Virgo Full Moon Horoscopes

This month’s full moon is going to happen in the sign of the Wheat Bearer. For my commentaries on this full moon, you can refer to my recent article: Full Moon in Virgo: Sacred Service

Below let us discuss how you will be effected by the wonderful full moon according to your rising signs:


Aries Rising: It is time to work. Cleanse your tools, vacuum your workshop and put forth the best effort in creating your life’s work. It is likely that you will not be disturbed much. With Sun and Neptune in your Twelveth House of spirituality, you are highly inspired. This inspiration can find its material expression in your capable hands as long as you allow it. Your working hands can channel your feelings and emotions to your work and find perfection in your craft. It is a good time to become a channel for the Divine.


Taurus Rising: This is a wondrous time for you. The full moon will be happening in your house of joy, creativity, love, romance, flirts and sex. Moreover, Venus the Goddess of Love and Queen of All Things Beautiful has just ingressed into your First House. It is a great time to blush your cheeks and go out into the world. All the good things are waiting for you.

Gemini Rising: Perhaps you are thinling about making changes in your home or living space. You may have a family meeting at this weekend or monsters from your past may be wiggling their tails. Anyway it is a time when you may wish to be resting at home, planning for your next career move. An astrologer’s advie would be to stay as realistic as possibble at this time. There will be days to flutter around with your glittering butterfly wings.


Cancer Rising: You may be mentally stimulated and you may find yourself taken over by wild fantasies of freedom. Reading, thinking and expanding your horizon may be the activities at this time for you. You may want to take a reading retreat away from the world. Your life has been very active and intense lately. Perhaps you may want to call your friends, neighbours and find comfort in close company.

Leo Rising: Money, money, money. Neither do I understand why this cruel world treats a queen with such tiny finances. It is unjust. Yet during this full moon we understand that our treasury is not filled with gold but our very deeds of sacred service. Full Moon in Virgo is highlighting the best of Leo: leading from the heart. Remember that all ancient kings were shepherds, practicing the service of keeping the livestock which was highly crucial for the survival of their people. An awakened Leo or Leo rising individual is as such, you lead us to the right place where we will find more life and a better future. This full moon is showing you how you utilize your resources (your self, your ability to lead and your generousity) in the service of the Divine.

Virgo Rising: This full moon is about you. Your life, your perspective, your relationship with the world is highlighted. Your body, self care practices and wellness are also brought to your concern at this full moon. Your relationship with the world is reflected to you from the mirrior of the moon. Now you can see your self and your life in a new light and see the bits and pieces you could not see before. You can heal your life with the energies of this full moon.

Libra Rising: This wonderful full moon is shedding her silvery light on your Chamber of Secrets, the Twelveth House. Your life is based on sharing and relationships. Taking care of others and the little details of life can sometimes remain hidden from your sight. Your life’s work is hidden in your little chest of wonders. During this full moon you are offered a chance to rediscover what you had forgotten in the attic.


Scorpio Rising:  Your social life, social network and future are highlighted by this full moon. Tehre might be confusion or temporary change in the direction of your dreams, hopes and wishes. It is best not to be quick to make solid decisions for Neotune, the planet of misguidance and illusions is playing an active role in the energies of this full moon.


Sagittarius Rising: Your career, which almost never happens, is at the fore now. The Sagittarius Ascendant only wants to break free. Thus she may find a stable career quite boring. Yet this urge to be independent usually drives them to non-existant careers, underemployement or careers of selfless service. During this full moon you are given a heavenly chance to drive your chariot away from pursuing earthly mondane careers. You can indulge in the service of your very soul and spirit. You can choose a new direction in your profession which serves your soul’s sacred purpose.


Capricorn Rising: This full moon brings you a mental relief. You have been going through a lot and it is perhaps time you enjoy a good fantasy movie or a good concert. Stimulating your imagination and relaxing your mind with endless creativity and inspiration is on the menu for you.


Aquarius Rising: Your finances are hgihlighted by this full moon. Shares assets, sharing and drawing the lines between “what is mine and what is thine” are the themes you may be dealing with at this time. You may want to be extra careful about your finances because Neptune, the planer of illusion and dellusion is joined with the Sun in your Second House, the house of money and all transferrable resources.


