Capricorn, 22 December – 20 January

Capricorn is the cardinal Earth Sign. It is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, the Undestructable Wheel of Life.

Why is it not easy to follow a certain spiritual path ? Because it requires discipline. Capricorn is the master of discipline, time management and the cold and solid reality of the World.

Capricorn, the Sea-Goat can wander and gather resources from the depths of the Ocean and carry them up to the peaks of the Mountain. We need vigor and endurance to climb the Mountain of the Gods, and most importantly strong knees: Capricorn rules knees and joints.

When we arrive at the roots of the Mountain, we are on a quest to ascend. This requires using all of our sources wisely. We cannot spill around our water or food. The mountain path is harsh and unforgiving. We need to plan ahead, be meticulous, strategize and sometimes control the outcomes. The rocky slopes will not let us pass without testing our will and determination. Yet if Capricorn is with us, we can climb our mountain, reach the peaks and our life experience will become an offering the the World.

What is the sum of all our efforts, endavour and work ? It is our career, our reputation in the World. Conciously or unconciously we keep building our career. People know us with what we give to the society, with what we do for others. For Capricorn, what she gives to the society matters the most.Her reputation and title occupy a significant portion for her overall satisfaction in life.

Responsibilities may play a significant role for the Capricornian individual. She may tend to define herself with her responsilibities, drives, ambitions and successes in life. Her professional attitude certainly gives a sense of trust to others. She is self-reliant and you can also rely on her. Capricorn always knows what she is doing.

Sometimes the urge to control life may try and tire them. Keeping everything under control, making sure that all ends are met and all tasks are done perfectly may sometimes be too much for anyone especially when the going gets tough. During those times the Sea-Goat may need to remember her opposite sign: Cancer. Cancer loves to stay at home and rest, nurture and protect. Sometimes it is good to remember to rest, to stay under the blanket and nurture yourself with a warm soup.

When driven with ambition, the Capricornian individual can literally dig passes under mountains, take under big projects and create wonders on earth. Capricornian vigour, endurance and capacity for hard work is legend. On the other hand, when Capricorn is led by wisdom, she can manage others and allocate the resources offered by Earth in the most efficient and effective way. Thus can we reach abundance for everyone. Good management is golden when it allies with Justice of Libra. Only Capricorn knows how to make the best of what we have and lead us to a better grounded and organized way of life.


Aquarius, 20 January – 19 February

Aquarius, the Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac, Wheel of Life Indestructable, is the fixed Air sign. Aquairus is associated with logic, enlightenment, Eureka! and futurism.

There was a time when humans dwelled in darkness. They could see only when the Gods wanted, only when the Sun shone or the Moon was full. Their vision and ability was therefore limited and great was their ignorance. Then Prometheus, the Fore-Seer, saw them. Prometheus always watched for equality and more life, better future and better opportunities for everyone. In his rebellious act, for he was a Titan and the rules of the Gods was not for him, he lit a torch from the sacred Hearth of Olympus and descended down to Earth. In the dark and cold night, when we were only afraid and waiting for the Sun, Prometheus brought us the Fire from which we invented Science, arts and our future. With the Fire stolen from the Gods now we had the conciousness to create our own world and choose our own Future. Rather, we invent our own Future and this is where Aquarius holds the key.

All our Aquarian friends are little Prometheans in their very own right. They show us what we cannot see without them. They look at us from the future, they open our eyes to what we do not want to see, they are the bearers of foresight. Their logic and analytical thinking makes us advance in life.

Aquarius can think what others cannot. His mind is always seeking for a new way, a new invention and a new solution.

Technology belongs to the realm of Aquarius. The Ancient Greek word techne, τέχνη , means craft. Knowledge and techne make us human. As humans we have the potential to accomplish great things but first we must have a vision. Without foresight and the neccesary knowledge and application, we cannot create our own world. Aquarius knows what lies before us, therefore plans and structures the future accordingly.

