concentrated on their work. The virtue of their work lies in the fact that it mends the world.

Virgo is a healing sign. The laboring hours of Virgo makes and mends. She works on the farm, Earth, plants and animals. The perfection and abundance of Earth’s bounty is only possibble with the hard and honest labour. Virgo is always after perfection. She is searching for the perfect moment when the apple is wholly ripe and not an ounce rotten. The over-analyzing mind pulls the standards too high. This may lead to a life of service with an underlying motivation to heal the world.

Who do you serve ?

In the Sixth House we work for our values, ideals and the imminent neccesities of life. We keep re-arranging matter and time with technology and expertise so that the world functions better. We practice our knowledge productively and labour even during the unholy hours of the night.

How our very clever Odysseus practices his knowledge and expertise is a total failure in the realm of the Laestrygonians. He gets attacked by carnivorous ogres. Sixth House is the place where we find things that weaken us. This is not a place where we can impose our will or express our creative spirit. Even if you were a conqurer of Troy, destroyer of the Bronze Age Civilization, inventor of many tricks, plunder of many lands and a notorious slaver… you have no chance in here.

In a natal chart, the sign and planet placements in the Sixth House shows us how the native works and functions in the daily life. Taurus in the Sixth House may imply unwillingness when it comes to work. Saturn in the Sixth House may indicate the seriousness and importance of work and daily habits in the native’s life. It is said that Mars joys in the Sixth House where he can bestow us an unrelented urge to work, work, work.

Odysseus loses most of his men and all his ship save his own to the  Laestrygonians. There was no other way for him to save his life and continue the journey.

Leo, The Fifth House: The Gift

“Moreover, he flayed me a prime ox-hide to hold the ways of the roaring winds, which he shut up in the hide as in a sack—for Jove had made him captain over the winds, and he could stir or still each one of them according to his own pleasure. He put the sack in the ship and bound the mouth so tightly with a silver thread that not even a breath of a side-wind could blow from any quarter. The West wind which was fair for us did he alone let blow as it chose; but it all came to nothing, for we were lost through our own folly.”

Leo, the pounding heart of the Universe is the gift of Life which have been bestowed upon us by our ancestors. We are now on this Earth thanks to millions before us. What do we do with this gift ? How do we use this gift bound tightly with a silver thread, the thread of the Moon ?

Leo is the stage where we express our spirit. He is the natural leader for he always leads with a generous heart and cares about those under his shiny wings. He is the light from the heart center, giving life to cold Earth and warming everything he touches. Creativity is the core principle of Leo. A Leo persona will always find ways to put forth a performance that honestly and truly expresses his very spirit. Only those who are able to recieve and honour his divine light will be allowed to stay around him.

In the Fifth House we are given our gifts. These gifts are what we truly need in order to be able to reach our destination: our own self. Wind is spirit. As the Lord of the Winds, King Aeolus gives Odysseus the gift of winds (Spirit) which will take him home. Odysseus uses this gift conciously and manages to bring his ship very close to Ithaca.

Fifth House trines the Ascendant. It is easy and effortless to transfer the energies in the Fifth House to the First House: our life and world. Thus Fifth House was named the House of Good Luck by ancient astrologers. Here lies our gifts and creativity. Utilizing our creative urge with measure and instruction leads us home. Yet it does not always go as planned. Doubt, worry, distrust, envy and fear take their toll:

“We got so close in that we could see the stubble fires burning, and I, being then dead beat, fell into a light sleep, for I had never let the rudder out of my own hands, that we might get home the faster. On this the men fell to talking among themselves, and said I was bringing back gold and silver in the sack that Aeolus had given me.”

Letting envy and distrust lead their actions, these men loose the sac and let the uncontrolled winds raise a storm in which the ship get lost. The storm throws them back to the island of Aeoli. Doubt and fear transformed the gift into a curse. They are no longer welcome in the island of Aeoli and they are exiled.

Fifth House is where we find our freely given gift. Yet how we use them, what we make of them determine the outcome. Are you wise and faithful enough to trust your heart ? Are you strong enough tol et your spirit guide you or do you surrender to fear ?

Fifth House is where we feel a little more lucky, we convince ourselves to take some risk sor spend a little more for entertaintment and a good time with friends. Gambling, theatres, acting and all stage performances fall into this place. Romantic love is also found in the Fifth House, along with children and all that we create.

Leo is the most generous of the Twelve Signs. King Aeolus’ gift of generousity almost let the ships home. We have to recognize, respect and honour the generousity of Life and all those who came before us. Otherwise we are lost to fear and worry. Gifts of the King cannot be handled without measure and paying attention. We must be concious of our actions and underlying motivations. Only the one who beard te virtues can honour this gift with gratitude and reverence; that is how we come home.

Cancer, The Fourth House: King Aeoli

“It is an island that floats upon the sea, iron bound with a wall that girds it. …All day long the atmosphere of the house is loaded with the savour of roasting meats till it groans again, yard and all; but by night they sleep on their well-made bedsteads, each with his own wife between the blankets. These were the people among whom we had now come.”

Welcome to the home and hearth, Fourth Sign, the caring and protecting sign of Cancer. Odysseus finally arrived at a place where he found warm blankets and deliciously cooked food. A happy resting place where is heartily welcome. He stays here for a month and he is entertained by the King himself.

Cancer is the protecting and nourishing Mother. This is the life giving principle of the Universe. The first of the Water Signs holds the symbolism of the life giving and nourishing waters of the Nile. No one is allowed to stay hungry or uncared for in the house of the Cancerian personality. Mother’s milk is one of the sacred manifestations of the Cancerian principle in human experience.