Pisces Rising: Your marriage, partnerships and everything about “the Other” are highlighted by this full moon. You mae come face to face with someone significant for you. You may want to call your best friend or a friend whom you feel to be partnering with and cry on their shoulder. Good and sincere company is with you and you can let your closest friend or partner take care of you during this time.



Full Moon in Virgo: Sacred Service

We are heading towards this year’s full moon in Virgo. Virgo, sign of the Celestial Virgin, is the place of sacred service. Here is where we gground the energies of our soul and work towards earthly productivity. Years of experience and hard work is needed to be able to express one’s soul on matter.

The themes and astrological positions of this full moon have reminded me of the story of Pygmalion who fell in love with a statue he created.

Ovid tells us the tale. Pygmalion the Cypriot was a sculptor. He saw imperfection in mortals and decided that he was not interested in women. Yet one day he made such a beautiful statue, the perfect beauty, and he fell in love with it… He made sacrifices to Venus that this statue comes to life. His wish was granted. The statue was so perfectly beautiful that Venus decided to give it life.


When we turn away from the broken world and connect with our soul, miracles can happen. Our souls want to be expressed through matter. Matter should be utilized in the service of our divine essence. Thus can we break free of the cruel world and find our value and meaning in sacred service.

Sun joins Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, during this full moon. Our solar being, the creative urge is mingled with Higher Love,  our higher aspirations and spirituality. For those who could have left the worries and desires of matter (Pygmalion turning away from mortal women) and managed to dedicate themselves to selfless service to their soul, this is an auspicious full moon. For those of us still struggling through the currents of life and running through the unforgiving jungles of survival, it is a confusing time. Our active and concious side is put to sleep. If we are trying to “make things happen”, we might find ourselves being delayed. We are surrounded by the mists, lost in the vastness of Okeanos. Only with feeling can we now find our way back home. Listenning to the inner voice is always better than fighting with shadows. We are given a chance to sacrifice the ego, labels, identifications and conditionings in the sacred altar of Neptune and indulge ourselves in the sacred service to our souls.

At this full moon, Vesta, the asteroid akin to the archetype of the Priestess, is conjunct the fixed star Algol. Algol bestows greater spirituality. Our dedication and devotion can bring us to a higher conciousness and percieved space of deeper sanctity.

All planets except Sun, Mercury and Neptune are in Earth signs. We are seriously concerned with our material being, health, wellness, beauty and wealth. Yet, what are these things for ? What is matter without beauty and meaning ? We must never forget that “Everything in fantasy”, even money.

Full moons are always about fruitation. It is the harvest time. Under the silvery light of Selene, may we harvest the fruits of our sacred service to Earth and Spirit.




March 2020

Full Moon in Taurus

We have arrived at the Taurean Full Moon of the year. Full moons in the sign of the Celestial Bull are strong for they bring the powers of Life, Death and Rebirth into our consciousness.

Full moons are the time of completion and revealing. Night-veil of Selene is completeley lifeted and her Truth lights up the Sky. What was concieved at the alchemical moment of the new moon comes to consciousness at the moment of the fullness of the moon. The unseen, new meaning and manifestation of Time reveals itself in all its embracing, silvery, life giving glory.

Taurus is all about the birthing Earth: life giving and nourishing Earth Mother in all her beauty expressed in colourful flowers, perfumes, tastes and birdsong. Scorpio is when we end one phase to perpetuate life: change and transformation; Death if you like. As the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus come to face each other, we hang in a moment between Life and Death. Both Sun and Moon are our life givers, lights. Today we are recieving the light of the Sun through the dakr and cold waters of Scorpio and the nourishing light of the Moon through the birthing and grounding garden of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, we also call it the Second Place. In Hellenistic Astrology the Second Place is named the Gate of Hades. This is where we enter the chtonic realm, where the Spirit (Fire-Aries) slow down into matter. On the contrary, The Eighth Place (Scorpio) is where matter dissoved into energy. Matter is set free and energy flows. In order to understan this, I offer an example: Think about spring, this is the season of Taurus (21 April -21 May). Everything in nature grows during spring. New life expands. Trees absorb the elements and build up their branches. Light of the Sun enters the earthly realm and makes it grow.