Taurus is stable, she only wants to preserve what she has. Leo is egoistical, for him only he and his matter. Scorpio is fixated on the past. Aquarius sees the future. Remember the symbol of the Waterbearer, a man pouring water from an amphora ? What Aquarius carries and pours on us is the waters of the cosmos, the Ever-Flow. He takes a handful of the Eternal Truth and offers it to us, just like Prometheus stealing a fire from the Gods and bringing it to humans. Aquarius stands high above the earthly realm (remember Aquarius is an Air sign) and channels the divine, cosmic information down to us.

Thus the ideas circling around the Aquarian individual’s mind may not always be easily understood by others. For he sees the future and he lives in the future, small thinkers may have a problem understanding him. Yet this does not tire the Aquarian. For him what matters is not his person or personal desires. What matters is the group, the people, his friends and the people around him. Sometimes we find that Aquarians forget themselves and forget making themselves a priority in the face their of group’s needs and desires.

In the shadow of the most enlightened sign lies Leo, the source of light. Leo is the individual while Aquarius wants to blend his ego in the group conciousness. Leo knows that he is the source of all love and light as Aquarius sometimes waits to be loved and appreciated by the group. Aquarius loves wandering the icy peaks while Leo sunbathes in the warm and dry savannah. These two qualities, the dance of Ice and Fire, make up the Leo – Aquarius axis; the eternal balance between now and future, ego and the group, creativity and logic.

We owe all our advancements, all our revolutions and all our sciencific and technological abilities to Aquarius. Without Prometheus’ sacrifice, we would still be lingerin in the dark, waiting for the Sun.


Come away, O human child!

To the waters and the wild

With a faery, hand in hand,

For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.

– W. B. Yeats

Pisces, 21 January – 21 February

Pisces is the Twelveth Sign of the Zodiac, the Indestructable Wheel of Life. Here is when we leave behind all that locks us into the heaviness of Matter and lose our individuality in the infinity of Okeanos.

A mist covers the world and the hypnotic sound of lyra accompanies us as we enter the realm of the Fish. Symbol of Pisces is composed of two fish that are forever bound to each other, pulling each other to opposite directions thus keep circulating around the star that binds them.

Pisces is the window that opens to Infinity. The ego dissoloves, sacrifices itself and reaches Immortality. Yet, it can be a painful process to leave the limited and well-defined ego and reach the Self. Thus we find Piscean souls suffering time to time. They may choose escapism, their strong imagination will always beckon them to a dreamworld but only facing the reality and transcending it is the path of Salvation.

Thus those of us born under the ever-cycling Fish are prone to escapism. Our shelves are full of fantasy fiction, we have a special Tolkien shelf, our investments in RPG is legend. We do whatever is neccessary to escape the heaviness of daily life and sometimes our responsibilities are carried away by the current. Thus Pisceans are prone to find themselves being late to work, having their careers delayed or stuggling through other people’s “stuff” for reasons they cannot even identify.

Pisces is the formless, limitless energy that pours from the Universe. Pisceans or people with strong Pisces or Twelth House placements in their charts feel closer to the higher flow. This makes them mediums, seers and visionaries. Yet on the flipside, the urge to escape the reality of the world may bring about addictions such as gaming or social media addiction.

Music, art and nature have a deeper pull for the Piscean soul. Musicians, poets, painters and masters of all forms of art usually carry strong Pisceans elements in their natal charts. Imagination is their strongest asset. “Everything is fantasy” said Jung. In order to be able to create, first we must imagine. Everything created by humans was once imagined. Yet the gist lies in grounding our imaginations, dreams and vision. For that we need plans, timetables and some management. Those born of the Earth element: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn may assist to ground, work on and accomplish Piscean wonders.

Some Pisceans have excellent corporate careers for Pisces’ fluid ego can blend well with the larger body, the corporation. Thus leaving behind their own priorities and personal needs, Pisceans can become very effective servants, easily gliding through the rules and finding creative ways to accomplish their tasks.

Pisceans can be masters of illusion. When combined with art, they can create wonders. Sometimes it can be elusive to communicate with them for even they may be so disconnected from the reality that others may find it hard to define or understand them. Yet this “in between” and unidentifiable quality brings about an immense potential of creativity and divine love.

When all is carried away by the Ocean, when all our pride, prejudice, belongings, relationships, power, dreams and hopes are gone, there is only one reality that still stays: Love. It is only love that makes the Universe move, it is love that births new stars and fills us with wonder in the night. Love is the breath of Eternity.