Whom do you belong with ?

The Fourth House is our past, our roots, where we come from and who we belong to. It is our homeland, the Earth that nourishes us and the tribe that protects us. In the Fourth House we see what lies in our past. Deeds of our ancestors, our biological karma lies in the depths of this house. Here are lies our roots that go deep into the past.

In the island of Aeoli, Odysseus finds a chance to tell his story. He is recognized with his identity and what he accomplished in the previous life. Here his persona is only a reciever. We do not take initiate upon the themes of this house, we just inherit them.

In a nativity the Fourth House can give clues about one’s past, ancestors and what qualities the native might have inherited from them. Jupiter in the Fourth House may mean elders who had excelled in philosophy. Venus in the Fourth House may point at artists in the family.

Fourth House also shows our dwelling, our home where we live and sleep. At the same time the Fourth House shows our innate psychology. No wonder many experts claim that our living environments reflect our inner situation. Planets in the Fourth House may give us hints about the native’s early life at home. Sometimes Mars in the Fourth House may incline an eventful childhood or a uneasy family environment. Saturn in the Fourth House may indicate an obligation to build oneself from scratch.

Taurus, The Second House: Lotus Eaters

“…The Lotus-eaters, who did them no hurt, but gave them to eat of the lotus, which was so delicious that those who ate of it left off caring about home, and did not even want to go back and say what had happened to them, but were for staying and munching lotus with the Lotus-eater without thinking further of their return; nevertheless, though they wept bitterly I forced them back to the ships and made them fast under the benches”

Taurus the well-rooted and wealthy. Queen of the fertile garden sits firmly on her throne all in abundance and sure security, enjoying her Earthly pleasures. She is here to offer the bounty of the Earth.

Taurus is the lush garden where the firey energy of Aries is grounded. The purpose of Taurus is to generate life into matter, physical growth and reproduction. Taurus collects the energy of the Sun and transforms it into matter. Hence the Second House was called Gates of Hades, entry to the chthonic realm of matter by the ancients.

Taurus is slow to act. She is comfortable and content where she is: collecting, producing and ever growing in wealth. The crescent shared horns of the celestial Bulla re forever filled with infinite wealth of the Universe.

What do you have ?

The Second House is what we own, what we value and what we carry around in our bag and purse. Here is our values and our belongings, posessios and all that supports us in this life.

On the island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus does not even touch the hilt of his sword. Lotus Eaters do not engage in battle, they do not even have much to plunder. Yet ther are nice people. Totally content and jolly in thier sweet slumber. They even offer Lotus to Odysseus’ men.

Inertia and indifference creeps in those who eat the lotus. The comfort and contentment of Lotus keeps those who taste it away from life and reaching their destiny.

Odysseys takes initiative and drags his Lotus poisoned men back to the ship. That is what we need to do with the planets in the Second House or Taurus. We need to activate, update and practice them with our will and effort. Otherwise they will just lay there chewing on some sweet lotus. Jupiter in the Second House shows that the native values knowledge and experience. Mercury in the Second House öay point at a worthy collection of books and letters. Planets in the Second House are granted to us, yet we need to put forth constant initiate and effort to in order to reap their harvest.

Aries, The First House: Thrace

“When I had set sail thence the wind took me first to Ismarus, which is the city of the Cicons. There I sacked the town and put the people to the sword. We took their wives and also much booty, which we divided equitably amongst us, so that none might have reason to complain. “

Primus inter pares. Aries is the first among equals. The Prince, leader of the flock. Bearing the glorious horns of the Ram, Aries is here to awaken us to our potential. He will sound the horn and awake the asleep. The first rays of Spring awaken the sleeping seed.

Aries is the newborn child who is here to cry out her individuality and uniquness to the world. First sprouts of the young life, full of life force. The purpose of Aries is to manifest itself, therefore its character can sometimes be too self centered and unhearing of others’ needs and desires. Aries is holding the sword of action, taking initiative, starting projects and calling others into action. The Ram blesses brand new beginnings.

Aries is the sign of the First House. We begin our journey of life at the First House, at the Ascendant, where we are born. The Journey of Odysseus begins at Illion, where the previous cycle ended with the sack of Troy. As soon as he sets sail, the wind takes him to Ismarus in Thrace. He is now at the beginning, at the First House, his first test.

Who are you ?

The First House is our persona. In this place we act out who we think we are, we go for what we think we want. Here is our name, our image, our day to day relationship with the world. Who we are, how we define ourselves, determines our relationship with the world. The masks we wear, our costume, attire and what we hold in our hand determines how we act and how the world reacts to us.

In Thrace, Odysseus is still Odysseus the conquerer, the great warrior, triumphant at Troy. He is not troubled yet. His crew is full. In here, Odysseus acts our his persona of a warrior. He aimessly slashes and burns, murders folk. High pitched misogyny is expressed as his shiny persona. Because this is who he is before the initiation of twelve steps. Hi relationship with the world is based on war, death and loot. This is what his past dictates on him and he has no other choice but to play out this persona.

It is easy to fall to hubris when we are so focused on our own magnificance. Loneliness of the First House leads us to apathy.

In an natal chart, the sign placement of the First House shows us the native’s relationship with the world. Planets in the First House are those we carry on ourselves. Someone with Mars in the First House may be walking around with a sword and percieving the world as a battleground. Another person with the Goddess of Love in the First House will carry sweetness and joy wherever she walks. The themes and powers of the First House planets come to us autumatically, we are born with them. It is up to us how we use these qualities. Mercury joys in the First House where we express ourselves without hindrance of limitations.