Medea and the Argonauts

Medea, non amores;
nunc ira amorque causam
iunxere: quid sequetur ?
quando efferet Pelasgis
nefanda Colchis arvis
gressum metuque solvet
regnum simulque reges ?
nunc, Phoebe, mitte currus
nox condat alma lucam,
margat diem timendum
dux noctis Hesperus.

“There is nothing natural in nature, remember that! …Wherever your eye roams a god is hidden. You will go to a distant land across the Sea, there you will find a world where the use of Reason is different from our own. Life there is very realistic. Because only those who are mythical are realistic, and those only who are realistic are mythical.…What reason is unable to see are inevitable mistakes it will lead you to.” – Chiron in Pasolini’s Medea, 1969