Be drunk with love, for love is all that exists.



Libra, 23 September – 22 October

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Libra is the cardinal Air sign. Air signs are mental, communicative and always focused on humanity.

Libra, the Scales is the Seventh sign of the Zodiac. Sun enters Libra on 23 September, Autumn Equinox when the Day and Night are equal and Time is in perfect Balance. Thus Equality, Balance and Justice are priorities for Libra.

Those of us born under the Celestial Scales sometimes find ourselves walking on eggshells for all that we strive for is keeping the balance in our relationships. We know the secret that the Universe is a relationship: between planets and the Sun, between Day and Night, netween all the stars and galaxies of our infinite, ever-growing and ever-flowing Universe.

When two individual beings come together their union always hangs on a balance. There is always a set of unwritten rules, sometimes contracts or recipcoral agreements in all relationships.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, is the ruler of Libra for she brings us together. There is always a magic element in meetings, almost a secret power. As quoted above, meeting of two people is a lor like meeting of two different essences, almost alchemical. A relationship is always a third entity.

In “the other” we can only find lost nad forgotten parts of ourselves which will lead us to wholeness and a greater truth. Therefore more than often relationships act as a vehicle or catalyzer for our individuation process. Libra rules the process of coming together and more importantly maintaining the relationships and contracts. This is always a very delicate process but Librans are masters of this art. Indeed they are naturally capable of any art or craft that requires style, beauty, delicacy and aesthetics.

Librans keep harmony and balance in their life and relationships. That is how they survive the ups and downs of life yet once their balance is shaken off, it may take time and effort to re-establish it. They can see and consider both ends in a situation. They can change their perspective and see it from both sides. Scales are always looking for the perfect balance, therefore they measure very keenly, with a deep intention to bring justice and respect everyone’s rights.

Their refined manner makes them excellent at human conduct. Famous diplomats and spokespeople have strong Libra placements.

Libra knows how to balance out her relationships, just like a wise Venus Flytrap. The Lady Venus Flytrap attracts her victims to her traps and her precious pollinators to her flowers which she raises high up away away from the nasty traps. So that she will enjoy her meals while getting assistance in immortality by bees and butterflies.

Source: Wikipedia

Libra loves making comparisions and thinking in relative terms. They are always looking for the optimal solution. Yet comparision, when applied on one’s self or others, can be quite a non-regenerative habit.

Bearers of the Scales do not want to upset others or never they wish to start a conflict. Therefore sometimes they conciously – or unconciously – choose to stay silent when they need to be speaking. They may find themselves silently accepting situations or signing treaties of peace which may not be sustainable in the lon run. Developig an awareness around being more self-centered can help the Venian souls to navigate easier.

Design, decoration, beauty, architecture, fashion, photography, fine arts… Any are of profession where a inner sense of aesthetics is for the Libra born individuals. Bringing people together, uniting these who need to meet and making peace between broken hearts are natural duties of Libra. In some cases, many Librans are natural matchmakers!


Virgo, 21 August – 21 September

Virgo, the sixth sign of the Wheel of Zodiac, Wheel of Undestructable Life, is the mutual Earth sign. Virgo knows how to analyze, discern, distribute and fracture and then re-unite with greater harmony and beauty. When I come across wonderful flower arrangements or incredible craft, I tend to think that it must have been created by a Virgo.

Virgo is a mental sign. Thinking and sometimes overthinking can take a lot of their time, yet the true desire of the Virgo soul is to produce.

In many mythologies we come across the Virgin goddess who gives birth. This is the work of Virgo, acquiring divine inspiration from Leo, the Sun, working meticulously on it, sometimes getting too deep, spending all their night on a single detail  – which is neccessary – and grounding, creating the divine perfection in our Earthly realm. This is no easy work but it is only the Virgo born individuals who can excel and reach the peaks of perfection in their work.

