Natal Astrology Consultations

“Know Thyself”

My intention is to provide you with Ancient Wisdom to help you in your journey to self-discovery and transformation. We all need another to hold the Torch for us for we are seldom blind in our own Darkness.

I regard astrology as a tool for both meeting our own Soul and the Ancients.

The natal chart reveals us many secrets about you, some even you may not even know yet. It helps us understand your Path, your Purpose and sometimes it opens many doors to Love, Life and Transcendence.

The natal chart reading is always a dialogue between the astrologer and the consultant. We tap into your questions, try to decipher what your natal chart tells us.

I use Hellenistic Astrology techniques.

We meet on Skype for our sessions.

Booking: For booking your consultation we need your birth date, birth place and exact birth hour. Please contact for booking and payment options.


If you wish to opt out from the live session, I can also craft a written report for your chart, without a live session.

Aphrodisias, Realm of Venus

An interactive 30 minute session. We focus only on Venus in your chart and work on your perception of self-worth, self-love, value, love, money and relationships.

Aphrodisias session is named after the ancient city of Aphrodisias in Anatolia. You can read more about it in here: Aphrodisias, Your Venus Sign

5 page report.

Pergamon, Medium 

An interactive reading for 60 minutes. Following the reading I provide you with a 15 pages report of your chart for you to keep by your side at all times.

15 page report.

Ithaka, Extensive

An interactive reading for 90 minutes. Following the reading you will be provided with a 20 pages report of your natal chart. This report discusses the dynamics and potentials in your chart at length.

In this session I explain you the core assumptions of astrology and the ship metaphor of Hellenistic Astrology. We will tap into time lord techniques, Profections, Zodiacal Releasing and The Seven Lots.


20 page report.

Please contact me personally for booking and payment details:

We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything else. – C.G.Jung

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