The Illiad and the Odyssey

Ithaka: Extensive Natal Chart Report

In Hellenistic Astrology we percieve the natal chart as a ship, ship of the chart owner. Your life is steered, directed and powered by certain planets. What is your ship made of ? Which Gods favour you, which don’t ? Which winds help you and when ?

How is your journey through the endless cycle of Life ?

We also add the Gods and Heroes of the Homeric world. Almost all figures in the Homeric legends are names given to asteroids. We place these asteroids (Hector, Achilles, Hecuba, Cassandra, Diomedes…) into your chart to view the mythic scene in your chart.

✧  The Odyssey can be interpreted as a book that tells about the Twelve Places of the Zodiac: the Wheel of Life.
✧  I combine the ship metaphor, view of the Odyssey as the Wheel of Zodiac, the Trojan asteroids and the Goddess Asteroids which will help us create the scene. Call it your personal Odyssey.
✧  Universal Hermetics Report.
✧  Your chart read through the plot of the Odyssey.
✧  Heroes of the Illiad in your birth chart.
✧  Your favorite mythological figures added to the flavour.
✧  No software generated content, all soulmade words.