Virgo knows how to seek and note the differences in quality. Rarely do they mix apples with pears. Their excellence in organizing and categorizing matter takes them to professions where they can work with biology, healing, medicine, and all forms of crafts. Sometimes they may be stuck in their mind but they must always remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and working with matter, producing, working in their own workshop, providing productions and services to others will be exceedingly satisfactory for them. Yet first they may want to sail through the sirens of Overthinking, Overanalyzing, Perfectionism and Self-Criticism.

Remember how Odysseus sails through the Sea of Sirens ? Goddess Circe advises him to have himself ties to the mast and cover his men’s ears with beeswax. Yet Odysseus’ own eyes and ears would remain open so that he could witness and observe. Why do we even go through the Sea of Sirens, Hades, Cyclopes or any other experience if we are not to observe and become concious of it ?

Mast of his ship is Odysseus’s purpose. He gets himself tied to his purpose, one specific goal, so that he does not get distracted. Yet he keeps observing his own distractions so that he can sail through them.

Virgo heals herself and others. She has an urge to fix and make everything function more smoothly and effectively.

Virgo is the sign with great creative potential because she works with matter. You can have a lot of inspiration but what is it unless you create a solid work out of it ? Unless you plan, structure and work on your visions, they will only be nice ideas lingering in your mind. If you do not produce and release your current visions, you may not move on to your next project quite soon. Virgo bears the sacred function of grounding divine inspiration, in other worlds: making dreams a reality.   


Leo, 21 July – 21 August

Those of us born in the heat of summer, under the shining fur of the Celestial Feline, are natural born kings and queens. We lead by the heart.

What makes the Leonine individuals so attractive, loveable and relatable is the warm aura of love and wisdowm they carry as their very own crown. It suits them well.

Leo is the fixed Fire sign. Infinite inspiration, endless creativity and eternal joy are bestowed upon Leo. We are all attracted to the radiance of Leonine kings and queens because we instinctively know that their light will lead us to greater love, wisdom and a higher purpose.

Leo has a lot of love to share with her chosen elite. Not everyone may be eligible to enter the palace of the Queen of the Hearts but she will choose those around you quite wisely, or at least she should. Those who approach her with lame words of empty praise should be crossed from their invitation list.

What Leo seeks and identifies himself with is love. Love makes us vulnerable and we can only be courageous only when we are vulnerable. This is the test of Leo. Will the Queen face her vulnerabilities with courage despite her roaring fears, vanity, pride and prejudice ? Will the firey energy of leo ground itself in the toiling fields of Virgo and fertilize the Earth ?

During my corporate days, working at a global company, I had a wonderful collegue, he was genuine Leo. When he entered the office in the mornings – slightly late for Leo for the lion loves his sleep – we would all turn our heads momentarily and look at him! It was the solar energy which radiates from his person. Sometimes a friend would tease him with a joke and the office would bathe in laughter, bringing fun. Leo loves fun and emanates strong positive energy all around him. This man had the biggest, most compassionate and generous heart I have ever known. I have witnessed him helping perfect strangers without any expection. Leo is the one you can rely on.

For Leo, this world is a stage and her life is a performance. She will thrive under stage lights and while everyone is looking at her. Many actresses and people “on the stage” have significant Leo energy in their natal charts.

Fun loving, creative, playful and entertaining attitude of Leo can turn into an inclusive leader at the time of need. When leading the group is neccessary you will see your fun Leo friend turn into a natural leader. A Leo will give you hearthy portions of whatever you need and even you do not need. They will take care of you and you will feel safe, secure and accepted around them.

There is only one secret to the Lion’s Heart: Gratitude. Throughout the ages, our ancestors praised and revered the Sun, the ruler of Leo. Sun is our sole source of energy: heat and light. In many cultures offerings are made to the Sun to express recognition and gratitude for his generous Greatness.

The nature of Leo is not widely different. As the source of light and love in the community, Leo born people are givers and leadership is their service. In return for all their sinere efforts to make us feel loved, accepted and cared for, they expect a “thank you”. Honoring your Leo friends is the best thing you can do for them. Say thanks, express your love and gratitude openly. Show them how their efforts and caring has improved your life and remind them of the times they were the only ones there to drop you home, to bring you a meal and helped you. Do not forget to express your gratitude before the Sun sets.