In November, Scorpio (21 Oct-21 Nov), we begin to burn those branches to recieve warmth and light from them. Energy of the Sun was collected, stored in the trees during spring and summer, now we set it free in the absence of the Sun. Scorpio is the time when matter is destroyed and the energy is set free. This example encapsulates the Taurus-Scorpio axis, where we are experincing the full moon today.

You can always find materialistic Taureans who will colledt the good things and pile up their treasury only to be spend and destroyed by a Scorpio. Your Scorpio friends may always be on the look out for ways of transformation, therefore be ready to spend and utilize their resources instead of collecting.

We can contemplate on how the process of growth/unmaking works in our lives. Is it balanced or needs to be balanced ? The full moon helps us to see these aspects of life. The retrograding Mercury and aspecting Pluto are also adding to the powers of this moment of fullness and fruitation. Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, weaves his way between the Divine Twins of Leto. While Pluton, who stands at the beginnings and endings, is beholding this moment from his icy throne on the gnawing peaks of Capricorn.



Full Moon in Sagittarius: Wings of Icarus

I hear a call from the distance
Where the Sun sets into the islands
Deep into the Icarian Sea.

We are heading towards a full moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

According to the location of Hagia Sophia, the moon comes to fullness about an hour before noontide. 08:29 AM GMT: 09:29 London, 10:29 Prague, 11:29 Athens. I recommend you to check the exact time for your location.

Moon has her own life. In each cycle she is born (new moon), she grows, comes to fullness (full moon), she fades and dies (dark moon). This corresponds to the cycle of life. We see this in the life of plants, animals and humans. The triad of the Maiden-Mother-Crone corresponds to the phases of the Moon. Women’s cycles of life and life-giving, death and rebirth are the rules of Nature.

Arriving at the hour of the full moon means many things. Things we have started two weeks ago may come to flowering, the ideas we have concepted earlier may have come to fruitation, we may choose to cut our ties with something/someone or the silvery light of the Moon may reveal that which cannot be seen in the golden light of the Day.

The astrological indications of this full moon reminded me of the story of Icarus. Icarus is the son of Daedalus who built the Labyrinth in Minos. It is also said that Daedalus helped Theseus, too. Therefore he was imprisoned inside the Labyrinth (which he built himself!) with his son Icarus. A genius mind always finds a way out. Do you remember what I had wrote about the new moon in Gemini ? A man builds his own wings… It is the human mind, capacity and the ability to create. This is what takes us forward in life even when we are locked up. Thus Daedalus and his son Ikarus made their winds out of wax and geese feather.

Daedalus and Icarus wore their wings and were ready to take their flight from Crete, across the Cyclades and north to mainland Greece, over the wine dark Sea. Yet Daedalus warned his young son: “Fly from the middle way, not too close to the sea for the waters will wet your wings and you may fall; not too high up towards the Sun, for the Sun will melt the wax and you may loose your wings forever.” Youth… The young Icarus nodded and who knows what he held in his heart… Perhaps he was too enthausastic or encouraged or too optimistic ? Ikarus took the wind and flew away from the wooded mountains of Crete, over the well populated islands…Flying was such a joy, freedom at last… after captive years, he was now free as the winds. I cannot tell you how he felt for I have never flew myself like this. But they say, he took a wild wind up, towards the Sun and his laughters of joy was heard from the islands. He, as his heart also flew with him, wanted to touch the Sun and flew up high… Yet, as his father had warned him, the Sun melted the wax that made his wings… and the beautiful youth fell, down into the Sea where now is named after him.

These days we may feel like the young Icarus. Perhaps too optimistic or too enthasuastic. Everything may seem to go as we wish. It must be the astrologer’s duty to give a slight warning that things may not be what they seem. It is best to ground, stay grounded and not forget the restrictions of reality. We have been going through really harsh times and this full moon I doubt not brings some joy and lightness to our hearts. Yet it is best to think twice and not stray from the rules even though we are so very tempted to break them. Keeping to the measure is also a virtue.

Μηδὲν ἄγαν, Nothing to excess.



June 2019