Begüm’s elaborate style in approaching the birth chart delivers a unique astrology experience. Revealing the clues of how the birth chart manifests itself in my day to day life was surprising as well as enlightening. I would recommend working with her.

Sermin Su, Academician, Photographer


Begüm’s academic references, her professionalism, clarity and strict approach to ethics provided me with safety and security all through our sessions. As our sessions went on, I met the other me, the strong and agile woman in me who was hidden from sight up until today. I am thankful to Begüm and her work for all the good and healing it has brought into my life.

Cansu Kılınçarslan, Acedemician.


I want to let people know what a talented, poignant astrologer you are! Your interpretation of my natal chart was enlightening, insightful and helpful. You gave me wisdom and guidance that soothed me and helped me understand my circumstances more clearly. Thank you!

Lisa Adams


Thank you for the incredibly accurate reading.  You have provided an amazing resource for me to work with.  The detail and clarity provided was surprising, and your insights were spot on.  I highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to their birth chart and the truth it contains. Begüm Asteria is a truly gifted astrology resource.

Gerri Bird