O Holy and Blesséd Lady

perpetual comfort of humankind

Who by Thy bounty and Grace nourishes the Whole World

Who bears a great compassion

as a loving mother would

for the troubles of the miserable

You are She

That is the natural Mother of All Things

the Mistress and Governess of all the Elements

First of the Gods Celestial

Light of the Goddesses

Cancer, 21 June – 21 July

Cancer is the first of the Water Signs. Water creates cohesion. Family, belonging, tribe, protection and nourishment and unconditional love are found in the realm of the Celestial Crab.

The strongest quality of Cancer is its ability to bring life where there is no life. Remember that in Egyptian myths, Goddess Isis wanders to world to find pieces of her beloved Osiris and brings them together to rebirth him. In Ancient Egypt the Golden Scarab was the symbol for the sign of Cancer. Scarab, or with a more modern name dung beetle, is a marvelous being. Thousands and thousands of dung bettles make dungballs and carry them to the dry and lifeless desert to leave their eggs inside and hide them under the sand. Obviously this is not the ethereal magic story you came here to read about your Zodiac sign. Yet there is a magical quality in it: Scarabs bring life: they make the dry desert green with the grass that grows from their holes in the sand. This is the very magic of Cancer: Life Giving.

Birthing, nourishment and protection are the keywords for Cancer. Cancer is the home and hearth. Where we feel protected, supported, loved and welcome. Cancerian people are natural givers because they know that the Universe has limitless resources.

Mothering is the act of the Cancerian personality. Mothering is not only biological mothering but it can be any act where we priotize those we take care of before us. Mothering makes people and things grow and flourish. It is like watering a plant so that it grows: bringing life to dry lands, like the Nile.

Mother’s Milk is another great symbolism for the sign of Cancer. While Hera and Athena wanders, they come across the baby Herakles. Hera suckles him but Herakles bites her nipple. So suddenly Hera pushes him away and milk pours out of her divine breast. Thus is created our Galaxy, Milky Way: γάλα means “milk” in Greek.

Those born under the sign of the Ever-Birth are life-bringers. They nourish and support whom they belong with. Their homes are their sanctuaries where they love gathering all their family and serving warm and hearty meals.

Protection. Imagine the little crab walking inside her had shell and feeling your every move. Even before you begin to reach for it, the wise crab will start to move away from your movement. Their soft and sensitive core is hidden and well-protected inside the shell. They know their vulnerabilities and want to protect and preserve themselves. That is why sometimes Cancerians seem to be heartless or overly rational individuals.

Those born under the Celestial Crab may identify themselves with whom they belong. Family, tribe and homeland are significant for them. They will fight for those they love and care about. They walk the extra mile for whom they belong with. They are the ones who are there when you need them. They will share your sorrows and all emotions, they will cry with you. They are excellent at caring, wrapping their loves ones in love and compassion.


Gemini, 21 May – 21 June

Gemini, the Celestial Twins Castor and Pollux are the brothers of Helen of Troy. They are known as the protectors of sailors.

Symbolism of Gemini is composed of two individuals head to head, talking to each other, they are in endless communication. Gemini is the first social sign. The child is born in Aries, wears his clothes and acquires his toys in Taurus and begins to explore his environment in Gemini. Therefore Gemini is the sign of curiosity, communication, exploration and acquiring basic information.

Curiosity drives the Mercury ruled Geminin individual. Language, words and thoughts are their tools of the craft. Speaking, writing and all forms of transferring information and ideas belong to the realm of the Twins.

This is the place where we begin to think. The duality of Gemini is the duality of animal and thinking human: Our physical nature and civilized self. The ancients knew this as physis and nomos. Only the wise can marry the animal and the thinker in themselves and reach a new level of human experience.

Coming to the world with the anture fit for making the opposites connect, those born under the Celestial Twins are great communicators. They bring people together, they connect the dots. They write, publish and share information. They are masters of practical thinking which gives results here and now. They may now look too far into the future but they know what to do and what to say in this very instance. On the other hand their ever-growing cruosity will drive them towards you and you will also find it very easy to connect with your Geminine friends. They have the gift of socializing with everyone as well as serving as a hub to make other meet.

Those born under the light of the Celestial Twins are driven by curiosity. That is why they may not always find a lot of time to dwell on a single subject. There are myriads of information to cover, explore and taste. They look around with child-like eyes of wonder as the World beckons to them with a thousand flowers. They are to be attracted and this is what makes them attractive in return. Stars, leaves, flowers and raindrops talk to them and they reply. Soul of the Geminine human is in an unending dialogue with the Universe, always asking like a child, ever eager to learn.

I have seen many natal charts of dancers, a lot of them with Gemini rising. Authors, novelists and gret speakers are often of the Celestial Twins. They are natural born wordsmiths who never tire of talking, writing and speaking.

Asteroid Medusa

In astrology the head of Medusa is already the fixed star Algol . Algol brings in “rage of the woman” in Traditional Astrology. Traditional Astrology is written down by patriarchal minds for which “rage of the woman” was something to be scared of, crying wildly from the depths of the Unconcious.

In classical myth, Medusa is a demon whose gaze will turn you into stone and there is quite a bounty on her snake ridden head. Is this really so ?

When we begin to study Medusa, we find a fantastical rape and punishment story. Poseidon rapes her and Athena punishes her. Yes, still in this world there are women getting punished and persecuted by the society for getting raped. Yet as we walk down the thread of Medusa, we find ourselves in a deeper and rather urgent reality. Her story will take us to Minos.

As I am writing these, Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, is approaching the Asteroid Medusa, bringing us her message.

The legend of Perseus beheading Medusa means, specifically, that “the Hellenes overran the goddess’s chief shrines” and “stripped her priestesses of their Gorgon masks”, the latter being apotropaic faces worn to frighten away the profane.

That is to say, there occurred in the early thirteenth century B.C. an actual historic rupture, a sort of sociological trauma, which has been registered in this myth, much as what Freud terms the latent content of a neurosis is registered in the manifest content of a dream: Registered yet hidden, registered in the unconscious yet unknown or misconstrued by the conscious mind.
      — J. Campbell (1968)

When we leave the Myceans behind and enter the Gates of Minos we find ourselves in a different world and a place where we feel that we belong.

In Minos, we find Goddess Athana, the Goddess of the Palace, the one who watches over and protects. She has snakes in her arms. That is the origin of Medusa. The deities of former civilizations are usually turned into demons by the incoming civilization. The incoming civilization can also make them their own just like the funny image of Athena, the girl with a warrior helm: still the snakes and the gorgon being carried in her imagery. Asteroids Medusa and Pallas are deeply linked for they boh come from the same root.

At the Temple of Apollon in Dydima, located at a hilltop, the visitors would behold the face of Medusa as they climbed up the hill. Gaze of Medusa will keep evil away.

In your chart, position of the Asteroid Medusa may show you your hidden power. What did you forget about yourself ? Where have you been suppressed, silenced with violence ? What is here for you to regain ?

Today we know that she is no demon. She is the demonized power in a woman. She is what this world wants to forget. She is objectified when Perseus wants to gain glory by annihilating. Could he ?

You can refer to Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George for more information. I suggest you read this book if you are interested in this subject.



April 2020


Asteroid Circe

“Presently they reached the gates of the goddess’s house, and as they stood there they could hear Circe within, singing most beautifully as she worked at her loom, making a web so fine, so soft, and of such dazzling colours as no one but a goddess could weave.”

Circe, who is seated on the throne. She reigns over the fates of men. Her divine song fills her house as she does her work. Wild animals and all forces of nature are at her command.

As I am writing this, the Asteroid Circe is conjunct Chiron, perhaps wanting us to be mentored in her ways. Her quite mysterious ways.

We find her seated on the throne in translation I have, the Turkish translation of the Odyssey made by Azra Erhat, perhaps the first translation of Homer made by a woman. I could not find any English translations where she is said to be seated on a throne but there must be. Waterhouse’s painting of Circe pictures her the right way, on the throne with a footstool, emphasizing her exalted divine status.

I also love the mirrior at the back. She does not turn you into something you are not. She shows you what and who you truly are. Mirriors only reflect back the truth about you. It can be a piglet, dove or any form… it is up to you, your nature. What did Odysseus see on her mirrior ?

Odysseus, the mortal aided by the gods – divine perception / Providentia – finds himself as a human in the hall of the Goddess. Only those who are led by the Gods can communicate with the Great Goddess and perhaps have a chance to know her even more deeply. Odysseus is our model man. It is up to us to tread his path or keep squeking as cute little piglets.

She is certainly “the Other” for patriarchy. She is Nature which the patriarchal mind wanted to tame and rule over for thousands of years. That is why the modern man has to go through what Odysseus went through… He is miserably dragged away from his Home.

In your own natal chart, the Asteroid Circe may show you where you come face to face with the Goddess. Will you listen to those who guide you or will you just rush into her house ?

Recently there was a fantastic story about Circe. Depicting her as a little goddess girl who falls in love with a sea-worn stranger can only be an entertaining thought for us.



April 2020


Taurus, 21 April – 21 May

Sun travels through the sign of Taurus between 21 April and 21 May.

There are two concepts to summarize Taurus: Wealth and Beauty. Sons and daughters of the Celestial Bull do not run after wealth and beauty for they are the ones who carry these qualities in their very being.

Nature is the source of all Wealth and the creator of Beauty. Further we deviate from Nature, further we find oursleves struggling in a world of lack and dismay.

Taurus born individuals gather the abundance that sprouts from the fertile Earth. They have a natural inclination towards material world. In some extreme cases, their worldview can be overly materialistic. Sometimes they can even struggle to understand those who do not value material needs as much as they do.

Taurus identifies herself with what she has and what she values. Acquiring what she finds valuable may become a quest for life. Great patience and unwavering endurance will accompany them in their quest to create and gather wealth. They usually tend to opt in for the jobs and occupations promosing financial security and stability. For Taurus, getting very wealthy is secondary. First and foremost they will establish material and financial security before taking any steps further in life.

Making movements, taking actions and stepping out of the comfort zone can be quite displeasing for the slow and steady Taurus. We must understand that they love their routines, tasty habits, warm and soft environments. It may be quite a challenge to get the Bull out of his comfort zone.

If we should go deeper into the symbolism of Taurus, we find that bull and especially bullheads were symbols for humanity since very early times: as early as Neolithic period. Marija Gimbutas says that the bull head symbolized the womb and birth. Perhaps birthing into the Earthly realm, being incarnated and inhibiting a human body was symbolized with the bull. How fitting this is with the astrological symbolism of Taurus.

Taurus holds the principle of earthliness, solidness and waking up to the beauty and generous abundance of the Earth. Every year in Spring, we are given a chance to grow our roots deeper into Earth, ground the firey energy of the Sun and fill our life with a thousand flowers.


Aries, 21 March – 21 April

Primus inter pares. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac: Wheel of Life Indestructable.

All trees bud and flowers bloom at March 21 when Sun enters Aries. Mother Earth is awakened from her long slumber and she rises in all her glory, adorned with a thousand flowers. This is our moment of awakening.

Those of us born under the shining horn of the Celestial Ram are here to blow the horn and fill the skies with their wake up call. Individuals who are born between 21 March and 21 April are natural born athletes and warriors. They are here to cry out their individuality and uniqueness to the world. Aries is the first phase of life, early childhood: every child is a princess of her individual world.

Aries is the phase of life when the child recognizes that she is a seperate entity. She is the center of attention, love and all praise. She is the newborn force of nature, ready to replace the old and decaying ones. Therefore she needs to fight her way out of the world that surrounds her and express her uniqueness.

If you have an Aries friend, he will always be initiating you to the next chapter of your life. They love bringing in the new ideas and spreading them like seeds so that they can take root, sprout and flourish into the future. Thus the people born under the sign of the Celestial Ram are thinkers. They start the revolutions, they sound the horn and most importantly they shoot the first arrow.

Aries individuals are action oriented. They act without hesitation or a second thought. Patience can be a challenge for them. When they feel stuck they will destroy the walls around them like a fresh sproutling making its way from the darkness of the Earth to the light and heat of the Sun. Children of the Eternal Flame will always start the race, run the marathon and light the torches at the peaks of Olympus, Mountain of the Gods.